‘Timeless’ 2×03 Roundtable “Hollywoodland” Part 2

Oh, yes, we’re back! Timeless is that show, the one that gives us so many feels each week, that we just have to get them out in round-table form. So buckle up, because, once again, we have a lot of things to say about the show we’re all obsessed about.

Joining me are Lizzie, Alyssa, Erin, Shana, Shadia, Charles, Mer, Sarah, and Priya. So let’s talk Timeless feels! Since we have so many thoughts and feelings about this episode we’re going to divide it into two parts!

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Here’s part two!

5. Wyatt’s journey to Lucy was one of learning to open up again and finding a new reason for living. Talk about the journey he took to get here. Is it believable? Do you connect with it? Let out your Wyatt feels.

Lizzie: I think Wyatt’s probably the most surprising character in this show, in that he could have, and on another should would have been such a stereotype, and on Timeless he’s such a wonderful, complex man that’s all heart. I keep saying that’s a testament to both the writers and the wonderful acting, but it really, really is. So yes, the journey is not just believable, it’s relatable. Losing faith is a much more common thing than people realize, and the Wyatt before Lucy and Rufus was a lost man, a man without a reason, a man who was simply existing. In Rufus and Lucy, and especially in his feelings for Lucy, Wyatt has found a reason to go on. And that’s not just beautiful, it’s amazing that this is the arc the show has chosen for their white male hero. An emotional arc. One that’s all about romance. How rare is that?

I think this episode does such a great job of showcasing this, especially as – in contrast to the first two episodes, where Wyatt let Lucy take the lead – he’s the one taking the lead in every respect in this episode. He’s the one putting his feelings out there, he’s the one making the first step, and he’s the one stating, unequivocally, that she’s his choice. And this is something I already said in my review, but I have to say it again: Toxic Masculinity, Wyatt Logan has never heard of you.

Alyssa: When we first met Wyatt, we met this incredibly broken man that seemed content to drown himself in his own grief. A man with nothing to lose. A man that was okay with dying because he didn’t have anything left to live for. And this is a good four years (?) after Jessica’s death. Essentially, joining the Time Team saved Wyatt’s life. Becoming a part of this family with Lucy and Rufus saved his life. Being able to open up to Lucy and Rufus saved his life. Finding a purpose again saved his life. And his ability to learn that he could love again saved his life. As he told Lucy, “You saved my life, you know.” From the pilot to even this present episode, you get the sense that Wyatt isn’t someone that is comfortable with expressing his feelings. Whether it was his rough childhood or the heartbreak he experienced with Jessica’s death, Wyatt had closed himself off from all feeling. Wyatt stopped caring. But when he met Lucy and Rufus, something changed. Even in the pilot we saw Wyatt opening up to Lucy about Jessica’s death. In watching Wyatt delve into that story you could sense this wasn’t something he revealed about himself. But you also noticed there was something freeing in it for him. In getting to confide in another person. To not have to shoulder the burden alone. Wyatt realized that he didn’t have to face his grief and pain alone. Wyatt realized that he didn’t have to live in his pain for the rest of his life.

There are no words to express how impressed and grateful I am to these TImeless writers when it comes to how Wyatt Logan is written as a character and how Matt Lanter portrays him. He’s unlike any male character I’ve watched on television in recent history in that he defies the norm. The norm where a white man essentially takes charge and has a disregard for what’s happening around him. But Wyatt Logan is a man of substance that is relatable in his flaws and his desires. Wyatt Logan was a broken man. He felt like he had nothing to live for. What a lonely way to live your life. That must have been gut wrenching beyond repair. Except Wyatt got his repair when he met Lucy and Rufus and found his true family.

Erin: What I have loved so much about Timeless is that the character development is always out of this world. They take a character and have molded them to grow and evolve. One of the worst things in the world is when a show doesn’t evolve their character. Timeless does just that. I am so grateful that this show has such amazing writers that are as committed to these characters.

I think that as we watch Wyatt – we’ve seen that he knows that he deserves a better life. He doesn’t have to live so closed off. He doesn’t have to subject himself to pain all the time. I think that is part of what I love about the show – seeing him evolve from what I considered to be a “bad boy” to a man that knows he’s got charge of his life and that he has everything to live for.

Wyatt is piecing together the pieces of his broken heart and I love seeing that.

Lyra: Wyatt journey is probably one of the most believable I’ve ever seen on TV.  He didn’t just fall in love with Lucy and became a changed man. This is not your typical drama or something you’d see on The CW. He gave Lucy and Rufus a chance and learned how to trust, how to depend, and how to live for the first time since Jessica’s death. He let loose, learned how to smile again, and gave himself the permission to be happy once more. And I know that sounds silly but…he’s been holding his breath for a very long time, silently sabotaging himself to atone for the part he played in his wife’s death. Now he can breathe with Lucy and with Rufus. He can give the love he shares with Lucy a chance. And he can give the friendship he has with Rufus a chance. There’s balance and hope when it comes to Wyatt’s journey. And I’m not going to lie, it’s hella inspiring!

Shana: I don’t know what I can add to the Wyatt conversation that hasn’t already been said, so I’ll just say this: I get what it’s like to close yourself off after a major loss, and it’s been nice seeing what the other side of it has the potential to be.

