‘Timeless’: Hopes and Wishes for the Movie

Like Shawn Ryan said recently, Timeless has often been killed, but never permanently. And in this new incantation, the show is getting a wrap-up movie of sorts, though does anyone really believe this is going to be the end for good? I don’t. I’d never bet against clockblockers.

But that’s a subject for another article. One I’ve already written. And some more I will probably write.

Still, we’d be remiss if we didn’t discuss the movie and our hopes an expectations for it with the idea that it might very well be a way to close some story-lines, though not all. So today, I’m joined by three Fangirlish writers, Lyra, Lariel and Mimi, and by friends Funmbi, from We So Nerdy, Bex, Gretchen, Stina, Katie, Rachael and Jocelyn as we discuss what we want from the Timeless two-hour movie event.

Let’s get to it!

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Timeless is coming back, and that’s thanks to the fans. Talk a little about the roller-coaster of emotions from cancellation to the announcement of the movie, and the continuing fight. Why does this show mean so much to you? Why does it deserve to be saved once again?

Lizzie: I don’t know what to say here, because though I, like everyone, felt the up and down, I just never thought Timeless wasn’t coming back. I’m not being facetious here, I genuinely never really gave up, in my heart. I hadn’t gone through the stages of grief. I was sure in some way or another, we’d see this show again – and I was proved right! This makes me tremendously happy, of course, as the show has touched something in a lot of people, and made me part of an awesome community of mostly women who never give up, and who are kind and smart and just amazing. And that’s one of the many reasons it deserves to be saved – because it has the best fans in the world, and I think that’s a testament to the product that the show puts out, one that attracts the kind of people I want to be friends with.

Lyra: Timeless is the good writing that we have desperately needed for years. From episode one, this show has continued with a standard of writing and excellence that I wish other shows would learn from and implement in their own stuff. The season two cancellation felt like someone telling me that I was wrong in wanting, needing, or deserving excellent writing, character development, and story arcs. And let me clarify, I’m not certain on things. It takes me a while to decide what kind of breakfast I’ll have or what sweater to wear. But this, this show, I know for a fact that I deserve, need, and want excellent writing, characters, and the whole lot of the Timeless family. That’s why we continue to fight for another season. That’s why the Clockblockers are still here.

Lariel: I was a latecomer to Timeless, but once I got on board, I found everything I’d wanted to see in a time travel show. Fantastic characters, a gripping plot, and *real* history. How many shows get regular reviews by the Smithsonian, for Pete’s sake? There are so many possibilities for stories, for statements… for publishing tie-ins! Amazon could be a powerful partner for Timeless, with book recommendations, maybe study guides for schools… there’s stuff that can be leveraged as a revenue stream separate from advertising.

Mimi: Timeless is coming back for a 2 hour movie ya’ll!  And I AM HERE FOR IT! Timeless! Oh how I love thee, let me count the ways…. Okay, so when it was canceled I was pissed the fuck off! I wanted to punch all the NBC exec’s in the face. Also I couldn’t understand why anyone else (networks) would NOT want to pick it up? I was baffled by the lack of considerations and I still don’t understand it. I want to start with what I hope for the series going forward, and that is for a renewal with a pick up from Hulu or some other streaming channel. Stop telling me how expensive it is to make! So are a lot of shows, and might I add, most of those shows are pathetic nonsense; and recycled tv garbage that ME the viewer is supposed to by as “brand new” and “vibrant”. BULLSHIT!  I LOVE Timeless because it speaks to me on many levels. 1. The Lyatt of it all, speaks to me deeply 2. The friendship of the Time Team 3. I love Sci-Fi 4. I love time travel shows and I love the way this shows plays time travel 4. Abigail Spencer 5. The costuming is on POINT, week after week!  I still haven’t figured out why they don’t have emmy? But I digress, I’m hopeful I can watch this Christmas movie and be at peace with knowing I/We did all we could to save it. We made our voices heard, we flew a helicopter, sent cupcakes, made dolls, made costumes, IG’d the hell out of Abigail Spencer, Matt Lanter, Malcolm Barrett, and NBC! We Twittere’d our rage at NBC and anyone who tried to give us shit for a non-renewal. WE saved it once again on USA Today’s Save Our TV Show Poll (for 2 years in a row.) I just feel like as fans, we’ve proven our loyalty and craziness and Dopeness. We deserve this guys! The show deserves this! Can’t stop won’t stop! #savetimeless #lyatt

Funmbi: I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that Timeless is back from this 2-hour Holiday Special. I remember waiting and waiting to hear that Timeless would be renewed for Season 3 and then finally getting the news that NBC and Sony were unable to work out a deal for the third season. I was so, unbelievably disappointed. And then my Fangirlish friends got to work elevating all of us and reminding us that fangirls and fanboys *do* save the world. And if our love and enthusiasm could will a second season into existence, we could it once again! I’ve been so inspired by the Timeless fandom’s optimism and persistence. It’s that determination that has brought us this 2-hour movie and will hopefully see us into Season 3! Clockblockers know a good thing when we see it, and Timeless is phenomenal. This is the quality content we deserve on television! Timeless has elevated the lesser known stories of people of color and women, both historical and contemporary. This series has given us compelling relationships, including romance, friendship, and family (the one you’re born into and the one you make for yourself), along with cast and creators who are so talented and respectful. As a fangirl of color, history-buff, and romance-lover, Timeless will always hold a special place in my heart. So, I will do everything in my power to help bring it back for another full season!

