‘Supernatural’ 13×22 Review: “Exodus”

Sam and Dean get the shocking news that there mom doesn’t plan on going home with them, Lucifer gets left behind to no one’s surprise but his own, and Gabriel, the archangel with the angelic juice to get Heaven running again, was killed off in Supernatural’s epic penultimate episode titled, “Exodus.”

Let’s dive right in!

Your Children Need You, Mary


Since day one I’ve fought for Mary Winchester. When she decided to leave her children to find herself, I was there. When she went to work with Ketch and the Men of Letters, I was there. And when she practically stopped looking for the rift to help these other people, I was there. But I have to draw the line somewhere, if not for myself, then for the Winchesters. Mary didn’t want to come back with Sam and Dean.

I understand that Mary has found a cause. I understand that she has found her “people.” But she’s abandoning her children. They lost her when they were children. That time it wasn’t by choice on either of their parts. This time around it’s Mary’s choice. She’d rather be in an alternate universe, possibly forever separated from her children because she’s found herself. I’ve got a surprise for you, and this might come as a shocker, there are plenty of fights and causes left on Earth.

I’m sick and tired of watching the Winchesters (Sam & Dean) fight on their own, lose on their own, struggle on their own. And with Mary I thought we would have someone that wouldn’t abandon her boys when it really came down to it. I was wrong. She’s choosing to NOT get to know her adult children. She’s choosing to let them fight this battle that will consume Sam and Dean’s life until their dying days ALL ALONE. And I can’t forgive that.

Saw This Coming, Lucifer


After everything you’ve done and how many times you’ve let down/destroyed/betrayed/murdered the Winchesters, your family, demons, etc…were you really surprised that you were betrayed by Sam? I wouldn’t even call it betrayal. I would call it what you deserve and what had been coming for a long time.

Lucifer is the wild card, always has been and always will be. If I were in Sam’s shows I wouldn’t done the same thing and not looked back. Who knows what he would’ve done on Earth to make sure he got what he wanted, when he wanted, from his son and those around him. I wouldn’t have taken that risk and I’m glad Sam didn’t either.

Now…Lucifer teaming up with Michael, I saw that one coming too. Lucifer is a survivor (tears for the show Lucifer that didn’t survive this week *sob) and a schemer. Michael is stronger than him and he wants to survive to see another day, so of course he’s going to team up with the destroyer of this alternate Earth.

What  I didn’t see coming was the look that Lucifer gave Gabriel’s body. This was his brother, his family, who he had betrayed over and over, and who wasn’t afraid of telling him the truth. Times have changed for Lucifer. His family is on the brink of extinction and he’s run out of excuses to act like the little shit he’s been acting like for hundreds of years. Maybe Michael is bringing Michael with him to A) get his son back and B) have others to back him up when he goes up against Michael.

I wouldn’t hold my breath on the latter.

With Gabriel Dead, What Do We Do Now?


First off, I’d like to note/complain that Gabriel’s death was A) too soon B) unnecessary and C) unnecessary. He just came back and I needed seasons more of this trickster angel instead of him “finding himself” over the course of a couple episodes and dying because of it.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk endgame when it comes to Supernatural season 13. I think Michael will be destroyed. He’s a big bad but the kind that just takes up time and draws the eye away from the real problem. That “problem” happens to be heaven. All season long this show has been trying to get someone to take the throne. The angels are scared and out of options, time, or any real solution to their power outage.

Heaven is the real problem of season 13 and possibly season 14.

With the fall of heaven Sam and Dean will have a problem they’ve never faced before, thousands upon thousands of souls that are lost and have nowhere to go. They’ll have to scramble for a solution and decide if they want to train more hunters, seek out some magical mojo to make more angels, ORRRRR contact God to get his ass back on Earth to create angels and give Heaven the boost it needs. Just a thought.

Also…imagine the public outcry to all these souls escaping. The public won’t be able to deny what has happened and it’ll be a field day for ghost hunters. And don’t even get me started on hell. With all these lost souls for the taking, maybe Hell will become more powerful than ever under the leadership of a new minion that is sick and tired of being just a minion.

Whatever happens I’m so proud of Supernatural for trying something new and taking big chances in season 13 and 14. This is what great shows are made of.

Favorite moment from Supernatural’s “Exodus”:


2nd Favorite Scene Because I Love Charlie and Sam:


Check out the trailer for next week’s all new Supernatural titled “Let the Good Times Roll”:

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