‘Timeless’ 2×03 Reaction: Be Prepared to Die of Feels

There are television episodes that live forever. The kind of episodes that you watch so many times it becomes second nature to recite lines and replicate emotions each and every time you watch it. The kind of episode you remember where you were when you first watched it. The kind of episode that you still talk about years later as “THAT EPISODE.”

Timeless episode 2×03, “Hollywoodland,” is that episode.

Trust us when we say you don’t want to be the person that misses this episode live. (Not that you wouldn’t be watching live anyway — we’re not only trying but we’re going to get Timeless a third season, and hopefully many seasons after that.) And if for some reason you can’t watch live, stay away from the Internet. Far away. Spoilers will be anywhere and everywhere, and you will not be able to avoid them.

We had the chance to screen “Hollywoodland” before Sunday’s debut, and there are no words to describe the level of emotion and feels that’s still existent after 3 weeks and 20 viewings. This is the episode. The episode you’ve been waiting for. The episode this show has been promising since its pilot. The episode that will surely keep your mind active long after it wraps its final scene.

We (Lizzie, Lyra, and Alyssa) filmed our spoiler-free reactions to “Hollywoodland” complete with a nice balance of screaming and flailing that, as you’ll see Sunday, are well deserved. And this is after multiple viewings. Just imagine your first time watching this.

Here’s a quick rundown of emotions and reactions we experienced (which you can view below):

  • Screaming
  • Heart palpitations
  • Sweating
  • Flailing
  • Tears
  • More screaming
  • More heart palpitations
  • More sweating
  • More flailing
  • More tears
  • And pterodactyl noises

So sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy our reaction to Timeless 2×03!

Stay tuned for “Hollywoodland” coverage, including our song teasers from Lyra later this week, Lizzie’s review immediately following the episode on Sunday, and Alyssa’s favorite moments on Wednesday!

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