‘Blindspot’ 4×07 Review: “Case: Sun, Moon and the Truth”

Blindspot returned after two weeks with “Case: Sun, Moon and the Truth,” which introduced us fully into the emotional conflicts of the characters, especially when it comes to Jeller, an important focus in this episode.

In addition, we discovered important things that mark what is going to happen in the rest of hte season. However, for the most part, they have kept the revelations and the important moments hidden until the final minutes of the episode, lengthening the revelations in excess. Let’s talk about everything!

Here we go!


This time we have not had a case of the week as such, but the consequences of one of Remi’s actions has prevented Jeller from having a conversation about their feelings after the great discovery of the previous episode, in a calm way and without danger to their lives. And that has caused me mixed feelings.

On the one hand, having their lives on the line, has caused both Remi and Kurt to have their feelings on the surface and to the limit, which has led them to stop pretending and talking about what they really feel.

It’s what often happens to us, when your life is at risk and the situation is pushed to the limit it’s when it seems like what we say and do is what we really want and feel, forgetting everything else, because we have nothing to lose.

Also, it’s so typical of them, to have these kinds of conversations in the midst of a death threat.

But, on the other hand and although they have had a fluent conversation on the subject, I think we deserved more than this. I think we deserved to see a face-to-face conversation between them, in their house, where everything would come out, where they could talk without having to worry about anything other than them as a couple. That’s what I expected, at least.

Getting fully into what has happened between them, there is no doubt that Jeller has been one of the main focuses of the episode. Kurt has realized everything, when he has said “you are not Jane, you are Remi” I have put my hands to my mouth to suffer so much for him. His fear has been fulfilled: he has lost Jane. But he will not give up, he will get her back, no matter what the cost. And I fall in love even more with Kurt Weller.

BLINDSPOT — “Case: Sun, Moon, and the Truth” Episode 407 — Pictured: Sullivan Stapleton as Kurt Weller — (Photo by: NBC/Warner Brothers)

The way Kurt looks at Remi is very different from the way he looks at Jane. Kurt looks at Remi as an enemy, even more than that, as a despicable person who has taken away the woman he loves, who has made her disappear. For him it is as if the body of the love of his life was in front of him, but was controlled by another person, a horrible person.

The situation they have faced has made them work together and we have been able to see that difference once again. At first, they could have tried to break free but, unlike what happens between Jane and Kurt, Remi and he are not connected and don’t trust the other to watch their backs without betrayal.

In the end, they must work together but the distrust is there, so much so that Kurt prepares a contingency plan in case Remi betrays him and he must use it.

For Remi it’s a different thing, it’s more, I think this is the first episode in which I have no complaint as to how they have treated Remi’s feelings towards Kurt and her doubts. They have shown it perfectly, including the reason for her later betrayal.

When it seems that both have seconds to live, they embrace and while Kurt only does it as a means to save his life, Remi clings to him with everything she has, closes her eyes, squeezes, enjoys his contact. ..and feels empty when he separates and feels his coldness. Remi has feelings towards Kurt … feelings that are not reciprocated.

Shortly after that scene, they talk and that’s when Remi rebels. She throws things in Kurt’s face. It seems that she is talking only about Sandstorm, Shepherd and her plan, but I think she also refers to herself. Remi has begun to feel something for Kurt and that has diverted her from what she had in mind when she returned.

On the other hand, Kurt accuses her of having made Jane disappear and for him that is something even worse than her lies, it is something that he will never forgive her for. We see here how, for the moment, Kurt separates Jane and Remi in a magnificent way, not taking into account Jane what she has done as Remi, which will be vital for their reconstruction as a couple later.

BLINDSPOT — “Naughty Monkey Kicks At Tree” Episode 405 — Pictured: (l-r) Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe, Sullivan Stapleton as Kurt Weller — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC/Warner Bros)

But there is a turning point, the moment when Remi asks Kurt what he sees in Jane, why he fell in love with her, what differences he sees between them. This is like a desperate cry that says: “Why could you fall in love with her and you can only look at me with hate? What does she have that I do not have?” Kurt’s answer is clarifying. Jane went through something horrible but, even so, her kindness, her gentleness and her good heart were always there. She was able to give her life to save another. Remi is unable to do it.

This hurts Remi, she hates that Kurt loves Jane so much and considers her so good and considers her little more than a despicable being and a murderer. But Remi was raised not to let anyone even glimpse her feelings, so she attacks Kurt with all her strength before he notices the pain she feels. Tries to make Kurt see that in reality she and Jane are the same person, but he knows that they are not, in spite of sharing a same body.

Seeing this, Remi reacts the way she has been raised: she closes down her emotions, which she sees as weaknesses, and she is who Kurt thinks she is. For Remi, if Kurt sees her as a murderer, she will be that murderer and will not let him see that his words have affected her, what she feels for him. That’s why she betrays him in the end.

Remi was raised to think that feelings are weaknesses, she has to hide them and get away from them, in order to continue with the mission of Sandstorm. As I have told you, she has never experienced real love, a love like Kurt feels for Jane.

