The Trailer For ‘A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding’ Is Finally Here

Last year, we fell in love with A Christmas Prince – which is potentially one of the best worst Christmas movies ever. It was a hot mess, but it’s cheese factor made it so good, that we couldn’t stop watching.

When Netflix announced a sequel, we have to admit that the child in us got super giddy and thought that Santa really understood what we wanted for Christmas.

We love a good wedding and especially a royal one. Harry and Meghan may be our favorite royal wedding this year, but this one may be taking over that favorite spot.

The movie is going to hit Netflix, November 20th. It takes place a year after A Christmas Prince. Amber and Prince Richard are set to get married, and Amber is experiencing cold feet. Can she handle the scrutiny of being queen?

We’re excited to see what’s happened with Amber and Prince Richard and hopefully a royal wedding.

Are you excited for A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding?

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