Ships. We live and die by them. Ships are amazing and teach us so much about relationships. They teach us about love and life. Our ships of the decade, are mostly – well all around television. We love so many different ships – but when I make everyone narrow itRead More →


No, we still have no news about a possible Season 3 of Timeless, though here at Fangirlish, hope springs eternal. We’re clockblockers after all, and giving up is not in our vocabulary. But we do have Timeless news to report, and just in time for Valentines Day: There’s a newRead More →

There are two types of drama when it comes to television. You have drama for the sake of drama, which is used to create the illusion of progressive drama. And then there’s good drama; the kind that grows characters and strengthens relationships. One of them is more common than theRead More →