'Timeless' 2×07: 12 Moments From “Mrs. Sherlock Holmes” We Can’t Stop Talking About

It’s episodes like “Mrs. Sherlock Holmes” that remind us why Timeless is so important. No, it’s not just about the characters or the glorious ships (although that’s certainly part of it.) This show is important because it serves to educate audiences about history but also remind us that there’s always more to be done to better the world that we live in.
In “Mrs. Sherlock Holmes,” audiences were transported back to 1919, where many strong and courageous women were fighting for women’s right to vote and to be considered equals in a society that had ignored them. This was an episode that celebrated the strong women that came before, are here now, and will be in the future. This was a reminder of the cruel world that used to be, but it was also a reminder that we still have a long way to go.
Along with this amazing history lesson and inspirational message, this episode also brought us some really important conversations between Lucy and Wyatt, as well as Rufus and Flynn bonding, Wyatt and Flynn teasing, and some good Emma backstory.
Here are 12 moments from Timeless’ seventh episode of season 3, “Mrs. Sherlock Holmes” that we can’t stop talking about:

1. “Where does that leave us?”


This conversation at the end of the conversation was single handedly the most important conversation they’ve had since the Jessica incident happened. It showcased two individuals that have learned since that moment that shook them. It showcased them talking about their feelings and airing their grievances. It was the kind of conversation that needs to happen in order for progress to be made. So where does that leave Lyatt with three episodes to go this season? Wyatt wanted Lucy to give him a reason to choose her. Only Lucy isn’t going to give him a choice. She’s drawn a line in the sand making it clear that she’s not getting in the way of his second chance with Jessica. If Wyatt is to choose Lucy, he needs to show her that. And Lucy needs to be open to accepting that it’s not her ruining Wyatt’s chance at happiness, it’s Wyatt choosing his own happiness…with Lucy.

2. That Opening Sequence


When it comes to historical moments, this might be one of my favorite episodes that Timeless has done. Not because of the circumstances but because it allowed us to get a sense of what it was like in 1919 when women were reduced to nothing but property. It did what Timeless always excels at: educating us about history, both the good and the bad. That opening sequence where we get a glimpse of Alice Paul and other suffragettes standing up for their rights and getting beaten because of it, it was downright chilling and terrifying. It reminds us of how far we’ve come and how far we still have to go to fully achieve that equality that so many amazing and courageous women have fought for and will continue to fight for.

3. Grace Humiston Sums Up Lyatt Effortlessly


We may have found another historical Lyatt shipper, this time in suffragette Grace Humiston, who managed to sum up the recent angst and tension between Lucy and Wyatt in a matter of seconds. Romantic Dispute? Check. Wyatt a soldier and war hero? Check. Married man? Check. Lucy keeping her distance? Check. Wyatt trying to get closer? Check. Grace was my favorite from the moment she appeared after that introduction. And that was before she proved her nickname of Mrs. Sherlock Holmes and managed to keep the women’s rights movement going after Alice Paul’s murder. She really was brilliant.

4. “I would really appreciate it if you would stop acting like you’re the one that got screwed.”


I’ll be the first to say that the pain that’s been caused because of Jessica’s return isn’t one-sided. And if it was, then we’d have a real problem. Both Lucy and Wyatt are hurting a great deal since Jessica’s return shook up their promising young relationship. But while both are hurting, can we agree that Lucy is the one that got royally screwed in this instance? Yes, Wyatt still loves her. Yes, Wyatt is torn between his love for both Lucy and Jessica. But Wyatt got his wife back. Lucy got her world rocked again when she lost a promising relationship with the first person she’s cared this deeply for in a long time — or ever. Lucy needed to let her feelings out, finally. She needed Wyatt to hear those words. That while he’s in a difficult place it’s much easier to be in a difficult place when you have someone than when you don’t have someone.

5. Rufus & Jiya Decide to Take on Hardships “Together”

The key to any relationship is communication and collaboration. Ever since Jiya’s newfound premonitions — including her most recent where she saw Rufus die — there has been a separation between the two that has led to some words being said that you’d rather not have said. Rufus was trying to push Jiya away because he thought he was going to die — or because he wanted nothing to do with her visions and knowing what’s to come. But after a mission where Rufus realized that he shouldn’t wallow in his own pity and instead live the life he has left, Rufus and Jiya decided to face their future — whatever it might hold — together. And that’s the thing about being in a relationship, you’re a team. Yes, you get to have those amazing moments together. But you also have to weather the storms that life throws your way. And I’m excited to get to see Rufus and Jiya handle that together.

