‘Supernatural’ 13×18 Review: “Bring ’em Back Alive”

Supernatural‘s “Bring ’em Back Alive” brought back Gabriel, gave us a version of our Charlie that I will certainly love to the end of time, and made it so the Winchesters lost everything else. They lost their archangel. They lost their chance to open the rift again. They lost the chance to reunite with Charlie and Bobby. And they lost the chance to bring back Jack and Mary.

Thanks a lot Gabriel.

On the Luci side of things he’s once more going through a mid-life crisis and trying to find his inner self or true purpose. You would think after thousands of years of tinkering away at his purpose he’d have found it…but this is Lucifer we’re talking about here. He’s more indecisive than a kid at a toy store or me when trying to decide what my favorite Marvel movie is.

Let’s dive into Supernatural‘s “Bring ’em Back Alive”!

Damn It, Gabriel. STOP. RUNNING.


It’s not that I don’t understand your situation, Gabriel. I truly do. You were tortured for years by some psycho in a white pantsuit. You deserve to take some time off, regroup, and come back and help the boys stop the end of the world (again) and rescue their mother. But oh wait, you’re not coming back.

You’re running, like you always do.

The “why” has always alluded me. You’re not alone in this. You act like you are but you’re not. Cas is there for you. Sam is there for you. Dean is there for you. And you better believe that they would do everything they can to help you. Hell, Sam gave you the little bit of your grace, aka the key ingredient to get back his mom and Jack, that he had to help heal you. And this is how you do him?

It’s selfish and ignorant.

In comparison to your lifespan these humans might seem like they are nothing more than a passing phase. But not Sam and Dean. They are the ones who will leave a mark on this world forever. And you have to stop running and help them! If that doesn’t convince you then think of Monte Carlo and those porn stars. Can’t chill with them if the world is overtaken by Michael, can you?



As soon as I saw her hair…I knew. My back went ramrod straight, my hands went to my mouth, and I’m pretty sure a pterodactyl screech escaped from my lips, borne from the deepest part of my soul that missed Charlie Bradbury.

I still remember her death, the shock of it, the sadness that she wouldn’t be on my screen anymore stealing hearts, and the anger that came from another badass female character dying on this show. But seeing her…knowing that she’s still a badass in this world and would throw “bite me” at an angel over and over again despite him torturing her for information…it gave me hope.

Our Charlie might be gone, but she’s still out there. And at the core of this red-headed queer goddess (with those perfect eyebrows because come on…apocalypse…and they’re still on point!) she’s still brave, smart mouthed, kind, and a fighter. It’s just a part of who she is, no matter the dimension, world, or universe. She IS strength, resilience, and badass wrapped up in one.

And yes, I want them to keep her alive to the end of her days. And yes, Ketch I will personally create a time/dimension machine of sorts like in “ScoobyNatural” to kill you if you hurt one hair on her precious head. But I’m so happy to see her and I trust in her own ability to kick angel ass and take names at the same time!

Make Up Your Damn Mind, Luci


Luci can never be satisfied. He doesn’t like Hell so he tries to rule Earth. He doesn’t like Earth so he goes to Heaven. He doesn’t like Heaven so…we have no idea what he’s going to do next but the fact of the matter remains that the devil can’t be satisfied with anything. And it’s getting a bit boring.

At some point Luci is going to have to face the reality that his daddy issues run rampant and deep inside his psyche and every action he’s taken since day one. Once he does he can start working on letting them go. Talking to good ‘ol dad didn’t help him one bit so it’s up to him to decide what kind of being he wants to be for HIS OWN DAMN SELF.

With Asmodeus gone, Hell is up for grabs again. Luci can call it quits in Heaven and go back home or he can rule both. But he’ll still be unsatisfied because he’s still pretending he’s all powerful, that he doesn’t doubt his abilities, and that he’s scared of failing his son like his father did him.

I know, scary concept admitting you’re less than perfect.

But everyone goes through it once or twice or three times or more in their lives. It’s natural and can only be amended, fixed, or healed by facing your issues straight on. That’s where the healing starts. That’s where the change begins. And that’s where you start feeling more satisfied with the life you’re living and the choices you’re making.

Favorite Scene from Supernatural‘s “Bring ’em Back Alive”:

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