Bex: Timeless entered my life at a time when I was isolated and scared. There was a beauty in its escapism, that quietly nestled itself into my heart, and claimed a place there forever. It made me fall in love with these three weary time travelers as they came together in the season one episode, Stranded, and left me with hope when I needed it most. My heart broke on May 10th 2017 when NBC cancelled it for the first time – and in response I threw myself into the renewal fight. My heart was made whole again May 13th 2017. Fast forward to June 2018, and when news came of the second cancellation, it was May 10th all over again. This time, however, I was ready. As long as there is a chance of more Timeless, I’ll fight for it. I may not always be loud, but I’ll be doing what I can, because the hope, and the love, that flows from this bunker family (and off-screen, on social media, from the cast and crew), kept me fighting when life tore me down – so how can I not fight for it in return?

Gretchen: I have been in love with Timeless since I first saw the promos in 2016.  As a woman with a degree in and a passion for History, Lucy Preston was already somewhat of a hero for me.  Add in the compelling story-lines, the spotlights on the forgotten figures of the past, and a stellar cast…it’s easily one of the best shows to ever grace my television screen.  I see so many people being drawn to learning more about the figures and events showcased on Timeless and I have never seen that with a television show – this show inspired a book club, for heaven’s sakes…what other TV show can boast that?  It’s Edutainment…and I’m all for saving a show that inspires people to learn.

Stina:  Gosh, Timeless really hit me hard in the feels as soon as I watched the pilot. I didn’t start the show until around January of this year so I was right on time to watch the s2 premiere. I was on board with the fight to save the show from the first episode of s2. This show teaches so much to those of us who love history, like me, and to those who never really thought history was their thing until Timeless made it fun to learn along the way with the Time Team. My stomach immediately dropped when I heard that NBC had cancelled our beloved show, I felt huge disappointment at first, I was sad but then I got mad because this show deserves so much more, dang it! I plan to stick by it until the hopefully not bitter, end.

Katie: History has always been a passion of mine, so Timeless drew me in right away. The amazing cast, character development and adventure are what kept me. It also appeals to my kids (10, 14 and 16). Outside of comedies, this is the only show that we all watch together, that we CAN all watch together. It inspired them in their school research projects and reading, and it even had them discussing the ethics of changing history. The fact that it also touches on historical figures that have been marginalized is a bonus for all of us. So how could I not fight for more Timeless? I felt sickened by the cancellation but became resolved to fight for the show because I was surrounded by like-minded people who were convinced we could bring it back. While we are all excited for the movie, we still believe we can find it a new home. So the fight continues!

Rachael: This show is gold. I remember tweeting that during “Mrs.Sherlock Holmes” episode 2×07. That  tweet got over 100 likes instantly. I did not love school when I was growing up, and I’ll be honest I wasn’t interested in History. Mostly because I grew up in the south, and let’s just say I learned more about the civil war than any other war in history. I was skeptical when I watched the pilot of Timeless when it aired. Then I was blown away. I was entranced with Lucy Preston and she made so much sense. I looked up the Hindenburg after the episode and learned more. This continued with every episode of Timeless. Not only was I learning but I was highly entertained. The writers took their time developing the characters and the relationships and it wasn’t long before I realized Timeless is different than the same old boring shows I watched. It has everything, action, history, romance, time travel and drama. The chemistry between the cast blew me away. I joined twitter after “Hollywoodland” episode 2×03 because I wanted to start live tweeting to help with ratings. It’s been non-stop for me since then on our quest to save Timeless. I don’t regret a single moment of my time spent tweeting,campaigning, and screaming at every network to please save Timeless. NBC dragged us around this summer only to drop bad news at us along with bad news again from the creators that we may never get picked up. I think the messages Timeless has taught us in two seasons has invaded the hearts of clockblockers. Wyatt says “Figure out what your fighting for and you’ll be ok.” Well, we’re fighting not just for more Timeless but for good quality television shows to stay on the air and have more time! Timeless deserves better. The talent and hard work the cast and crew put into every episode is amazing.These stories and these characters are needed in this world we live in today. It’s a shame we have to fight as hard as we do just to keep it. A SHAME.

Jocelyn: For me, this show is all about family. Watching a show that discusses, not only history, but inclusion, forgotten heroes, racism, sexism, educated and strong women and minorities, the power of knowing our past so that we can change our future, and the idea that family can be defined in many ways with my children has been priceless to me. Every week, we would pause the show and discuss the real issues of our past. The show never sugar coats any of it. And it was a gift to my family to be able to have those discussions.  My 14 yo son is autistic and struggles to understand those who are different from him. This show opened his eyes to the struggles of minorities and women throughout history. Seeing it play out in front of him, he got it. For the first time, he really got it. Just like his sister got it when she watched the women’s suffrage episode and turned to me and said “Mom, these women are so brave. They are the reason that you can be a doctor and the reason that I can dream of being a writer.” These “aha” moments with my kids are priceless. So, I fight for them. The aftermath of the finale and cancellation have been a ride unlike any other. But, I have hope. Hope that this amazing and priceless show can find a home so that my family can have more of those moments together in the future.