Mimi: listen don’t misunderstand me,I have a lot to say about Wyatt in this episode, yes he declared to Lucy that she saved him but he also wanted to keep their relationship a secret, which bothers me. I know that it was foreshadowing on the writers part having Lucy be so eager and Wyatt be so cautious. But I was not feeling it. I mean I guess my romantic side wanted him to shout it from the roof tops and he is just not there yet. He didn’t tell her he loved her but we all know he does. Lucy and Wyatt are written in the stars in the worm hole  they travel through each week and they are each other’s reason for living. I think i wanted him to show that he was HAPPY? He did but he didn’t does that make sense? Am i alone in these thoughts? That’s all I will say on that, excuse me while I go eat a pack of reeses peanut butter eggs…

Mer: I kinda agree with Mimi? At least a bit. Don’t get me wrong – Wyatt has come SO FAR and last week’s episode reaaaaally gave us such great insight into who this man is. But I also might need Wyatt to do a bit more of the reaching out, bridging the gap. He had way more to overcome for them to be together and I’m a bit…not disappointed exactly, but I maybe would have liked a bit more effusiveness from him. The focus on the dead wife through most of season 1 made it a bit tough for me to fully connect with Wyatt then, and I think my connection to him truly started in season 1 episode 14, culminating in last week’s episode. So of the two in this ‘ship, Wyatt needs to work a bit harder to fully win me over.

That said, there were some SUPER sweet moments by Wyatt. The look on his face when Lucy was singing to him – squeal! The way he opened up by the pool. The smirk when they kissed in the guest house. And the tackle kiss the morning after. Those were by far my favorite Wyatt moments in this episode. I do think he (clearly) still has some ghosts to deal with, but I definitely feel better now about his ability to move past his past. I will need the next go round with Lucy to be Wyatt-led, though. Just saying. (But seriously I squealed a lot.)

Sarah: The fact that I connected to Wyatt, and enjoyed his story was simply because we didn’t learn about it all at once and it’s been told well. His journey from where he started in the Pilot up to this point has been incredibly believable, even in a reality where time travel exists. Everything he was honest about to Lucy in this episode made a lot of his choices from last season click for me, and it made me love his character even more and I didn’t think that was possible. Initially I was wary for the sake of I didn’t know what to expect, but season two opened up how much the time team became his family and brought out how his humanity, his flaws, and his strengths all together.

He was wanting the danger when he didn’t care, and along the way he found a reason to live and people he’s willing to risk his life for without a second thought when he wasn’t looking. It’s one of the best kind of stories, and we got to see it through his eyes, and escape any stereotypical leading male writing most of us thought we’d see. As much as I’ve grown to care about him, a big part of me wanted to smack him upside the head for running off and leaving Lucy hanging when he discovered Jessica was alive. He’s come a long way, but he’s got a lot of learning left and I’m here for the entire journey cause up to now, it’s been a heck of a Wyatt ride. (Yes I couldn’t resist the bad pun sue me.)

Priya: I think the journey was believable, especially given the six week gap and the indications we saw of him losing his mind. In agreement with what was mentioned earlier, it was a bit of a surprise to me how much I ended up loving Wyatt as season 1 went on, especially when at the end of episode 1, I didn’t think too highly of him. Thankfully I saw eps 1 and 2 back to back and by the end of the second episode, I was on the ship and already changing my mind about Wyatt. As the season went on, it was a little hard on my heart to see how he held the memory of the late wife so close to his vest, even up until episode 14 when he is coming to grips with how what he did in the episode earlier turned into a fool’s errand. However, in no small part to Matt Lanter and Abigail Spencer having such incredible chemistry, I can believe that Wyatt was falling in love with Lucy without really letting himself acknowledge it. You could see it in 1×09 when he was clearly taken aback after the impulsive kiss and again after he and Lucy walked away from each other. I think a lot of what he was feeling regarding what happened to Jessica was guilt, and that has overblown everything. I believe he was truly in love with her when they were first together, but if you are getting into a fight that is bad enough that he would stop the car for someone to get out AND SHE DOES, this marriage was at best in need of counseling, at worst in need of lawyers. He ties her death directly to his actions that night, and that’s colored everything.

When he lets himself acknowledge he was not going to get her back AND that it was OK for him to try to move on, it allows him to start exploring possibilities, again shown by the look on his face when he is made to leave Lucy behind in 1×16. And then dealing with the fallout of everything else since, it makes sense they are where they are. And when you think about it, before the last two minutes happened, they are very much in the early stages of the relationship. Rufus knows what’s what, but no declarations have been made and the timing just worked for everything to come together as it did. So I absolutely buy this journey and really wish we could have a little bit more time to enjoy the honeymoon period. Regarding Wyatt, a lot of what happens makes sense for his character and as for feels, I repeat that I never expected to feel so strongly about him, in large part because of the stereotypes characters like his are supposed to have – “strong”, stoic, broken soldier who knows best and hides his feelings. But as Lizzie eloquently puts it, toxic masculinity, Wyatt Logan has never heard of you :).

6. Lucy’s journey to Wyatt was one of opening up herself up to the possibilities – of love, and pain. Talk about the journey she took to get here. Is it believable? Do you connect with it? Let out your Lucy feels.


Lizzie: I talked about this ad nauseum in my review. No, really, there was at least one thousand words of my feelings on Lucy, so I don’t want to repeat myself. I will say, however, that I really appreciate how Timeless can take Lucy on a journey towards opening up herself to love, and yet never make her come off as a cold fish or make the way she is, and how hard it is for her to let go of her precious control, like a bad thing. People are different, and we all have our own journeys and I’m glad this show is allowing Lucy to have that, and by treating her growth as something real and allowing her to evolve in a way that’s organic they’re making me connect with her even more, and feel for her even more.

So, yes – this journey of accepting this man as someone she can care for, of accepting that she can lean on others, that she can trust him to have her back, that she’s safe with him, that was a hard thing for Lucy. And the journey that’s coming, the one of understanding that she can and should fight for him, that’s going to be hard as well. But I’m here for this, because I love Lucy. And that’s thanks to the writing.

