'Timeless' 2×03: 20 Moments From “Hollywoodland” We Can’t Stop Talking About

There are episodes that are game-changers. Episodes that you remember. Episodes that leave a lasting impact. Episodes that make you feel every emotion from pure elation to absolute misery. Timeless’ third episode of its second season – that’s right, third episode – was that episode.
“Hollywoodland” was the episode for Lyatt fans. It was the episode where Lucy and Wyatt finally kissed – not only kissed but had sex. It was the episode where they were beginning their budding relationship. But it was also the episode where Timeless threw an absolute screwball our way and in the way of Lyatt. And even though we knew it was coming (been calling it since the pilot), Jessica’s return was absolutely gut-wrenching in every single way.
This was an episode that gave fans everything they wanted and more and then ripped it from their hands and stepped on their hearts on the way out. It’s pain. But the good kind. Angst is good. It strengthens, not weakens relationships. I know it’s hard to believe right now, but things will get better. In time. Luckily for us, we’ve been gifted with time this new season.
Here are 20 moments from Timeless’ game-changing third episode of season 3, “Hollywoodland” that we can’t stop talking about:

1. Lucy & Wyatt Have Sex


There are no words to describe this moment. The moment we’ve been waiting for for what felt like forever. The moment that killed us, revived us, and managed to be even better than we could’ve possibly imagined. And it was all because of Abigail Spencer and Matt Lanter. THIS MOMENT, the one that succeeded Lucy and Wyatt’s meaningful poolside conversation (see below), was all about Lucy and Wyatt and the way they finally let themselves give in to their feelings. THE LOOKS SWEET GOD. THE TOUCHING. THE PASSIONATE KISSES. How he looks like he wants to devour her and cradle her gently at the same time. How she looks a little scared about taking this step but relaxes when he takes her in his arms. This moment was everything. This moment will have us fangirling forever. THERE ARE NO WORDS JUST PTERODACTYL NOISES.

2. Lucy & Wyatt’s Conversation By the Pool


This conversation by the pool would’ve been enough. We didn’t need the sex (although I cannot tell you how beautiful that scene was, just read above), but this conversation added substance to the moment. It was the first step in taking that next step. In having this conversation, where they both were able to slowly let their walls down and slowly reveal the feelings they’d been keeping hidden within, it made that next part not only organic but earned. There are not enough words to describe the sizzling chemistry that is Abigail Spencer and Matt Lanter. This is some rare stuff, guys. You can’t even fake half of the chemistry they have together. The teasing, the flirting, the way they couldn’t stop looking at each other. This moment was everything. This conversation allowed Lucy and Wyatt to get to the point where they were too afraid to go on their own. Their feelings were never in doubt. It was their uncertainty about how the other felt, the risk of taking that step posed. But once they had that conversation, everything changed. “You saved my life you know.” THERE ARE NO WORDS. ONLY PTERODACTYL NOISES.

3. Lucy Sings “You Made Me Love You” to Wyatt


It is not lost on me, from the start, that Lucy is singing this song to Wyatt. And it still sends me into heart palpitations after the 50th viewing. Everything from the lyrics to their smiles to the intensity to their expressions, it was the stuff that OTPs are made of. And while the beginning is all about getting through this moment, it soon becomes something more. The more Lucy sings, the more she begins to enjoy it. And Wyatt cannot help but smile at her happiness. Because that’s all he wants. Is for Lucy to be happy. And when it comes time for that last line, Lucy makes it no secret that she’s singing to Wyatt. “You know you made me love.” And Wyatt’s face. God, his face. It says everything. That longing. That love. KILL ME. I’M DEAD BY FEELS.

4. Lucy & Wyatt’s Morning After


The fun and squealing pterodactyl noises didn’t stop after Lucy and Wyatt got intimate. A scene that’s tragically underappreciated and sometimes underutilized on television is the morning after scene. It’s so glorious, and the fact that we got one with Lucy and Wyatt made me feel overwhelmed by the amount of feels I felt within a five-minute span but also incredibly appreciative and giddy. When Lucy wakes up, she wakes up with a smile on her face. Wyatt is sleeping with a smile on his face. So, how was the last night? “It was great,” Wyatt smirks. Of course it was. These two are just so damn happy to be waking up next to each other, to have each other. Lucy is stroking his hair like it’s the most natural thing in the world. The awkwardness is gone, and it’s just them being with each other. There are so many feelings going through my body at this moment that I’m convinced I’ve already died 12 times. And then…