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Timeless is set to air a two hour NBC finale this December, one that will presumably bring closure to the story. What do you hope to see in this, ending wise? Do you want all happy endings or do you want the show to leave the door open for more?

Lizzie: Can I say both? Both is possible. I believe in these writers! We can save Rufus, fix the unnecessary love triangle, get Flynn his family back and leave Lucy and Wyatt at a point where we know they’re on their way towards becoming those people we saw come from the future, hopefully without the apocalyptic look, and still leave some things open-ended so we can pick them back up in some way, in the future.

Lyra: I want all the happy endings. Every. Last. Single. One. Of. Them. I want Rufus back alive, I want Flynn to peace out and be with his family, and I want my boo Lucy to get her sister back. I want it all! Also, just because a happy ending happens, doesn’t mean that there can’t be more. I trust these writers and know that they can pull these characters into whatever adventure they would have in store for a season three.

Lariel: Why does it have to be one or the other? Save Rufus, fix the Lucy/Wyatt/Jessica thing, get those happy endings… and then set up something new. Even if they don’t get another season, we can imagine what will come in the future and it can live on in books, comics, etc.

Mimi: You’re kidding right? A freaking open door for more! Seriously? Give me more closure than a two-hour movie which in my opinion cannot possibly tie up all the loose ends. Two hours is not enough! Lizzie! Who will I create soundtracks for? Who will I scream with over Lyatt? Who will I  DM to discuss all my feels? I need another season. Give me one more season to see a fitting ending, Timeless deserves more than a 2 hour Christmas Movie.

Funmbi: I’m totally with Lizzie here, I WANT BOTH. I want to our Time Team to be *alive*, safe, secure, and in love. Rufus can be saved and reunited with Jiya. Plus, Present Lyatt and Future Lyatt can be together. Agent Christopher will be with her wife and kids, Flynn can get his family back, and Connor can get his empire back. However, I definitely want the possibility for more adventures because, as far as I’m concerned, Season 3 is still totally within the realm of possibility.

Bex: Hope. That’s all I ever ask for. I don’t need happy endings, or even endings, but I trust that any storylines tied up in this NBC finale will be given the endings they deserve. And anything left open is hope for the future, for more storytelling in future episodes or movies or novels, and I’m good with that too. As much as the S2 finale broke my heart, that final scene, of future Wyatt and Lucy, gave me that hope that I crave. So I was satisfied with the ending then, despite the loss of Rufus, and I know I’ll be satisfied with however this upcoming 2 hours ends.

Gretchen: I really want them to leave the door open for more.  I have high hopes that Timeless can find a home elsewhere…but I also would like to see some resolution.  I really didn’t like the way our Team was left in the original Season 2 finale – so broken, Rufus dead, so many loose ends not tied up.  So while i would love to leave them in a better place than where they were in May, (with some burning questions answered) I would like to be left with the hope/anticipation for something more to come.     

Stina: I can’t stand to watch that ending, the one when they come right back from 1888 without Rufus. The team’s faces look so defeated, they are beaten down and have lost all hope but then the second Lifeboat shows up and gives them hope that they CAN and WILL save Rufus and I feel that same way. We will save Rufus in the “finale” and I hope that we get some resolution for Wyatt and Lucy’s relationship and that whole “pregnancy” storyline but I also want the ending left open because season 3 is going to happen, I have no doubt.

Katie: Chinatown ended on a hopeful note, and we needed it after such an angst-filled season, but there are so many unanswered questions and so much story left to tell. I’m taking co-creator Eric Kripke at his word that this wraps up some storylines while leaving it open for more. A Buffy-like ending that leaves our beloved characters on a clear path for the future (and past?). I see our team bringing Rufus home, winding down the Jessica storyline and hopping into the Lifeboat at the end of the two episodes to chase after or get ahead of Rittenhouse.

Rachael: I want both a happy ending and an opening for season 3. I’m greedy. If anyone can figure out how to do it, it’s Timeless. I want happy endings for my OTP Wyatt and Lucy and for goodness sakes I want Rufus saved and back with Jiya and the team where he belongs.I’m not trying to be petty but for the finale of season 2 we were promised closure from the storylines. I’m sorry but Jiya crying to Mason about how she can’t see Rufus through time, and Wyatt and Lucy sitting against the wall in grief and despair over the death of Rufus was not the definition of  closure for me. Then they pulled off the most awesome and epic cliffhanger I have ever seen on any t.v. show when Future Lucy and Wyatt come out of the lifeboat at the end and ask do we want to save Rufus or what? That ending was full of hope, not just for saving Rufus but for Lucy and Wyatt as well. They never gave up on figuring out a way to save their friend. It was a huge amount of hope set against the brokenness of the bunker. I love the hope, but I need that brokenness fixed. So yes I want all happy endings, and I need more from these characters. They can be happy and still end up fighting. As long as they don’t get rid of the time machines there’s lots of places a season 3 can go.