Alyssa: Lucy Preston is someone that has always played it safe. Well, in recent history. We learned that about her when she almost drowned. She became someone obsessed with controlling her own destiny. In doing that, Lucy closed herself off to others and the things — the possibilities — that might hurt her, be it emotionally or physically. While she was protecting her heart from inevitable pain, she was also hurting herself by not allowing herself to truly feel. Her walls were up to protect herself; her walls ultimately kept her from living her life. But then Wyatt and Rufus happened. Lucy found another family. A family that encouraged her to be open; a family that made it known that she could lean on them; a family that made her feel so safe that she in fact began to open up. And Wyatt was a huge part of that. In Wyatt confiding in her, Lucy began to confide in him. In knowing Wyatt’s pain, in knowing her own pain, in their shared experiences, and in their growing connection, Lucy found someone worth letting her walls down for. Lucy began to realize that shielding yourself from the world — whether because you’ve been hurt or you’re afraid of being hurt — is not living at all. She found someone worth the possibilities. She found someone worth the pain. She found someone worth living for. In Wyatt.

Lucy is a character that I connect with perhaps more than any other character on this show. She’s someone that needs to be in control. She’s someone that wants to control her own destiny. And that’s not an easy habit to break if or ever. Lucy’s someone that has her guard up emotionally more than she should, but she feels deeply and with everything in her. She’s like Wyatt in that way, too. Sometimes it’s just easier to keep your walls up than to open yourself up to the potential pain that comes with exposing yourself to the world. But the lesson learned here is that hiding from the world isn’t protecting you, it’s only keeping you away from the glorious possibilities that await you. Life is short. There’s so much life to live and never enough time.

Erin: I think that one of the reasons I love Lucy so much is I resonate with her. I feel like I can feel her pain and I can feel her strength and I can feel her want to not hurt anymore. I think Lucy has experienced so much in her life that has made her always have to second guess the world and it sucks. It really sucks for her. She deserves better. But what we find with Lucy is that even when she can be overtaken by the pain – she is like nope. I am going to find a way through. Lucy is always pulling through. She doesn’t complain. She doesn’t focus on the pain. But at the same point – her pain is her motivation. It forces her to do better, to be better, and to make sure that she is not consumed. And I think that’s part of the reason that she connects with Wyatt, because she believes in him and knows that he can pull through. They can find the answer to the questions that they didn’t know they needed to ask and the ability to know that there is so much to live for. I like that they find redemption in each other.

Lyra: Lucy has grown to trust and depend just like Wyatt. She’s never had these kind of people in her life and it’s been so refreshing watching her learn that she can depend of Rufus and Wyatt; that there are people in her life that will be there. And like Wyatt’s journey it’s hella relatable and hopeful. We all want to come to that point in our lives and what comes next is going to be a test for Lucy and everything she has learned to get to the point where she opened herself up to a possible relationship with Wyatt. I have faith that she’ll struggle, push through, and end up being stronger for it.

Shana: Basically, I feel like I connect with the loss and betrayal side of Lucy’s journey but haven’t yet found the rest…if it’s ever going to happen. All signs point to doubtful. ANYWAY. This is a woman who’s lost her sister — not to death but to her actually never having existed because of some screwy time shit — who’s found out that her father wasn’t who she thought he was, and has even learned that her own mother is hateful trash that values her (evil) “mission” more than her own daughter. Trust me when I say that having the people who are supposed to love you turn out not to care about you at all, to have them hurt you in unimaginable ways and to have it turn out that everything you thought you knew about them is a lie…It stings; it’s awful; and it’s enough to break a person.

Lucy, somehow, uses all of that to become the opposite of broken. She’s the truest embodiment of a “strong female character” but not in the meaningless, tropey sense. Lucy is the real deal; and seeing a woman constantly get back up and keep pushing toward what she knows is right, no matter how much the world has bloodied and bruised her from the inside out…Yeah, that’s believable as fuck. That’s the female experience in a nutshell: The world wants to destroy us, but no, we’re not letting it. The fact that part of Lucy’s ability to get back up after each blow has been because she’s found a whole new family — one that’s genuine and actually cares — well. That just makes everything that much more beautiful, doesn’t it?

Mimi: Oh my Lucy, I feel like she is on a journey this year and it’s all about her finding her elf and what makes her happy. Maybe she doesn’t need Amy or her Mom to make her complete. I think she does need Wyatt tho, I think he does complete her and he’s opened her up to so many possibilities. I think this is a growing year for her. Maybe she never dated before? Obviously she was a nerd her whole life who never thought she was “hot”. So I think Wyatt being into her is very new to her and she is so giddy with him and in love with him and I want to go Lemonade Shawn Ryan’s car for doing this Jessica thing to her.. “Becky with the good hair” AHHHHHHHH! I’m going to have a Moscow mule as soon as I get home. I can’t feel like this, this show has me in my emotions right now and I just can’t with them.

Mer: Lucy is my GIRL. I just adore her. I have connected with her from the very start. Abigail is a vision, and I find her Lucy so authentic and genuine. I 100% feel that I’ve watched Lucy fall for this unobtainable man, and very carefully open up to the possibility of him having feelings for her too. Her journey has been completely believable to me, and my heart soars and breaks for her. I’m worried about her retreating waaaay back into her shell after all this, because I could totally feel how difficult it was for her to really put herself out there the way she did. Oh Lucy, I’m here for you.

Charles: Abigail Spencer is a great actress and this episode highlights how much she is able to tap into every emotion that makes Lucy Preston who she is. She lets us see Lucy’s vulnerable side when she is with Wyatt without ever falling into the “damsel in distress” trope that happens with other shows. Every time Lucy hurts or puts herself out there, we feel that with her. We believe in Lucy and everything she has gone through to come out the other side still believing in good, believing in her friends, believing in love with Wyatt. That connection is one reason why Lucy is one of the best characters out there in tv today. Much credit to the writers and ESPECIALLY Abigail for that.

