The number of films and series with female-centric plots is growing, but the number is still lower than we’d want. In the past, however, we’ve had some terrific productions with strong women that are worth talking about and analyzing, even nowadays, especially because of how they reflect on contemporary popRead More →


I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, Timeless is the show that won’t quit. This is the fandom that absolutely will not give up.  And that’s why we’re here now. And by here I mean, with two new episodes to look forward to on December 20th – remember, tuneRead More →

Like Shawn Ryan said recently, Timeless has often been killed, but never permanently. And in this new incantation, the show is getting a wrap-up movie of sorts, though does anyone really believe this is going to be the end for good? I don’t. I’d never bet against clockblockers. But that’sRead More →

Every time we think we’ve got this show figured out, every time we say, oh, this is what they’re doing, this is who these people are, we get them now, we know what’s coming, Timeless flips the script and shows us that this show – these characters – are notRead More →