Jocelyn:  I want, no I NEED, all the happy endings. I want to save Rufus and have Lyatt heal and have Flynn get his family back. I have never been more blown away by a finale in my life than I was by the Timeless Season 2 finale. Shock, devastation, joy, hope. I felt it all. I have so many questions that I want answered, and I hope they attack them all. I trust these writers completely. I know they will handle it beautifully.  I want every loose end tied up in a nice bow. However, I have FULL confidence that we will get more. So, I hope they leave a nice opening for more. They have a time machine. There is ALWAYS room for more.

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What are your Top 5 things you absolutely need to see in the movie?

Lizzie: Okay, five! I got this. First we save Rufus, of course. I would also like a reunion with Jiya after we save him, that’s all part of number one. I want Flynn to get his family back, and I want it to happen when he’s not on the trip, so he doesn’t remember all the things he did to get them back. That’s the happiness I want for him. What else? I also want closure for Jessica. I don’t think she’s pregnant, but I think we need a real answer either way, and I think the ambivalence needs to go and we need to firmly establish that she’s RH, and even if she were pregnant, the baby is innocent, but she isn’t. I want Lucy and Wyatt back together, not fully healed, and not as strong as their future selves, but on the way to become that couple we saw come down the lifeboat joined at the hip (they need a GOOD, long talk for this), and of course, I want some Christmas spirit, because the magic of the season needs to be felt somehow!


  1. Save Rufus!
  2. Everyone in turtlenecks.
  3. Taking down Rittenhouse.
  4. OTP’s finding happiness across the boarddddd!
  5. Cheesy Christmas miracles.


  1. Save Rufus!
  2. Resolve the Jessica thing.
  3. Give Flynn closure.
  4. Happy endings for Denise and Conor, our bunker mom & dad.
  5. Lyatt (well, of course).


  1. No more Jessica!
  2.  Lyatt needs to resolve ALL of their issues, Wyatt loves Lucy and she him nothing else needs to matter at this point except for their happiness and togetherness. I also still believe Jessica was/is Not pregnant and if ANYONE on the series is expecting a baby, its LUCY. BAM! I said it. AND WHAT?
  3. Save Rufus, I mean of course he’ll be saved duh! That’s the whole point and why saving him is number three on my list. We all know it’s gonna happen
  4. End Rittenhouse, once and for all although there is not show without them, so maybe not…..
  5. Flynn gets his wife and child back


  2. I want us to learn the trajectory that allowed Future Lyatt to figure out how to save Rufus and then brought them back to the present.
  3. I don’t know whether I think there should be a time jump… the reason I say this is because I neeeeeeeeeeeed Emma to die. And I want Lucy to be the one to take her down. Is there enough time for that with 2 hours? Maybe they should make it commercial-free…
  4. Present Lyatt’ needs to resolve any and all conflict, including the potential of Wyatt having a baby with Jessica. Again, this might be where a time jump could be useful… in the interim, Wyatt could have found out that Jessica was lying about being pregnant or that another man was the baby’s father. Regardless, this needs to be resolved before Lucy and Wyatt can come together, reaffirm their love, and be happy forever and ever.
  5. Flynn needs resolution as well–in terms of the Lucy’s journal and all it says, in terms of his own relationship with Lucy, and also in terms of finally getting his family back.


  1. Rufus saved. It wouldn’t be a top 5 list without that.
  2. More bonding between Connor and the bunker family. Connor’s arc of redemption in season two was one of my favorite things about those ten episodes. He truly became one of my favorite characters, and I need to see more of that growth, and more bonding with the team.
  3. I need Flynn to find a peace of some kind. I would love to see him get his family back, but at the very least I hope his time in the bunker has changed him as much as it seems to have, and that he can start to move on in some way.
  4. Seatbelt scene. A Wyatt/Lucy one. And a ma’am.
  5. Jan. @pretty_dire’s anxiety-riddled NBC intern needs to make an appearance in some form.

Gretchen:  Can all 5 be Lyatt?  Just kidding.

  1. Save Rufus – That’s just a given.
  2. I definitely need to see Jessica GONE.  She caused so much heartache for our Team and she needs to be dealt with…and preferably without anymore pregnancy drama.
  3. The enigma of Flynn and the Journal unraveled a bit.  He’s the only who has read it and I don’t know that we can trust everything he says.
  4. I’d like a hint (maybe for Season 3) of what Carol meant when she told Lucy there was still so much she didn’t know about her family.  I feel like there’s a lot about Rittenhouse that we don’t know – and I’d love for more seasons to explore that.
  5. Last but DEFINITELY not least, I need a happy Lyatt.  I need it like I need air. Those two beautiful noble unicorns…they went through so much heartache.  Wyatt has finally gotten the closure he needed like 5 years ago and has laid it out for Lucy. I desperately need her to reciprocate those feelings.  I believe she’s there, but I imagine she’s got to overcome her own fears and insecurities before the two of them can become the power couple that we know they will eventually become.  *see Future Lyatt.