Sarah: There have been more moments than I can count when I’ve watched Lucy onscreen, and instantly connected with her. She was the character I got attached to the quickest, and quite frankly I dearly adore my nerdy, proud & brilliant historian who can pull off wardrobes from any time period. Her journey has been heart warming, and equally believable to Wyatt’s and everyone else’s on this show and a large part of that is how brilliant Abigail Spencer is at portraying her.

She makes it easy to connect with Lucy, and it’s hard to imagine a character where I’ve always felt like I was right there with her every step of the way. Bravo darling, and kudos to the writers for doing such a great job with her character.

Priya: Absolutely nothing I can add here that hasn’t been said above. I thoroughly buy this journey and my heart breaks for her given everything that she’s endured and what’s coming. I just hope the writers do right by her and help fix this mess that they’ve currently made.

7. What was your favorite scene in “Hollywoodland” and why?


Lizzie: Honestly, this episode is fanfic come to life. Fanfic. But, I’m going to go with the morning after, because it was such an intimate and real moment, more than the sex we didn’t get to see, and even more than the poolside moment that started all of this. There was no awkwardness, there was no real hesitation, these were just two people revealing in what they felt for each other, and it was beautiful to see a show lean so heavily into the ship and just, give it the love it deserves, the gift of this episode, without feeling like romance is somehow shameful.

So, yeah, morning after. Because of the reassurances, and the way Wyatt never lets go of Lucy, and she can’t stop touching him, and they just look at Rufus like yeah, this happened, you got a problem? and the way they just go for round 2. It’s all I wanted for this ship, and more.

Alyssa: There are so many scenes that were just simply stunning and emotional and made me feel all the things, guys. That kiss. The sex we never got to see (seriously, why is this show at 10pm if we don’t get the goods?) That morning after cuteness. Rufus walking in on them that next morning. Lucy singing to Wyatt. Wyatt telling Lucy it’s nice to see her happy. Lucy and Wyatt being all cutesy coupley back in the bunker (before everything went to shit.) If I’m being forced to pick just ONE, I’m going to have to go with this one:

While I’m a sucker for those physical intimacy scenes we get (yay for Lyatt sex!) the thing that makes those moments more meaningful is what leads up to it. Episodes of progress. Episodes of developing that foundation. Episodes of almost kisses. And, ultimately, that poolside conversation that set things into motion. Intimacy is two-fold, as Lucy and Wyatt have been showing up this season. There’s the physical intimacy, and then there’s emotional intimacy. This episode managed to strike both several times and subsequently killing us all with feels. I loved everything about their conversation by the pool. It was aesthetically beautiful; it was deep and meaningful; it felt so very natural, which is a testament to Abigail Spencer and Matt Lanter. This moment made all of those almost kisses worth it. Getting to have this conversation in this moment leading up to that intimate moment in the bedroom.

Lucy and Wyatt as individual characters makes them work so well as a couple. It made this conversation my favorite scene from the episode because we saw both of them open up even more to each other. They had gotten to the point where they just couldn’t hold it in anymore. The words came pouring out of them. The emotions were a tidal wave that couldn’t be contained. Hearing Wyatt say the words he’s believed for so long already – “You saved my life, you know” — made me screech at the top of my lungs. But hearing Lucy admit that she had thought about the possibilities — the possibilities with Wyatt — prompted even more screams for the surprise of it all. Wyatt, who a closed book, has been much more obvious about his feelings than Lucy has. So getting to see the ease with which Wyatt revealed himself and the cautious and then all-in way that Lucy handled things was satisfying. I’ve replayed that poolside conversation upwards of 50 times and each time feels like the first time.

Erin: Poolside. But Alyssa explained all that.

Lyra: Favorite scene from “Hollywoodland” has to be Rufus walking in on them. Timeless decided that they weren’t going to wait and hide from Rufus. He found out that they were in love with each other before they even realized it and found out that they’d finally gotten together the morning after. NO HIDING THAT SHIT OR ACTING LIKE IT WAS NOTHING! It was something and Rufus teasing Wyatt afterwards and talking about telling Jiya, is what supportive friends do when they’re over the moon for you.

Shana: Since everyone is probably going to pick the shippy stuff, I’m going to be a weirdo and mention that time when Hedy Lamarr was like, “boy, duh” to Rufus trying to explain sound to her; and then she one-upped him. We love women in science!

Charles : The morning-after Lyatt scene. It was sexy, cute and left you wanting more. Exactly what you would want as a fan. Also, you could practically see Wyatt’s boner popping up from that blanket at the thought of another time with Lucy.

Mimi: My favorite scene is most definitely the Lyatt spin kiss and everything leading up to it. The room, The trepidation of Lucy, the LYATT THEME SONG!! Omg!! Kill me now! I loved it. I really really really loved it. I wanted more of it but I was satisfied.

Mer: I’m gonna feel almost blasphemous saying this because ALL THE LYATT WAS SO GOOD but you know what? Rufus rapping the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme had me rolling on the floor. So since I can’t pick a favorite from all the great shippy stuff, I’m going with Rufus trying to pass off Will Smith as Langston Hughes.

Sarah: Hands down it was the scene from the second Lucy and Wyatt walked into the guest house. Lucy trembling from everything she felt from their conversation, and Wyatt gently turning her around with the purest expression of adoration as if he’d been holding back all this time. His gentle kiss to show he was all in on this moment, and Lucy throwing away all her fears, and nerves to the wind when she threw her arms back around him in a beautiful kiss. You can call me a sappy fangirl, for this I do not care. I freaking loved how utterly real that scene felt between two people who never expected to find someone they cared about so deeply in the craziest of circumstances and to not let anything keep them from acting on what they were truly feeling.

Priya: So much Lyatt goodness to choose from but definite favorite was the morning after scene. As Lizzie mentioned earlier, everything about it felt natural and right. It was hilarious how they laughed off Rufus walking in as he did and Wyatt basically deciding they didn’t need to get out of bed *just yet* and Lucy being there for that. I may have lost count how many times I’ve seen that scene but can now quote it by heart.