And seeing it now, seeing how the team loves Jane, how Kurt loves her so much … she has let herself be carried away by those feelings, she has begun to feel them herself and she has felt how lonely and sad her childhood was. She felt rejected, why didn’t anyone love her like that? Why can not she have something like this in her life? What has she done wrong?

All those questions have gone through Remi’s mind and, in her mind, she has not gotten more response than “you don’t have it because you don’t deserve it” so she has become strong and has acted as everyone believes that she would act, despite being destroyed inside.

Where does this leave us? Will Jane be back soon? I think so, but not before Remi finally opens her eyes to who Shepherd is and who made her.


Patterson and Rich

I love this duo! I like them separately but I love them together. They are very funny and in this episode we see that when their brains come together the can figure out everything, even the most complex mystery.

The investigation of Jane’s cure takes them to the same FBI and to another USB with studies on the cure. And this, although intelligent, squeaked in my head with a deafening noise. Roman could not just sneak into the FBI building without anyone seeing him, but he also stole an agent’s ID card and inserted an USB. It’s … too convoluted.

BLINDSPOT — “Case: Sun, Moon, and the Truth” Episode 407 — Pictured: (l-r) Ashley Johnson as Patterson, Ennis Esmer as Rich Dotcom — (Photo by: NBC/Warner Brothers)

Do not get me wrong, I love Roman and his military training makes very complicated missions possible, however, I think that getting into the FBI that way and getting that far … maybe it’s too much. They have put him as too capable of all, by himself. It is not something very serious, but they should still be careful. The villains or antiheroes must not only be credible in their underlying motives but also in their actions.

In another order of things, WE HAVE CURE FOR JANE! Or so it seems. On this new USB, Roman has left the keys to get the cure and save Jane’s life. But … what will happen now? Kurt has already identified Jane as Remi and sees her as his enemy. She is on the run, she has declared war on the team … the only ones who can save her both physically and emotionally.

Remi now has difficult accessing the cure and the team, when they learn the truth, they will feel betrayed and hurt. So, there is a cure, but will Jane get it?

While all this is happening, we see Rich trying to contact Boston, talk to him. It shows that he loves Boston, thinks he is the love of his life and that’s why he doesn’t give up. In his heart he knows that what they have both can’t end, he refuses to believe it. But Boston ignores him … to the end that he leaves a voice message. Will they give themselves another chance? I want nothing but to see my baby Rich happy.

PS: Who has not identified with Rich when he was making Boston suffer by making him wait? He is so cool!

Reade, Weitz (and Madeline)

Reade and Weitz continue to form a (almost) perfect team against Madeline. She thinks that Weitz is quite manageable, but he isn’t. Although that has not prevented her from trying to buy Weitz, and he did not tell Reade until he had no choice, and that has set off an alarm in my head.

I trust Weitz, even though Blindspot has tried to make me not trust him, but it is clear that Weitz should have talked about that offer to Reade from the beginning, but he has purposely hidden it and then it has been anything but strange to see that Reade had his doubts . It is a situation that Weitz has sought alone, because he has not told Reade of Madeline’s attempt to buy him and has only given Reade a clue instead of being completely honest.

What they are doing is not only dangerous for both races, but also for their lives. They need to work together and that means trusting each other and being honest. I like Weitz, but I have the feeling that he doesn’t know how to work as a team. He has worked alone for too long and now he has to learn that he has a partner (and a team, for that matter) who, apart from having his back, should be trusted, especially with such a fragile line of trust what’s between them.

BLINDSPOT — “Case: Sun, Moon, and the Truth” Episode 407 — Pictured: Audrey Esparza as Tasha Zapata — (Photo by: NBC/Warner Brothers)

In the midst of that investigation, they have discovered a pattern that can jeopardize Madeline’s dangerous plans. Which, by the way, it seems that everything is done for revenge. That has caught my attention … against whom does she want revenge? Maybe against the FBI or the team for thwarting Crawford’s plans? Or in addition to them, against Crawford himself? I think we still do not really know Madeline.

It seems that there is much more than power at stake for her. In this episode we have discovered that we don’t know her reasons for doing what she does, and I think that is the key to get to her and to derail her plans.

Tasha has been pretty smart and cunning with Madeline. It is clear that she has earned her trust and now she has found out Madeline’s true motives for doing what she does.

I think Reade and Weitz’s investigation is going to cross into Tasha’s mission, putting it in danger, and that’s when she’ll have to confess that she’s working on a secret mission for the CIA. Do you think the same or do you have any other theory?


In conclusion, it has been an episode that has helped us to find out more about the emotional conflicts of the characters and at the point where they are, especially when it comes to Jeller.

However, they have dilated that emotional shock and the important confrontations until the end of the episode and, although they have kept us entertained during the episode and the most important part of it (Jeller), has been fluid, they must take care with this kind of thing and not abuse this resource.

In short, I expected something else and maybe I had my expectations too high … but I felt that the episode had promised more than what it gave us. I have been half-hearted.

Agree? Disagree? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us in the comments below! We’ll be back in next week with the 4×08 “Screech, Thwack, Pow”. And here’s the promo for the next episode.


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