5. Rufus Walks in on Lucy & Rufus the Morning After


But, hey, he didn’t Clockblock this time. Nope, the deed has been done! This entire sequence, with Lucy and Wyatt discussing about keeping their relationship a secret until they’re ready, to the moment that Rufus walks in and has the reaction of a lifetime – a reaction that is part Holy shit, I just walked in on my friends post-coitus and half Holy shit, my ship just had sex and I’m at the top of the world. This was the most amazing sequence I’ve seen on television in quite some time, orchestrated to perfection on all parts. And the best part? Lucy  and Wyatt go back for seconds after Rufus awkwardly excuses himself.

6. Rufus Teases Wyatt, is Basically ALL Lyatt Shippers


“So, how was your night?” Rufus asks with the biggest grin imaginable on his face. That’s right, his friends, his ship – that apparently both he and Jiya talk about because there’s no way he’s keeping this from Jiya – just had sex and is sailing full-steam ahead. “So is this happening? Is it happening?” Rufus represents the entire Lyatt fandom. RUFUS IS CAPTAIN OF THIS SHIP.

7. “It’s Nice to See You Happy”


You cannot tell me that Lucy and Wyatt’s relationship isn’t earned. You cannot tell me that they’re not the most important people to each other. All Wyatt wants in this world is for Lucy to be happy. While the two are waiting for Rufus, they have a sweet talk that leads to Wyatt saying perhaps one of the sweetest line in an episode that I’ll be quoting for life. For Lucy and Wyatt, this wasn’t about the hook-up. This was about becoming closer to each other; emotionally, physically. You see that in small moments like this where Wyatt is just beaming because of Lucy’s happiness.

8. Lucy & Wyatt Acting All Cutesy As a New Couple


Lucy and Wyatt are that couple. The couple that, once they’re together, are just so happy about being together, and they don’t give a damn who knows it. The smiles. The ease. The happiness. It’s just so refreshing for two people that have been lacking happiness for so long that have finally found happiness with each other. “We have each other.” FEELS. “We’re already living together.” DEAD. Wyatt’s just so happy and put at ease when Lucy talks to him. They’re just so cute. If only that damn cell phone didn’t interrupt this beautiful moment.

9. “Be careful.”


This isn’t the first time Lucy has uttered these words to Wyatt. But it’s the first time where it has more meaning to it. Lucy and Wyatt, for all intents and purposes, are together now. While every time they go on a mission is a danger, now that they’ve both got something more to lose, it means more. There’s a sense of pleading to Lucy’s tone as she tells Wyatt to “be careful” going after the Rittenhouse agent, which is executed flawlessly by Abigail Spencer.

10. “You Two Lovebirds”


Lucy and Wyatt’s faces when Hedy Lamarr called them LOVEBIRDS. God, that was glorious. It was equally shocked and equally we’d be good lovebirds. With the alcohol flowing and emotions at an all-time high, that was the perfect introduction to the epic poolside conversation that set everything into motion. Another scene made more significant just by Abigail Spencer and Matt Lanter’s electrifying chemistry.

11. Rufus Always Staying True to Jiya

If there are three certainties in the world it is this: Our Time Team is meant to be; Lyatt is meant to be; and Riya is meant to be. So while Rufus so adorably flirted with Hedy Lamarr, who was a gorgeous scientist — not entirely unlike his own gorgeously smart girlfriend, Jiya — it was never as a disrespect to Jiya. It was never going to be anything. And Rufus made it important, several times, to point out that he has a girlfriend. One that he’s devoted to. And that just makes me love Rufus even more. My poor heart.

12. Jiya Has a Vision of Rufus Killing Someone


Consider. Me. Shooketh. Not only does Jiya’s entire situation have me freaked out — anytime you’re getting visions it can’t be good. But her latest vision — which shows Rufus killing someone as they ask for mercy — has me shaking in my boots because this can’t possibly be good for either of them. I’m also wondering why it’s Rufus that Jiya is having visions about? Is it because of her feelings for him? Is it because he was in the Lifeboat with her when this four-person time traveling happened? What is going on here?