8. Writing wise, what do you feel the show has done right/wrong in regards to the ship. Why do people connect with them? And, when all is said and done, do you think Lyatt is this show’s endgame? Is this what they’re building towards?


Lizzie: So far, yes, they’ve done right by them, and that’s why I feel we can – and should – all trust them to continue to do so. Because this is the endgame, the show has made it clear from episode 1. Lyatt is the long plan. I’ve got no doubt in my mind, and you shouldn’t either. There’s been a steady progression, and yes, now there are obstacles, but this happens with every ship. Obstacles are not thrown at them to break them for good, no, they’re thrown at them to make them stronger.

And I think we connect with them because of a combination of really, really good writing, which makes these two characters feel real, and damn good acting, which makes it so we believe that they really and truly have feelings for each other. And that’s it, that’s the winning combo. Once you have those two, people will follow. Forever and ever.

Alyssa: To be honest, I sat here for several minutes thinking about Lucy and Wyatt and all of the things that TImeless has done right with their relationship. But I honestly can’t think of anything they’ve done wrong. Yet. Even the whole Jessica thing — however infuriating and heartbreaking it may be — isn’t wrong. In fact, it’s actually a really good thing (see below).

Honestly, while this Jessica stuff hurts like a motherf*cker (even after three weeks), I cannot help but see the good that will come out of it. Yes, it’s pain. Yes, it’s anger. Yes, it’s heartbreak. But don’t lose sight of the endgame here, folks. This is not Wyatt and Jessica’s love story. This is Wyatt and Lucy’s love story. I’m not usually a fan of love triangles — mostly because they’re not done correctly more often than not — but this is one that I actually see as being beneficial. Before Wyatt and Lucy can truly be together, we need to deal with Jessica. Before the end of this episode, Wyatt was with Lucy because his wife was dead. Obviously that wasn’t the only reason as Wyatt fell in love with Lucy. But he’s with her because his wife died. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like even the idea of consolation here. Wyatt needs to choose Lucy. Jessica being dead isn’t him choosing Lucy. So Jessica needs to be back for this to happen. Wyatt needs to look within himself and think about his true feelings — who does he see his future with? When all is said and done, I expect Wyatt to choose Lucy. I expect Wyatt to come to the realization (before we learn Jessica is Rittenhouse because, again, that’s not Wyatt choosing) that Lucy is the woman he sees as his future. He used to love Jessica, but he moved on. Jessica is his past and Lucy is his future.

Lyra: First, of course Lyatt is endgame. It’s clear as day and as blue as the sky. Second, people connect with this show and it’s characters/ship because they let the characters guide this journey and not the other way around. The plot isn’t dictating everything and it’s refreshing to see a show have some continuity when it comes to their characters and the actions they would take. People also connect to these characters/ship because it feels like a healthy relationship. *GASP* “THOSE ARE TRUE!?” you scream into the sky! Yes. Yes, they are. And Lyatt is that healthy relationship.

Shana: Critically, I’d say the best thing that the Timeless writers have done with Lyatt is to avoid dragging it out. Yeah, Dead!Wife is here or whatever, but up until that point, it really was a breath of fresh air to see some definitive action and not have to wait forever for it, only to be told it was platonic. (Looking at you, Chrisogyny.)

On the other hand, as a viewer, I think I kind of would’ve liked to have had the Jessica mess happen before the hookup. I’ve had enough pain lately, and having to sit back and watch Lucy suffer this is just going to mean more pain. I don’t know if I have it in me. Help. I don’t have any major complaints right now (other than that Jessica even exists, which is actually also something that makes for a more interesting story), but if this whole thing isn’t handled well, be prepared for a rant of epically shady proportions. And yes, Lyatt is endgame. That’s…Is that even a question at this point? After that scene? Sure. Fine. Whatever.

Mer: Easy answer first: Lyatt is definitely the long game. 100% no question, they are it. Now the harder stuff. I actually DO  disagree with some of the choices they’ve made. I think the Wyatt/Jessica backstory in s1 was likely meant for a longer game than the show is now working with. Because they spent SO MUCH time on it that it makes Wyatt’s feelings for Lucy feel a bit too fast, or like he’s maybe not as ready or all in as she is. They likely didn’t expect they’d have to lean in the way they are in season 2, because of the almost-cancellation situation. So there is a bit of lopsidedness to their feelings, in my opinion. I have no doubt Wyatt will get there, and probably soon, but I wish we had less of the Jessica focus in s1.

I’m okay with Jessica coming back, even though I don’t love it, because it’s drama. And I knew it would happen. We’ll see what they do with it (so many good theories floating around) before making final judgment. But I’m expecting to have murder face towards Wyatt for a while. Now, all of this doesn’t mean I don’t ADORE them. I so do. And the groundwork is there for an epic OTP. I just personally would have liked a bit less focus on the dead wife in season one, and a bit more equity of their feelings (or expression of their feelings – Wyatt may FEEL it, but Lucy has really demonstrated/said it more than he has.) I think we’ll get there, though. Sooner than we expect.

Sarah: There isn’t a single doubt in my mind Lyatt is endgame. Everything we’ve seen from the writers so far builds them up to be the couple you root for to overcome all obstacles to be together in the end. It’s mind boggling how on point and right the writing has been for these two, I’ve never seen anything close to it in a long time if ever. These writers have my faith in doing these two justice, and not creating drama for the sake of it, but to progress these character’s journey together. Their love story was as easy to connect to as the character’s themselves because it came out of nowhere in the sense neither of them were expecting it, and yet they didn’t hide from it. They didn’t bury it down and drag it out, and I loved every moment of watching them get closer. I’ll admit I wish I had been wrong on the drama being Jessica coming back at the WORST possible moment, but it just made everything that happened between this hour even more precious cause we are in for an angsty ride here on out. I’m good with that, because as I said they are endgame and the journey is worth it.