Stina: Top 5? Man, I hate having to choose! lol

  1. Rufus saved and back where he belongs, with the team and with Jiya!
  2. I definitely want Jessica gone! Drop her off a cliff, have Flynn kill her, leave her back in the Stone Ages — whatever floats your boat — that conniving woman needs to GO!
  3. I’d like concrete evidence that Rittenhouse tried to separate the Time Team in s2 because RH knew that they would be their downfall in the future. Why else would they try and separate Wyatt and Lucy, a romantic relationship is that important to this pureblood cabal. They must have known if they broke Wyatt and Lucy’s relationship that it would also fracture Rufus’s relationship with the both of them. (Wow, I don’t mean to make everything about Lyatt but *shrugs*)
  4. Flynn – the anti-hero, the man who started this whole thing (or did he? maybe it was future Lucy who set it all in motion when she handed him that journal), either way,  I would really like to know whether he genuinely wants to be a part of the team or if he has an ulterior motive. The man is still a big mystery and I genuinely want to know more.
  5. Lyatt! I don’t care if they only get a longing glance and a hug as long as I get anything Lyatt I will be happy as a clam and floating on cloud nine. But I will say, that two versions of Lyatt will probably give us so much more than that. I’m looking forward to it like a child on Christmas Eve waiting to hear the sound of sleigh bells.

Katie: Since I’m operating on the assumption that we’ll get a third season, these are short-term goals. If I thought this was the end, Amy would be on this list.

  1. Rufus saved. Non-negotiable. Timeless is at its utter best when Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus are working together. Their rare chemistry makes the show. It could never be the same without Rufus.
  2. Wyatt absolved. He was written into a no-win situation. Was it right that he tried to work things out to the woman he was still married to in this timeline? Absolutely. Did he make some messy mistakes along the way? Definitely. Did he ever stop loving Lucy? Hell. No. But let’s face it: Wyatt’s decisions to leave the bunker without talking to anyone (esp. Lucy) and bring Jessica back with him and Lucy’s choices to push him toward Jessica and “convince” her to give Wyatt a chance led to the events of Chinatown. So, really, I guess Lucy needs to find some absolution for her part as well.
  3. Jiya kicking ass in any era. Enough said.
  4. Flynn redeemed and his family restored. He started his part in the journey to “save the people” he loves, his wife and daughter. How can there be a resolution for him that doesn’t include them?
  5. Lyatt repaired. I need to see them on the path to the Leveled-Up Lyatt we see pop out of the second Lifeboat. Lucy and Wyatt love each other. Wyatt’s admitted it, and even his wife sees that Lucy’s in love with him. When Lucy’s ready, let them be together. And WHEN we find Timeless a new home, let them stay together. The writers have shown they can be creative, so I’m confident they can find conflict besides a will-they-or-won’t-they situation.

Rachael: Top five? Lyatt heart eyes, Lyatt I love you’s, Lyatt hugs, Lyatt kisses, and Lyatt teamwork. But I like other things about Timeless so I’ll be cool.

1: I need to see them go get our hero in a hoodie, cinnamon roll, Rufus. Lucy and Wyatt make a great team but not as well as when they have their pilot, which leads me to my number 2.

2: Og3 time team feelings. I need them ten fold! I enjoyed seeing all our other characters get to travel in the lifeboat in season 2 but the absence of Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus working together as a team put a small ache in my heart that grew with every episode until the finale where Rufus met his demise. As much as Lucy and Wyatt love each other they need Rufus, the guy who stood up for them in “Stranded” and said, “these people are my friends, you can kill them and I’m pretty sure there’s nothing I can do about it, but if you do, your gonna half to kill me too.” They’ve been through so much together, and they share the same timeline and memories. They’re more than a team, they’re family. I need all of those feelings back.

3: I don’t care how, when, why, or where but Jessica needs to go. Her damage not just to Wyatt and Lucy, but to the whole team was massive. Don’t even get me started on whether or not she’s pregnant with Wyatt’s child. This is the only storyline of season three I wanted to burn. After everything Wyatt was put through in season 2, and after his heartbreaking story about the way his father treated him, the last thing on earth he needs is a child he can’t be near or raise because the mother is RH. just no. no. She’s not pregnant and she dies. She’s not pregnant and she gives Wyatt a divorce. I don’t care. I prefer death, but as long as she’s out of Wyatt’s life that’s all that matters. Times up girl, bye. Time’s been up, just bye. Be gone. Poof.

4: I want all my Flynn and Journal questions answered. Since Flynn seems to love that creepy book so much, these two go together. In season one both Flynn and the journal are full of mystery. In season two the purpose of both seemed to fall through many cracks. Flynn went from a man determined to murder through time to get his family back to a man who lurks around corners of the bunker and eats their cereal and popcorn. And yes, many moments were clear he was there just to get closer to Lucy and freak Wyatt out. By closer to Lucy, I mean as humans do when they form friendships, not romance. The Journal was only brought up when Flynn used it to tell Lucy he knew she was keeping vodka under her bed. THAT’S the info he gets from the journal. Not Carol and Jessica are RH, but Lucy keeps vodka under her bed. Not to mention he keeps bringing up “Journal” Lucy to her like he thinks that version of her is so special. I’m just saying the journal crossed many creep levels in season 2. It’s creepy Flynn knows all these things from a journal Lucy never got to read. Flynn needs to get his family back. He still wears his wedding ring, obviously it’s still his main purpose, this needs to happen.

