Sakina Jaffrey & Paterson Joseph talk ‘Timeless’ Season 2

Timeless returns with a new episode this Sunday, and as we get ready for more excitement (or pain), we’re rounding up our Wondercon interviews with Sakina Jaffrey and Paterson Joseph, who play Agent Denise Christopher and Connor Mason respectively, and two people who, in any other show, would be considered only secondary characters, but here, are characters we have invested in – characters we care about.

Don’t you just love this show and how it’s made us care about absolutely everyone?

We had a chance to discuss life in hiding, or as Sakina called it “witness protection in the bunker,” Agent Christopher being a Mama Bear, and we even  got to witness some back and forth banter about Mason not actually having a choice about the bunker and Agent Christopher exerting power by arresting him.

Also, there’s confirmation that Agent Christopher DOES get to go home to her wife! Wohooo. Now, if we could only get to see them again. Though, considering what’s going on, that might not actually be a good thing. Hmmm….

So, check out our Wondercon interview below, and then come share your questions/speculations with us in the comments below.

Timeless airs Sundays at 10/9c on NBC.

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