Priya: I sure as hell hope Lyatt is the long game. Based on everything we’ve seen with these characters in season 1, the damn key art for this season, and the tweets et al from the official social media feeds give that indicator as well, but I’m always afraid to say so with 100% certainty while things are still in play. For purely selfish reasons, I would have liked that last scene to have occurred a little bit later, or ideally the events of 1×13/1×14 putting the Jessica story down for good, but here we are. As I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve seen so far, I don’t think I have the objectivity to say what’s been done wrong and I don’t think I’ll be able to until we’re on the other side of season 2 (hopefully with a season 3 pending).

9. So, Flynn’s out of jail. Yay? Nay? How do you think his presence will change the dynamics, especially considering the other return of the episode? And, is a Flynn/Lucy romance a possibility?


Lizzie: Yay? He wasn’t really doing much good in jail, and I enjoy Goran too much for just two minutes an episode, so out of jail is good. Especially because there’s a lot of clashing with Wyatt coming, and some awkward interactions with Rufus and some sorta bonding with Lucy, which is just going to make the clashes with Wyatt worse. You know this and I know this and we’re all gonna enjoy this.

Other than that, I don’t anticipate Flynn is what’s gonna make the dynamics change, Jessica is. So I’m not too worried about that. In fact, I’m looking forward to him using his future knowledge to push his OTP back together, as he’s tried to do time and time again. Which leads me to hell, no. There is no romantic anything between Flynn and Lucy. That’s not happening, not just because neither of the actors is playing it like there’s a vibe, but because the writing is giving -2 vibes. Flynn is a man on a mission, and that mission is to get his family back. Lucy is just an asset.

Alyssa: Surprisingly, I’m going to go “yay” on the Flynn’s out of jail thing. It’s just not as fun when Flynn’s locked up. Just imagine him in the bunker with everyone. Just imagine him in the bunker with Wyatt. Wyatt is going to need to show some real self control here when it comes to Flynn. And the fun part is, I’m more than expecting him to lose his cool with Flynn, which should be really fun. Flynn’s presence will no doubt shake things up for the Time Team, especially given Cauliflower’s return. Now that Flynn is back, how does that affect the missions? Given that he’s a fighter, given that he has Rittenhouse knowledge, are we going to see him as a designated hitter here? Is he going to sub for Wyatt? Or Lucy? Obviously not Rufus, because he’s the pilot. But that’s just professional. Back to the personal, and I cannot help but wonder how Cauliflower will affect Lucy and Flynn’s relationship. Let me preface this by saying THIS SHOW HAS DONE EVERYTHING TO SHOW US THAT THERE IS NO ROMANTIC CONNECTION BETWEEN LUCY AND FLYNN WHATSOEVER. AND THAT IS NOT GOING TO CHANGE. Anyway, I keep thinking about Lucy’s journal and how it mentioned her working with Flynn, and this just might be that. Let me repeat for emphasis: A LUCY/FLYNN ROMANCE IS NOT A POSSIBILITY. THERE IS NOTHING TO SUGGEST ANYTHING OF THE SORT.

Lyra: I think Flynn is going to be an interesting addition to the Time Team because he does things differently. He’s rougher around the edges, knows that sometimes the end justifies the means. It’s going to be an interesting dynamic and change for Lucy. She’s used to having Wyatt at her side for these missions. With Wyatt off with his wife Flynn will be a different influence in her life that will help her grow. (I know, you think this is impossible. But Flynn…Lucy could learn a couple things from him, even if it’s things she shouldn’t do.)

Shana: Look: I’m probably letting years of watching Goran Visnjic on ER — and, along with Maura Tierney, be the only person worth watching past the years of the core cast — shape my opinion here, but I’m ecstatic that Flynn’s a free man and has joined the team. We spent a lot of Timeless season 1 viewing Flynn as the enemy, and he definitely did some shady shit to earn him that distinction.

But, given what we know now, was he really all that bad? I’m not sure if the answer is going to be an easy one — it’s probably going to be different for everyone — but I’m going to give you all some food for thought: We love our superheroes, right? Even though they’re acting outside of the law…vigilantes, if you will. If trying to defeat Rittenhouse, one of the Biggest Bads of them all, meant getting his hands dirty, does that really make Flynn the bad guy?

I love a “gray area” character. The most interesting journeys to watch are usually those that involve someone who’s not so one-dimensional as to be 100% good or 100% evil, so yeah. I’m ready to see the potential for what Flynn can be to the team, both in terms of working for and against them. Bring me that tension, of which I’m sure we’ll have an abundance! I’M READY.

…do I think there’s a potential for a Flynn/Lucy ship? I mean, he definitely seems to have some kind of thing for her. I don’t know if it’s romantic or what, but it’s there? And look: If Wyatt’s going to run off at the first sign of life from Dead!Wife, even after canon “pretty amazing” sex, I don’t begrudge my girl having a bit of spiteful fun on the side if it’s done well.

I’d also put out a caveat/warning/whatever on my previous statement, though: Just as Visnjic was brought in to be New! Hot Doctor after George Clooney left ER and it looked like Luka Kovac (his character) was going to get something started with Carol Hathaway? Ya girl remembered who here soulmate was and acted accordingly. So, like…We can go there? I just don’t expect it to be endgame. At all. Before “Hollywoodland,” I might have even fought for this, but it’s too late now.

