‘Supernatural’ 13×17 Review: “The Thing”

Supernatural’s “The Thing” liberated Gabriel and saw our boys finally step into the alternate world/universe in hopes of rescuing Mary and Jack. (It’s about damn time!) Also, I might not totally agree with what Dean did by taking Ketch instead of Sam but I’d rather that Men of Letters getting hurt than our string bean.

Let’s dive into Supernatural’s “The Thing”:

Why Did Dean Bring Ketch?


I’ve got to admit that I was pissed when Dean chose to go with Ketch to the other world. It was making a decision for his brother without asking him. Also, he was bringing a man who had terrorized Mary to her. Sounds like a recipe for disaster!

It wasn’t until I took a deep breath and thought it through, that I understood why Dean chose to do this. It isn’t just because if anything goes wrong Sam can come and get him. With Ketch, Dean only has to look out for himself. If Sam was there he would be worried about his brother and looking out for him, even though Sam doesn’t need it because he’s a broad shouldered badass, while trying to find Mary and Jack.

Bringing Ketch with him is also a good way of keeping an eye on the pain in the ass that is Ketch. And I know this sounds cruel, but if he gets out of line, Dean can just leave Ketch over in the other world and be done with him forever. Well…unless he teams up with evil Michael and opens the portal to our Earth in retaliation…shit…this really can turn into a hot mess.

Either way, the deed is done, Dean is over in the other universe, and he’s safe in knowing that Gabriel is in the hands of Sam and that Sam is in the hands of Castiel. They’ll protect each other. Just wish Dean understood that they want to protect him and that he can’t make decisions for them.

Dean is worthwhile. Dean is someone loved. Dean is someone others want to protect. I wish he knew it and I wish he would’ve waited two seconds and took Castiel with him so someone would have his back while having a failsafe back home…

Why the Hell Was Asmodeus Pumping Himself Full of Angel Grace?



Part of me thinks that Asmodeus is on the Angel Grace train because he wants that high. Crowley has done something similar in the past and we know how powerful addiction can be, especially with something as strong as a Grace. But that’s too simple for Asmodeus and something that he would surely scoff at because he’s above those kinds of things.

Asmodeus is using Gabriel’s Angel Grace to power himself up like a battery in preparation for Michael and if Lucifer comes back. He stills holds the evidence of Lucifer’s wrath on his body and he’s not looking to add to the collection. Also, he has no idea the power that Alternative World Michael has. He could be a powerhouse for all he knows and he’s preparing himself for the inevitable by using Gabriel like a juice box.

It’s interesting to note that as much as Asmodeus looks down on people, he needs them more than they need him. That’s why he’s so violent with Ketch and does everything he can to keep him in place. Because Ketch knows that Asmodeus needs him more than Ketch needs him.

Everything that Asmodeus does is a play for power because he’s weaker than he’d like anyone to know.

Dear Supernatural God’s, Give Me All the Reunions


Ever since the moment that he died I had no doubt in my mind that Gabriel found some way to keep himself alive. He’s a trickster Angel and he’s always got a backup in store. Nonetheless I was really happy to see him reunite with Sam and Dean in “The Thing.” Yes, he’s a little broken. And yes, he didn’t talk at all like I hoped because Dean was out just as they were setting his mouth free. But I have no doubt that the same angel that we’ve come to know and love is still in there and ready to cause all sorts of trouble or save the day.

Here’s hoping that Gabriel speaks in the next episode and that Castiel and him have a reunion of sorts. After all, they’re brothers and they deserve to have some family that they can trust in their lives. Plus no one understands what it means to be an angel or have their Grace messed with than these two angels.

Another reunion that I’m hoping to have is between Dean and Bobby. If you’ve checked out the trailer for next week’s episode there in a camp of sorts that Dean and Ketch end up at. And the men that are being killed have eyes that glow aka they’re using the angel killing bullets that Bobby has. Bobby of course won’t know who Dean is but Dean will. As someone who has always loved the relationship these two men had I would love to see the look on Dean’s face when he realizes the alternate world version of Bobby is still out there kicking ass and taking names.

Basically I want all the reunions between loved ones that haven’t seen each other for a really long time. I want the feels. I want to maybe tear up a little bit. And I want these people to be happy even if it’s just for a little bit. And of course I want Dean to find Mary and Jack. It’s been too long without them and I really miss them. I especially Miss Jack. We’ve gone too long without that precious nougat son of ours.

Favorite Scene from Supernatural‘s “The Thing”:

Check out for next week’s new episode of Supernatural titled “Bring ’em Back Alive”:

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