‘Blindspot’ 4×04 Review: “Sous-vide”

We’re back one more week, blindspotters! “Sous-vide” shows us that the emotional conflicts of the characters are close to the surface. Suspicions and secrets are the protagonists. This changes the dynamics of the game we have seen so far. Let’s talk about everything!

Here we go!


On this occasion, the team has faced a biological threat at the doors of their home. That fact has filled the episode with tension, but it also has served to push Remi’s plans, which makes both Kurt and Allie suspect her. With that, it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the team sees her as an enemy.

We have also met Laurel, who had an adorable, if somewhat creepy fixation with porcelain dolls, but who was very funny and innocent. A pity that we can’t enjoy her more, I think she would have given us very good moments.

BLINDSPOT — “Sous-vide” Episode 404 — Pictured: Ross Patridge as Colonel Beck — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC/Warner Bros)

Rich has stood out in this whole affair, he has been there with Laurel, supporting her, encouraging her and reassuring her so she will not panic. He has a lot of practice with it … too much. Sometimes, because of Rich’s funny attitude and behavior, we forget that his life has been very hard. He has put on a good face, he has faced everything with a smile and humor, but his experiences are still there and I hope to find out more about them.

The truth is that the case has kept us in tension and trying to find out who was the culprit of all the chaos, they have done quite well building that tension but focusing on other things.


Throughout the episode we see no trace of Jane. Remi has a plan and follows it to the letter, even implicating Boston and manipulating her FBI colleagues, using their own fear against them. That is quite cruel … Roman is always at her side, encouraging, advising … her conscience, the coldest part of Remi, the most analytical.

We only saw something of Jane when Kurt entered the scene. Every time he is the one to hurt, she just can’t do it. Her feelings towards him block her. And when she sees that he has risked his life to save her, that he cares about her more than anything, she has thrown herself into his arms, clinging to him and closing her eyes, enjoying his touch.

The love that Kurt feels and shows for her is something Remi has never known. A selfless love, without conditions, a love where someone is capable of risking his life and everything he has, for her. For Remi, it is impossible not to get carried away by it … although Roman appears at that moment to remind her that this is not her life. Although as her conscience (Roman) reminds her, Remi feels conflicted about it. She has thrown Roman out of her head, but even if he disappears … his words and meaning will not.

BLINDSPOT — “Sous-vide” Episode 404 — Pictured: Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC/Warner Bros)

Remi is divided between what she really wants (a family, a home, a love without conditions) and what she has always known (a blind allegiance to Shepherd and Sandstorm).

However, I think there is a lack of continuity in this matter. They can’t show us that Remi has doubts and then show us practically an episode where she doesn’t show any and then go back to Remi again showing those doubts in relation to Kurt. If they start with Remi’s doubts they should continue with them. She can’t be as manipulative and cold as Remi and not waver, but then have doubts again. In the previous episode, those doubts of Remi began, in this they should have continued, she should – apart from the moments of doubt in relation to Kurt that we have seen – have doubted her plan, if she should do it. She should have rejected it, shown more … hesitation.

I’m not really liking how this Jane/Remi duality is being treated. They had many possibilities, but it seems they haven’t been able to decide on any. They have not known whether to show Remi’s doubts, whether she remembers the feelings and the life she led as Jane or if, for the moment, she is just Remi. And I think they have made a mixture of those three possibilities, which leads to the lack of continuity. I hope they solve this problem soon.



These two seem more distanced than ever. Reade doesn’t want to talk too much about the her, he tries to treat Tasha like any other suspect … but she is not a random suspect. He loves her and, when in the end he comes clean with Patterson, we see that he can’t conceive that Zapata has changed so much and he is doubting if everything they experienced was real or just another stratagem.

Here Reade doesn’t know what to believe. He loves and trusts her, but everything points to the fact that the Tasha he knew no longer exists and it is normal for him to wonder if her ever existed. I think we would all react equally to that situation. Fall in love with a person and really find out that their last steps betray everything you thought they believed and defended …. and without any explanation about it, is enough to shake the beliefs of anyone.

Tasha’s actions are leading Reade to wonder if he ever really met her or just met and fell in love with a facade. Patterson tries to make him see that Tasha really loves him, fell in love with him before all this. That is the only tangible truth about Zapata that they can affirm right now.

