Welcome to week 6! The NFL has been treating us to some interesting games, surprising defeats, and unexpected division leaders. Week 6 promises to bring us more of the same, and I couldn’t be more excited. With the first month of the season out of the way, we are seeingRead More →

Welcome to Week 3 of the 2018 NFL season! Week 2 saw more of what we saw in week 1: upsets, blowouts, and surprisingly another tie game! This week is sure to bring more of the same. There are plenty of fun match-ups in store this week starting once againRead More →

Week 1 of the NFL delivered plenty of surprises and excellent football games, hopefully week 2 can deliver the same. We have everything from unexpectedly good match ups in the AFC East (that doesn’t include the New England Patriots), a game between two quarterbacks that played really well last week,Read More →

It’s that time again!! The NFL is back and I am so excited! Every week of this season I will be picking what I think are going to be the five biggest games of the week, whether for excitement, rivalry, playoff implications, or just a plain great game. Week 1Read More →

“End Book One” with those words the fifth season of The 100  came to a close. The season itself was at times not my favorite but all in all was very solid and did an amazing job of turning some of favorite characters in a completely different direction. The finaleRead More →

Woah boy, The 100 returned this week with its penultimate episode of the season, “The Dark Year,” and it was something. I was pretty hard on Octavia last week, wondering how she had become what she is now and suggesting that  there had to have been a good reason. ItRead More →

Throughout the five seasons of The 100 one of my favorite characters has always been Octavia Blake. I truly believe her evolution over the series has been one of the best showings of character development I have seen on the show. She started out as a naïve girl who followedRead More →

The 100 returned to the CW with a bang this week in the ninth episode of the fifth season called “Sic Semper Tyrannis.” The episode dealt with the fallout of Abby’s betrayal of Raven, Murphy and Emori’s arrival in Shadow Valley, Madi’s unique opportunity to be the new Heda, andRead More →

The 100 returned this week after a week long hiatus with its sixth episode of the season, entitled ‟Exit Wounds.” The episode, and the season as a whole so far, was a little slow by the standards that we have come to expect from The 100. While there is aRead More →

This last episode of The 100, “Shifting Sands,” was a type of filler episode that served to build up some more plot points and give us some more screen time for our favorite characters and relationships. We got a few more reunions in this episode, though nowhere near on theRead More →

A couple of things before we start this week’s review, first it has been announced that The 100 has been renewed for a sixth season by the CW! Yayy! Second thing is, this is my third review of the season, and my third review ever so I appreciate you guysRead More →

The second episode of season 5 of The 100, Red Queen, aired last night, and as I imagined it was much faster paced than the premiere episode. Not only was it more intense than the previous episode, it delivered a lot more feels. The second episode of the fifth season focusedRead More →

Season 5 of the hit CW series The 100 premiered last night with an episode entitled ‟Eden”. The episode gave us a glimpse of what most of our favorite characters have been up to in the past 6 years; like dying their hair red (again, Clarke?), getting some pretty cuteRead More →

It’s that time of year again! That time that brings out so much joy and anger in us all. That’s right; I’m talking about football season! The NFL kicks off this Thursday with a game between defending Super Bowl champions the New England Patriots and the Kansas City Chiefs. WeRead More →

The 100 has found its newest villain! According to TVLine.com, the hit CW series has cast William Miller in a major recurring role. The character will be named Robert McCreary and is described as “a mysterious prisoner aboard the long-distance mining mission sent from our time. A former enforcer fromRead More →

In the history of the National Football League, there has only been one quarterback over the age of 40 to lead their team to the playoffs. That was Brett Favre (40 years, 99 days) in a 2009-2010 NFL playoff game where his Minnesota Vikings beat the Dallas Cowboys 34-3. ThatRead More →