5: I saved the best for last. My two noble lovebirds, Wyatt and Lucy. Their story, development, and chemistry, has captured my heart like no other fictional couple has ever done before. Matt Lanter and Abigail Spencer have spoiled me rotten. I’m like a two year old toddler rolling around on the floor throwing a fit until I get more of them. I can actually feel what they are feeling when I watch their scenes, and it’s riveting! What do I need to see for them? After the overdrawn angst party of season two, I need happiness. I need both of them to TALK to each other. I need them to realize how much the other one loves them, because they don’t know. I want Lucy to realize it’s ok to love Wyatt and to tell him that. It’s ok, because that man loves her and respects her like no body in her life has ever done. Wyatt needs to see how much Lucy loves him, and he needs to go all in with her. I really wasn’t kidding about the first five things I listed above. I need all of those, and I want them together and happy like they were always meant to be. I will throw a brick at my t.v. and give up on love stories all together if they don’t end up happy together by the end of this movie.


  1. Save Rufus and a fantastic Riya reunion
  2. A Lyatt heart to heart. These two spent WAY too long not saying the things they needed to say to each other. They need to talk it out. Apologize to each other. Tell all the feelings. Wyatt needs to tell Lucy all he did to try to get her back in 201 and that she was always his first choice. Lucy needs to tell Wyatt that she loves him and wants him to fight for her. And then they need to kiss and make up and get married and have babies.
  3. Flynn needs to come clean. About the journal (I have SO many questions about the journal). About his reasons for getting close to Lucy. And he needs to get his family back.
  4. I want to see Jessica admit she’s not pregnant and that she is NOT Wyatt’s Jessica. And she needs to die. Please please just let her die.
  5. The set up of a new adventure for Season 3. And a nice, healed, happy Time Team traveling together to save History yet again.

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What is YOUR happy “ending”? What does the final shot of this movie look like, for you?

Lizzie: My happy ending is …the Time Team getting back on the Lifeboat again, the three of them, together, maybe with Jiya in tow, this time, as Denisse and Connor stay back. Meanwhile, Flynn is back with his family, happy. That’s the “ending” I want. I wouldn’t mind a flashforward of sorts, to kinda give us the taste of a real ending, but I like this idea of it ending with the original three.

Lyra: Everyone making their way to Lucy’s house for Christmas. Carol and Amy are there, already prepping dinner. Lucy goes to pick up Wyatt cuz why the fuck not. Wyatt asks if they can switch seats because he wants to show her something. They switch and drive a bit until they reach this house. Lucy is confused when they park. She has no idea who this home belongs too until a family comes into view through the large windows they have, cuz why the fuck not. Everyone has those windows in my story! It’s Flynn. They all wondered where he went after they saved Rufus and here he is, safe & sound with his family. It’s closure for all of them cuz the loss of Flynn’s family is what set this all off. Lucy and Wyatt hold hands, taking it all in, ready to close this painful chapter in all their lives and start something new with each other. Wyatt looks at Lucy and asks, “You ready?” My home girl Lucy knows what he’s REALLY asking. Is she ready to start something new, scary, amazing? With him? She says “yes” without hesitation and they drive to Lucy’s where there is a slow mo montage like scene of them being cheesy Christmas dorks. The end.

Lariel: The Time Team climbing aboard the lifeboat for another mission while Conor, Denise and Jiya run things back in our time.

Mimi: Final shot is Christmas Day, Wyatt kissing Lucy’s hand and we see HE PUT A RING ON IT!  They are sitting together, she on his lap reading a book, perhaps one that she wrote… Cuddled up in front of a fire. Rufus and Jiya working on a new project and making plans to meet Lyatt for dinner later that night. I also see Conner Mason happy and back in the saddle again so to speak and making a traditional Christmas pudding to bring to Lyatts house. I see Agent Christopher at home with her family playing board games and sipping wine with her wife. Lastly I see Flynn with his wife and child, just smiling in amazement that he is there with them and Lucy really did come thru and save his life. Then I turn off the t.v. and sob quietly.

Funmbi: For me, the final scene of the movie needs to be Lucy, Amy, Wyatt, Rufus and his family, Jiya, Connor, and Agent Christopher and her family all getting together to celebrate the holidays. I want them smiling and laughing, with Lyatt and Riya kisses on the mistletoe. Then, in an after credits scene, we’ll see the Time Team together, planning their next adventure on the Lifeboat… because Season 3 is coming!

Bex: Amy’s return. I know it’s unlikely to happen, because it would be a good storyline to keep open, plus that loss is part of what keeps Lucy fighting, but imagine that final scene, Lucy returning to the present… to find Amy in the bunker, waiting for her at the bottom of the lifeboat steps, cups of tea in her hands, one for her sister, ready to hear all about Lucy’s adventures this time.

Gretchen: I would really like it to end with a shot of the team…preferably the OG3 (Wyatt, Rufus and Lucy) with Jiya rounding out the fourth.  Flynn, to me, is not really a part of this team. He’s a sometimes ally. His drive was to save his family and I hope that this movie addresses that aspect of his character…his strong desire to save his wife and daughter.  