For her part, Tasha is still on her mission – I’m increasingly sure that it is a CIA mission and she must keep up appearances – but a new woman, Claudia, someone without any scruple like Madeline, has joined the game. Their plan puts Reade in the spotlight, they want to kidnap him and torture him … but Tasha won’t. She loves Reade and can’t conceive of hurting him in that way. She would never forgive herself. Zapata is aware that she is already doing enough damage to him by putting distance between them, but the idea of ​​torturing him … is too much.

BLINDSPOT — “Sous-vide” Episode 404 — Pictured: Audrey Esparza as Tasha Zapata — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC/Warner Bros)

So they do it to Tasha’s way. Her way betrays Reade’s trust but protects him from much greater physical damage. Although not of emotional damage. When trust is betrayed, no matter what form it is, that wound is there and it needs a lot of time to heal.

Reade has put more security in his computer, so Claudia has to make her own decisions. This leads Tasha and Reade to intersect once again in a rather violent way.

The mission is clear: kidnap and torture Reade. But the physical damage that Madeline, Claudia and Tasha can inflict on Reade is not as big as the emotional damage from Tasha’s betrayal. If until now Reade was doubting her feelings towards him, everything he had known about her … now I think he will be sure that he never really knew her. It’s really sad to see this situation, that they are so … separated.

And the worst thing is that the emotional wounds that this will leave both of them are going to be very complicated to overcome. If we are not right and Tasha is not on a mission, then neither Reade nor we really knew Zapata. If we are right and all this is a mission, can Reade forgive that Tasha has put her mission above him? Can Tasha forgive herself for it?

The trust between them is broken but what they both have together … that is hurt. Only time will tell if the wound is mortal or not. I think it will not be, but the relationship between the two has become very blurred. We will just have to see how everything develops. Because Claudia doesn’t support Tasha, and she can make her choose. If that happens, maybe Tasha’s decision will make it clear how she feels about her relationship with Reade. What do you think?


The situation between our main couple is quite tense. Kurt suspects her, knows that something is not right, that it doesn’t … fits. So he calls Allie to investigate. All Jane’s movements seem suspicious to him, he doesn’t know where she is and he doesn’t think she is doing something good.

Allie refuses to investigate anything, wants to help Kurt as her friend. And I love her position, her advice is correct: there are thousands of possibilities for Jane’s behavior, Kurt should talk to her, but spying on her, following her, distrusting her like that … is not something that should be done in a marriage . Kurt listens to her but inside something tells him that he must treat Jane as he is treating her: as a suspect.

In spite of this, Kurt can’t avoid that his feelings are mixed and he worries enormously for Jane when he knows that she can be infected and they are going to inject her with something that will kill her soon. He has not hesitated to do anything to rescue her, skipping all the rules, risking his life, only worried about her welfare. The way in which they have understood each other only with the look has been very special. Kurt has risked everything for her … and when Jane has embraced him, he has smiled. He has felt that special connection with her again. He has to feel that she is his home and that all his suspicions were his imaginations. It was what Kurt wanted to believe …he wanted to believe it so much.

BLINDSPOT — “Sous-vide” Episode 404 — Pictured: Sullivan Stapleton as Kurt Weller — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC/Warner Bros)

But everything has been a fleeting illusion. Allie finally investigates and doesn’t discover anything, but she also realizes that things don’tt fit. Jane, the Jane she knows would never have been so calm in the face of the panic escalation and subsequent flight of the FBI agents. She would have stood in front of them, risking herself. And this Jane … she has not done it. So Kurt’s doubts come back to the surface with more force. Whether he recognizes it or not, Allie is right.

This keeps opening new possibilities, Remi is getting carried away by her feelings for him, but Kurt is pushing away from her because of all his suspicions, although he still loves her like the first day. The feelings between both are going to be right on the surface in these next weeks. A hard road awaits us, blindspotters!


In conclusion, this episode has changed the dynamics of the whole team and the leading couples. The secrets are beginning to come to light and the suspicions increase, mixing with the deeper feelings of the characters.

The plots are advancing slowly throughout these slower episodes, although they must be careful and not include too many of them in the season.

In short, this episode has been a good appetizer of what awaits us, of what will explode and change everything forever.

Agree? Disagree? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us in the comments below! We’ll be back next week with the 4×05 “Naughty Monkey Kicks at Tree.” And here’s the promo for the next episode.


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