Mimi: Lyatt as endgame is what is UP. I’m not buying anything else. Look I was on board with these two from the first “no one is going to see your bra” I knew it would be coming so I’m going to ride with them until the end. I will fight for this ship and I really think the writers will too. You can tell from all the interviews Shawn and Erick have done that they are invested in this storyline and have a lot of respect for Lyatt and the actors who make them come alive. That said I think Matt and Abigail are highly invested in this ship as well. EVERYONE IS ON BOARD we just need to ride out this storm and it will all be fine. I don’t know what the next couple of episodes hold in store, my thought is how the hell Jessica’s  back will be a major plot point is and is she the same Jessica that Wyatt remembered? I don’t think Wyatt can tuck his feelings away for Lucy just because Jessica is back. Wyatt loves Lucy even if he didn’t say it out loud. His feelings didn’t just dissipate because his dead wife texted him. The writers respect their audience and it is my belief that they will see this ship through even if we have to burn shit down to get them there.

Mer: I’m a no for Lucy/Flynn romance, for sure. It actually kinda squicks me out. But I do think his presence in the bunker and with the team will make the dynamic more interesting, will add some humor, and even though I don’t think romance is in the air for them, I do think any bonding or grudging friendship between Flynn and Lucy can serve to light a fire under Wyatt and remind him that she won’t wait around forever. I’m echoing Shana with this one – maybe some flirting? Whatever. I’d be okay with some suggestion of romance, but I don’t think it’ll cross the line into actual romance.

Charles: Hahahaha NO the Flynn/Lucy romance isn’t happening (I think). I’ve always seen their dynamic as more father/daughter than anything else. Now Flynn being out of jail had to happen. Ball-cap Lucy visiting him in jail was already getting old by the sceond trip. Now with Flynn in the bunker with the team, we can get to see how the others feel about working with him now.  Don’t forget that Flynn was their main nemesis for all of season 1 and that just doesn’t go away for any of them. Also Flynn is still wanting to rescue his family and I can see him using the Time Team to his advantage now that he’s with them in the bunker.

Sarah: I’m yay in that I’ve missed the sass master, and his presence is sure to shake up the dynamics in a way that will cast a clear distinction from before he was busted out of jail. He’s not someone they trust, but he is someone they need helping to finish what they started with Rittenhouse. I don’t imagine the timing was a coincidence bringing him back along with Jessica, so either he’s going to be so focused on Rittenhouse he’ll keep his opinion to himself or more likely stir stuff up like always and interject his blunt thoughts on the effects of time travel.

Whatever the issues that’ll come up from his being there, I don’t think he’s opposed to finding the friendship/partnership he talked about in season one with Lucy. Canon wise I think it’ll stop there. Lyatt is where they are going in the show, and while I fully support any shippers out there for Flynn and Lucy in fanfic, the latter for that ship is where it’s likely going to stay.

Priya: Yay in the sense that Goran is amazing actor and Flynn is a good character. Regarding Flynn/Lucy, again, I sincerely hope not, and at present (again, no objectivity here), I don’t see it. In all of season 1 I never got a vibe from either of them of attraction, but I can see the building here of a good solid bond over their shared grief and guilt over actions done to rectify things/avenge slights. Flynn’s family was stolen from him and he mentioned at the end of 1×16 that Lucy, a Lucy that aged well, gave it to him. What I want to know is why. Flynn has been honest and so if future Lucy sought him out, she did so for a reason. What did she tell him when she gave him that journal? Plus,at this point, he has had it for a long time and studied it, so not only does he know about Rittenhouse in the past, he knows a lot about her and the team. I’m curious to see where that could go. I still think Flynn’s primary objective is getting back his family, and taking down Rittenhouse in the past is the way to do so. I think Flynn feels a connection to Lucy and right now, she’s the only one who trusts him, so there will be some bonding there, which is not a bad thing, and bonding can be fully platonic. But I will be very disappointed if there isn’t more interactions with the others. I have to admit, I would love to see Flynn and Wyatt together more. I think those two have a lot more in common than either would like to admit and I hope we get to see them interact more.

10. Now, let’s talk the elephant in the room. Jessica is back! How do you feel about this? Why is she back? Is she evil – or is she just what she seems? What’s the endgame here, show-wise?


Lizzie: Look, I’m not throwing a parade or anything, but she’s here, I knew – and by knew I mean I’ve been saying since the PIlot that she was Chekhov’s gun and by God, she had to be fired – she was coming back, and now we just have to buckle up and get through this.

There was no way for the showrunners to avoid this, not with the setup they gave Wyatt. This is a time-travel show. If they’d never brought it up we would have been like, nah, missed opportunity man. Besides, the way they’ve developed Lyatt, so organically, means this is basically the ONLY obstacle they can throw their way that makes sense. So, in a way, it’s good that they’re throwing this obstacle their way now. Let’s get it out of the way, as they say.

I think the endgame, show-wise, is, OF COURSE, not for her to end up with Wyatt. She’s just there so Wyatt can a) get actual, real closure; b) can let go of his guilt over what happened to her and c) can take a cold, hard look at what their relationship actually was, compare it to his relationship with Lucy and be like, nah, I want Lucy. I pick Lucy. This is why Jessica is back, and though having her back sounds bad, it’s just going to help Lyatt grow, as a couple. I don’t just believe this, I know it in my bones. That’s how much I trust these writers.

So, we got this, Lyatt fans. We can take the angst. It’s taking us to a good place, I promise.

(Oh, and because I forgot to add this, she’s SO evil. Everyone but Wyatt has a connection to Rittenhouse? I don’t think so. Also, foreshadowing in 2×02! Plus, come on, the telegram, the way 1×13 went, there’s a lot that doesn’t add up. But, don’t worry …Wyatt will choose before he finds out, not after. This revelation will just make it easier.)