Stina: I kinda want a flashforward, to show our team, happy and flourishing for once with the ghosts of RH dispersed but with an ending that would always leave us questioning whether Rittenhouse is really gone for good (so we can open it back up for s3). Also, are you ever really done with time travel once you know it is a thing that exists.

Katie: I mentioned it above, but my thought is that it should end with our OG3 and Jiya stepping into the Lifeboat for another mission. The short-term issues have been resolved, but Rittenhouse is still out there so their work isn’t done.

Rachael: I would like the last shot  to be the lifeboat disappearing after Wyatt gives Lucy a kiss and buckles her in, and Rufus and Jiya argue over who will pilot finally resulting in Rufus occupying the fourth seat, while Jiya taking them on their next adventure through time.

Jocelyn: The Time Team (Lyatt and Riya) returns from a mission to find that Flynn’s family was never killed, which means that he never stole the Mothership and Amy never disappeared. Everything is reset. And the four of them are the only ones who know that Rittenhouse exists.  They keep all their memories, of course. Flash to a shot of Emma stealing the Mothership. Then the team has to go find and unsuspecting Agent Christopher and tell her all about time travel, which I think would be fun to witness. The last shot is the OG3 stepping back into the Lifeboat to go after Rittenhouse yet again.

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Prediction time! What do you think happens? How do they save Rufus? How do they end Rittenhouse – or do they? What happens to Flynn? Do Lucy and Wyatt find a way back to each other?

Lizzie: No idea, and I don’t care, as long as they save him! I don’t think they end Rittenhouse, though, not completely. I think that’s what you leave sorta open. That’s my Buffy kinda finale, after all. The bad guys are still out there. As for Flynn, he goes back to his family, hopefully without the memories of all he did to get to them, because if not, is it really a happy ending?

As for Lucy and Wyatt, they do find their way back to each other, of course, as they were always meant to. No ‘ending’ is complete for me without this.

Lyra: They save Rufus. Yes. Rittenhouse gets erased or some shit. Flynn goes back home and is with his family. Insert tears here. Lucy and Wyatt find their way back to each other and bang it out. I mean. Hold hands and live happily ever after.

Lariel: This show has always defied everything I’ve theorized – which is one of the reasons I love it. So no predictions from this quarter, sorry.

Mimi: I am with Lizzie, I really have no idea how this movie is going to play out? I am happy to be a part of it and to get to watch the team together again for one more final ride. I don’t care how RH ends up, I just want them and their crazy agendas to be stopped.  I don’t care how they save Rufus, just that they save him. I want Jessica dead, and Emma to be put in her place, If Lucy could beat her ass, that would be a plus for me. Flynn should go ahead and get his wife and child back, he started all of this… well sorta I mean he pulled our Lucy into his madness Or She pulled him? Look it doesn’t matter!! Lyatt will always find their way back to each other. ALWAYS. Lyatt is real, Lyatt is magic, Lyatt is love.

Funmbi: Rufus being saved is the absolute priority and I’m really hoping that Future Lyatt knows what they’re doing and have a real plan. Yes, saving Rufus might bring them into conflict with Rittenhouse, and if Emma and Jessica have to die, then so be it. I don’t know if Rittenhouse needs to be eliminated… maybe Lucy can take control of the organization and make them a force for good across history, including helping Lucy get Amy back and Flynn get his family back. Also, I’m definitely going to need Lyatt sexy times… and if we get a Lyatt and/or Riya wedding, my heart will explode with joy.

Bex: How do they save Rufus? I imagine it’ll be all wibbly wobbly timey wimey and nothing even remotely close to any of the scenarios I’ve considered.
As for Lucy and Wyatt, for true closure I believe Wyatt needed Jessica to come back, and he has that closure now. He doesn’t have that guilt from her death like he once did. I’m not sure he would have been able to tell Lucy he loved her in the S2 finale like he did had Jessica not returned, and I think Lucy appreciated what a big step that was for him, saying those words out loud. So while I’m not against Wyatt doing a whole lot of apologising in these upcoming episodes, I think they’re definitely going to move forward again. I don’t mind if they’re baby steps or giant leaps – just make it organic, leave me with hope, and remind us all that forgiveness is always possible, and broken hearts can always be mended.

Gretchen: I have no idea how they’re going to save Rufus.  If it were up to me, they’d go back and destroy Wyatt’s phone before he received that AWFUL text message of DOOM and then none of Season 2 would have taken place.  But ya know, that’s not good TV. I’m very much looking forward to what Arika and Lauren have hashed out in regards to that plot.

As far as Rittenhouse, I hope they don’t end them – I want that opened for more seasons.  I would love for more to be revealed about Rittenhouse and how Lucy, as the last direct descendant (as far as we know anyway) of David Rittenhouse fits in with their organization.  Will they try to recruit her to wrestle control away from Emma? Are there warring factions of Rittenhouse and that’s why Carol said they were proud of her when half of them were arrested?  I just have SO many questions there.

As far as Flynn is concerned, I hope that he either gets his family back or at least, gets the keys to getting his family back.  He’s a great character, but I don’t see how his storyline goes beyond his initial drive. If more is revealed in the movie, great…but right now, I see him as sort of the “creepy uncle” of the bunker who doesn’t provide the intel he was busted out of prison for.