6. Rufus & Flynn Are the Bromance I Never Knew I Needed


The beauty of Timeless is that there are some many unique and interesting dynamics that have been explored and that haven’t yet been explored. Watching Rufus and Flynn interact was something that I didn’t know I needed. But damn, am I glad that Timeless gave it to me. The way they whispered like little schoolgirls. The way they bickered. The way they had each other’s backs. How far they’ve come in the short time when Flynn was the enemy trying to kill Rufus and the team. Malcolm Barrett and Goran Visnjic have such an effortless rapport that translates beautifully on screen and through plot and character development. I’m going to need more Flufus, as the kids are calling it.

7. “You know she’s not your wife, right?”


When it comes to this love triangle, everyone is screwed. Everyone’s in a terrible place, while some are in more difficult places than others. When we saw Lucy go to Flynn’s room in the previous episode, some thought the worst. But in actuality, it was Lucy going to a friend for comfort, along with a bottle of vodka. So when Wyatt sees Lucy leaving Flynn’s room the next morning, his mind goes to the worst. While it’s understandable that Wyatt is protective and beyond jealous when it comes to Lucy, it’s not acceptable. He’s not in the right when he tells Flynn to “Stay the hell away from (Lucy).” And because Timeless knows this, they have Flynn reply: “You mean Lucy? You know she’s not your wife, right?” He’s right. Wyatt is married to Jessica. He’s not with Lucy. She’s not his concern, no matter how much he’d like her to be. If he wants her to be, he has to choose her over Jessica. Then you had the Wyatt/Flynn back-and-forth that ensued throughout the hour, which included Beatles puns and Flynn putting Wyatt in his place on several occasions. It was outstandingly executed.

8. “Flynn It Up, Flynn!”


Rufus entered the latest mission believing he knows when he’s going to die: and it wasn’t in 1919 NYC. So that instilled in him this false sense of security where he’d go head-on into situations where normal people would heed caution. And the moment where that first manifested itself was at a murder scene, where Rufus and Flynn were investigating and were caught by a cop. Rufus began to egg Flynn on telling him to “Flynn it up, Flynn” and take the bastard out. He’s killed plenty before. Why not here? Talk about intensity and thrill when it comes to pure emotion from an actor. The way Malcolm Barrett delivered that scene was powerful and mesmerizing.

9. Emma Goes Against Rittenhouse for Once — For Herself & Her Mom


I cannot tell you how long I’ve been wanting to know more about Emma. Other than the fact that she’s evil and works for Rittenhouse. I needed substance. I needed to understand her. After all, a villain isn’t a good villain unless they have layers. Emma choosing to help the Time Team during this women’s rights era was definitely the first jaw-dropper. But then getting to learn why Emma was choosing to go against Rittenhouse for one-night only was the thing I’d been waiting for. Emma is evil, yes, but she’s a villain that’s guided by her personal philosophies and history. Learning about how Emma and her mother were abused by her father and how important it was for them to break free of that asshole and how Emma made something of herself, it was emotional. “So damn straight I’m doing this for me. And for my mom.” Give me a good villain. Give me a villain with substance.

10. Agent Christopher & Mason Learn That Jessica Is Rittenhouse?

Yes, this was the most obvious reveal to ever be revealed on Timeless. But it was the satisfaction of getting confirmation of something that I called back in the pilot was true. Watching Agent Christopher and Mason discover a surveillance photo of Jessica on Rittenhouse’s files, it was gratifying and satisfying. Not that they’re as perceptive as we are. We’ve known from the pilot Jessica would return and soon after that she’d have some kind of ties to this organization.

11. “You’re Lucy Preston. That’s pretty damn good.”


Wyatt Logan is Lucy Preston’s biggest cheerleader, and whether they’re together or not, that’s never going to change. Wyatt believes in Lucy. He believes in her strength, her intelligence, her beauty, her instincts. He believes in Lucy even when she doesn’t believe in herself. It’s because of that love, respect, and trust that makes his belief in her so strong.

12. “Who’s president?”

I love some good shade. Especially when it’s coming from Timeless. When the Time Team returned to 2018 after some changes were made in 1919, Lucy made sure women still had the right to vote while Rufus was quick to see if Donald Trump was still president in 2018. Unfortunately, he is. But Agent Christopher’s reaction is the best: “Was that not supposed to happen?” No, Denise, it wasn’t. It just wasn’t the result of time travel gone wrong.
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