13. Mason Knows What’s Happening to Jiya…and Says Nothing

Connor Mason isn’t someone you’d consider to be a quiet man. If he knows something’s happening or has something to say, he usually says it. And the fact that Mason was so quiet during this whole time where Agent Christopher was questoning Jiya’s health, I just knew something was up. He knew something that he didn’t want the rest of us to know. And that is that whatever is happening to Jiya he’s seen before. He’s seen two other pilots suffer from it — death and lunacy being the ultimate results. And yet, Mason says nothing. Nothing. Coward doesn’t even begin to describe him.

14. Jiya is Completely…Healthy; More Healthy

So while I’m over here freaking out that my poor sweet baby Jiya is going to die, we find out — after her doctor examination — that she’s fine. Not only is she fine, she’s more healthy than she’d been in the past. Her head is fine. That heart murmur she had all her life? Gone. Whatever happened to Jiya in that time machine hasn’t made her unhealthy — it’s made her surprisingly and alarmingly more healthy. Again, what the hell is happening?

15. The Time Team Meets Hedy Lamarr


One of the more exciting things to look forward to in Timeless are the different historical figures we watch the Time Team come into contact with. This week as we hit the ‘40s Hollywood scene, we met the famous Hedy Lamarr, who is as gorgeous as she is smart and witty. Getting to learn something new about Hedy — like she was actually responsible for the creation of WiFi and the Navy bought the patent when it expired — left my mind reeling. There is so much we know about history and yet still so much more we don’t Timeless is that weekly history lesson we need.

16. Rufus Poses as Langston Hughes


The comedic stylings of Malcolm Barrett and Rufus Carlin are something that we’ll never get tired of and seemingly can never get enough of. As our Time Team headed to Paramount Pictures intent on finding the latest Rittenhouse sleeper agent, Rufus just went with his instincts when he decided to pose as Langston Hughes. He was over-the-top and impressive all at the same time delivering one-liners like ““I won an Oscar.” “You didn’t.” “Well I should have. I was robbed.” Rufus did what his team needed him to do to get to the place they needed to be to uncover what this Rittenhouse sleeper agent had intended to do. Oh, and, most importantly, it led Lucy and Wyatt to their moment. So, always, from the bottom of my heart Rufus, I THANK YOU.

17. “Hamilton as a musical? It’ll never work!”

My Hamilton-loving heart couldn’t stop laughing for several minutes after this remark. I had to pause my screener and just get it out before resuming the episode. It just goes to show you that you can’t force magic to happen. Like Hamilton. Like Timeless. Nicely done, guys.

18. Rittenhouse Tries to Change the Future Through the Media

“Whoever controls information controls everything.” Lucy Preston is a smart woman. But we already knew that. We also know that Rittenhouse, however nefarious they are, are also quite intelligent when it comes to world domination. They’ve been doing their homework. They have many different avenues through which to attempt to achieve what they aim to do. In “Hollywoodland,” that was changing history through the media. They tried to blackmail William Randolph Hurst in order to get a weekly column where they would spread their dangerous views. Luckily, our Time Team stopped them. But what else do they have in store?

19. Time Team Breaks Flynn Out of Prison…From the Past


Timeless is no stranger to blowing our minds with its creativity, but you have to admit that the way that the Time Team broke Flynn out of jail was epic beyond proportions. So much so that I just had to say out loud: “That’s so f***ing cool.” Going to the site of the prison Flynn would be locked at in the present, leaving behind a way to escape, and watching simultaneously as the Time Team planted it and Flynn recovered it was just so damn cool.
And because I had to save the worst, most excruciating for last…

20. Jessica is Alive!


I knew it. I knew it was coming. I knew it was coming, and it still hit me like freezing cold water. I should’ve known better. Lucy and Wyatt were just too happy for things not to go to shit. Jessica is alive. Wyatt’s wife is alive. Right after it looked like Lucy and Wyatt were going to get their happy ending. Damn you, angst! It’s amazing how your feelings can go from feeling on top of the world to feel like someone’s crushing you in a matter of two seconds. The moment Wyatt’s phone beeped, I knew it. I knew what it was. His face only confirmed that for me. The sound of the bunker alarm going off told me all I needed to know. He was going to see if Jessica was really alive. And watching him walk through that bar — with that damn song playing — and watching the moment he realized it was Jessica, I felt ill. But hey, she didn’t look too happy to see him, or was that just me? I know it seems rough right now. But I still have all the hope in the world for Lucy and Wyatt. Lucy should be Wyatt’s choice, after all, not his consolation pick.
Timeless airs Sundays at 10/9c on NBC and is streaming on NBC.com and Hulu, as well as on demand.

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