Lyatt – please let them find their way back to each other!!  Those two are so much better together than they are apart. They are each other’s source of strength and you really see that in Season 2…particularly with that oh so moving hug in 209.  They need each other, they love each other…they just went through hell…so let’s make it happen. Let them be happy! That’s my Christmas wish!

Stina: I have no earthly idea how they are going to Save Rufus! I’m glad I’m not the writers cause I’m flummoxed. LOL I’m excited to see that Future Lucy and Wyatt will have something to do with it but how… beats me. I want Rittenhouse to still exist because they’re technically the “big bad” and I don’t think two episodes is nearly enough time to handle destroying that organization forever. Let’s leave that open for season 3. 😉 Flynn needs to get his family back, it’s what he’s been fighting for all along and it would really be sad for him especially if they bring back Rufus but his family is still dead and buried. Which also leads me to think about Amy — I want her brought back too — Lucy needs her only remaining, non-RH family member back but I think that would be trying to cram too much into these two “finale” episodes. Save that for season 3 too. Lyatt, Lyatt, Lyatt! Please for the love  of all that is holy, bring our babies back together. They’ve suffered enough! He blames himself until he’s full of guilt and self loathing , she thinks she’s not good enough and tries to push him back toward Jessica because she thinks that’s what he wants, that’s enough of that. Have Lucy tell Wyatt she loves him for goodness sake! And let them kiss under the mistletoe, they deserve it, preferably without Rufus interrupting. 😉

Katie: All the timey-wimey stuff is where I get into the weeds, so my head might explode if I try to figure out how they get Rufus back. Maybe they have to go back to an entirely different time to make changes so the events of Chinatown never happen. I don’t think they’ll be able to end Rittenhouse in the amount of time we have with those two episodes, so they’ll still be out there with Emma calling the shots. Flynn. I so want him to get his girls back. I hope in some ways they reset the timeline so all the horrible things he’s done are erased. He seemed to be a good man before Rittenhouse took his family from him. He should have the chance live the life he had before he found out about the Evil Empire. Of course Wyatt and Lucy will get back together. As Wyatt said, history is choices. They will choose each other in every timeline. They had just better choose early so we get a good amount of quality Lyatt time in these two episodes!

Rachael: All I know is they gotta go get Rufus back. I hit a time travel wall when I think how Future Lucy and Wyatt figured it all out. It might be as simple as they just go pick him up where they left him before he died, but I’m sure it will be more difficult than that. What does Wyatt always say “When have things ever been easy for us?”

Is Emma and Jessica all that’s left of rittenhouse? Certainly not. There  has to be more people in the present and past pulling strings and following the manifesto written by Nicolas. I think rittenhouse may be something that always will exist, no matter how many of them you take out in the past someone could always slip through unnoticed. Although, now the time team can travel back to where they’ve been before, there’s a chance they can go back and change everything rittenhouse has done to them. They could reset everything back to the way it was meant to be if they wanted to. They’d have to do it together so they don’t lose their memories of each other, but they could have that choice now.

I think somehow Flynn will get his family back and he won’t remember the horrible things he’s done. I like this because the murder of his family greatly destroyed this man and caused him to do horrible things in their name to get them back. The lifeboat will show up and Wyatt will wait at the door of the bar while Lucy goes in and gives Flynn the journal, maybe a different one, with different instructions on how to save his family and not turn into a terrorist while doing it. His family will be saved, and guess who else will be saved? AMY. That sounds like a Christmas miracle to me.

Yes, most definitely Wyatt and Lucy find a way back to each other. I really don’t think they ever left each other emotionally. I don’t think it will take Lucy very long either. Something needs to happen for her to believe that Wyatt loves her and only her, and he will always love her, and when Lucy realizes this she will tell him she loves him. I don’t know how this will go down, but I do know Matt and Abigail will kill us all dead with feelings when it does. There will be no more Clockus blocking either. I want this to happen after the first part so all of the second part can be full of epic hugs and kisses between Wyatt and Lucy. They are so happy when they are together. They need each other and they want each other and they deserve each other. I really believe in every timeline Wyatt and Lucy are meant to meet and fall in love. This timeline just happens to be the one where they both choose to be together and because of that choice they are able to defeat rittenhouse and save Rufus.

Jocelyn: Ideally, they would save Rufus by stopping Rittenhouse from bringing Jessica back. That would change the course of everything, but would allow those traveling to maintain their memories of his death and all that happened in season 2. I am fascinated by the implications of having two sets of Lyatt and how that will work when they Time travel. I think Flynn will try to save his family. Either by betraying the team, leaving the team, or having them help him. It’s been his goal all along. And let’s face it, he is WAY more fascinating as a “villain” then he is as a creepy uncle. I KNOW that Lyatt will work it out. They have been woven into the fabric of the show from the very first scene. So, I have full confidence that they will be together in the end. I don’t think they will take out Rittenhouse. I think that is what will be left open for a season 3.

Are you excited about the movie? Apprehensive? What are you looking forward to? Share with us in the comments below!

The Timeless two-hour movie event will air on NBC December 20th, at 8/7c.

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