We’re back one more week, blindspotters! “Sous-vide” shows us that the emotional conflicts of the characters are close to the surface. Suspicions and secrets are the protagonists. This changes the dynamics of the game we have seen so far. Let’s talk about everything! Here we go! CASE OF THE WEEKRead More →


The 100 returned to the CW with a bang this week in the ninth episode of the fifth season called “Sic Semper Tyrannis.” The episode dealt with the fallout of Abby’s betrayal of Raven, Murphy and Emori’s arrival in Shadow Valley, Madi’s unique opportunity to be the new Heda, andRead More →

Hello! With Bachelor in Paradise not long over, you may not have expected to see me back this soon. However, I could not resist sharing with you the Bachelor of my homeland – so if I’m going to suffer through a full season of The Bachelor Canada, I figured IRead More →

Picking up directly from last week, the episode opens with the arrival of our Canadian friend Daniel. Which you know, is super convenient since Lacey was saying how much she wanted to meet him, and she was just about to head home. Daniel has the most typical Canadian accent I’veRead More →

I know, it’s been a second and I’m well behind on these recaps, but 4 hours a week is a lot to take in (I even think TOO much, they’re killing us with all this back-to-back Paradise!). But anyway, let’s see if we can get caught up right quick like!Read More →

It’s that time of year folks – when skimpy bikinis with blurred out bottoms, drunken shenanigans and people confessing their sins to sea creatures hit our screens. So you know what that means, welcome to Bachelor in Paradise. I feel like this show is the dirty little secret of anyoneRead More →

Hello there, welcome to my Bachelor recaps! The season may be drawing to a close, but here I am, getting my feet wet in the recap world before fully jumping on board to cover the Bachelorette in May (and heaven help me… Bachelor in Paradise over the summer). This week,Read More →