Alyssa: If there’s a person in this world excited about Jessica’s return let me at them, please! (Wyatt, you don’t count.) Obviously, I’m less than thrilled that Jessica is back. Even though I knew it was coming. Since the pilot. There’s no way this show was not going to handle this storyline. It still hurt like hell. I still screamed in anguish when Wyatt walked into that damn bar and hugged her. Notice they hugged. Notice she looked less than pleased to see him. Hell, maybe this other Wyatt already sank this ship? I’ve watched this episode like 20 times and all but 4 times I’ve paused right before that text message (for review and roundtable purposes). If Jessica isn’t Rittenhouse, I want my money back. This show has been very good with parallels with storylines and characters and the fact that this show seems to be heavily paralleling Lucy and Wyatt’s personal lives isn’t lost on me. The evil parents. Learning to love again. There’s also the fact that every member of the Time Team has a connection to Rittenhouse. Lucy, obviously, with her mom and dad. Rufus, through Lucy’s dad and being blackmailed. But what about Wyatt? What’s Wyatt’s connection to Rittenhouse?

Jessica isn’t only the logical assumption but an obvious one. Given that Jessica is back, we have to assume that it was Rittenhouse that made it happen. Perhaps they went back in time and killed her killer? Maybe she was a sleeper agent that was planted long ago? Sleeper agents are all the rage now. But the obvious reason why she’s back is to distract Wyatt. Rittenhouse has done its homework and, if Jessica really is Rittenhouse, she knows how to manipulate Wyatt. The Time Team is in Rittenhouse’s way, and Rittenhouse has done everything to try and shake them. They’ve tried to kill them. They tried to steal and (kill, definitely) Rufus, their pilot. The goal here is to throw a wrench in the plan. Jessica is that wrench. Whether she’s an innocent (unlikely) or a sleeper (likely), she is back for a reason. Ultimately, I feel like this will end of backfiring for Rittenhouse. While they might win some battles in this war (if Wyatt is desperate enough to trust her, which he is), I feel like the Time Team will ultimately best them on this front. Wyatt will choose Lucy. Then they’ll learn Jessica is evil. Jessica might be a pain in all of our asses for the duration of this season, but the arrow is certainly pointed up. It just might take a little bit to get there.

Lyra: Let me spin a tale for you about Jessica. Her return was her mom’s devious way of breaking Lucy’s connection to her team and trying to recruit her for Rittenhouse. Shocker, Lucy is stronger than that weak sauce and befriends Jessica, cuz she’s a strong ass lady. As for Jessica, that girl isn’t evil, or I’m hoping she isn’t. Rittenhouse can’t be the only organization out there trying to stop or change things in history. AND THIS WOULD OPEN SO MANY DOORS IF IT’S TRUE! Plus, making the wife evil is so Alias 2003. Can’t ladies be friends and not have their relationship based on a guy? Is evil wife the only weak sauce we can write up? Nope. Come on Timeless. You’ve always surprised me and the time for that is now.

Shana: I really wish the fuck I knew why Jessica was here. Go away! As I mentioned above, though, I’m banking on her being a Rittenhouse plant. There are enough breadcrumbs to put this together: Jessica disappeared without a trace. She…suddenly appeared years later. We know Rittenhouse is pulling people from history and strategically placing them where needed, and we also realize that Rittenhouse wants to end Lucy. What better way to do that than to break her just as she’s thought she’s found happiness? A bullet to the head would be too easy, after all.

Mimi: I basically hate her and I don’t even know her but she’s fucking with my endgame so.. bitch needs to GO! Sigh, I have no more thoughts only that they  wrap her storyline up so we can all move on and be better for it. LYATT FOREVER!! I’m dreading Lucy being in pain. I think I can’t take much more of it. I know Jessica will cause her pain and Wyatt too but less so. Hopefully she’s part of RH but I doubt it, that would be too easy. SIGH, excuse me again while I go eat my feelings.

Mer: I don’t wanna be repetitive so here’s my quick Jessica summary: GO AWAY, NOBODY LIKES YOU. She’s for sure Rittenhouse. She might even be worse than we expect. But whatever she is, she’s temporary, and Lyatt is the end game for sure.

Sarah: Grumpy as hell to be quite honest, but it wasn’t the biggest surprise given how amazing this episode was for my OTP for the majority of the hour. When it comes to Lucy and Wyatt the writers really needed to bring her back, in order to fully put the past behind them and be together because they choose to be. Not just because of everything else that’s thrown them together. That’s my logical side of it, my shipper side screamed in anger and thought “GET OFF THIS SHOW I WANT ETERNAL HAPPINESS FOR LYATT!!!”

Sadly TV does not work that way, lol. I don’t think she’s flat out evil, but until proven otherwise I’m convinced she’s part of Rittenhouse. It’s the only explanation for Wyatt’s mission failing in season one and her showing up now because she was never dead in the first place. I could be wrong, but either way I’m excited to see where this takes Lucy and Wyatt. Hopefully really quickly, because damn it you messed with my OTP Jessica. Thank God they are endgame.

Priya: All I have to say is there better be a damn good explanation for this. At my first viewing, I was really unhappy with how it all went down but after sitting with it for a couple of days, it also made sense. This would have thrown him for a complete loop and this is someone who was supposed to be all the way dead. He kept her killer from being born and she still died. It makes sense for his first instinct to be to see for himself what the hell is going on. His reaction made sense also because this is someone he cared deeply for who he thought was dead BECAUSE OF HIM. So while it burns to know he hugged her, it makes sense. I think given the timing, Rittenhouse is involved. I’m not sure yet if she’s a pawn or a player, but this has Rittenhouse spelled all over it in capital letters. I agree with the theory that bringing her back allows for a means for Wyatt to choose Lucy, and not be seen as settling for her because the love of his life was gone. Overall, I’m completely unhappy she’s back as a very huge part of me hoped we had put this to bed back in 1×14, but will hope she will go away in a meaningful way that will help move Lyatt forward.

Agree? Disagree? Have any thoughts to add? Share with us in the comments below!

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