‘Let It Snow’ Coming To Netflix In 2019

You know that we’re always down for an adaptation and we’re always down for a Christmas movie. Preferably a Hallmark Christmas movie, because you know that’s us. Bring us the cheese and the more cheese the better.

Netflix, however, has been proving that we need to pay more attention to the movies that they are putting out.

We all know that John Green movies are going to get some attention – because well, they do. We’re fans and we are excited that the short stories of Let It Snow, by John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle are getting the Netflix treatment.

Christmas 2019 is looking up.

Getting Let It Snow to this point has been a long road, but hey at the end of every long road is the destination. The book was first optioned by Universal, a director even hired, but then it disappeared from the slate.

Netflix announced that they had picked up the global rights and even hired a director. Luke Snellin, best know for his work on the BBC TV series Wanderlust and The A Word, has been brought on to direct.

If you haven’t read Let It Snow, you have a year to catch up. Basics of the story – a once in a lifetime snowstorm hits a small town and it tells the story of several high school seniors as they examine opportunities, aspirations, love, and more.

It’s a story that will hit you in the heart. Well, how it hits you is up to you.

Are you excited for the adaptation of Let It Snow?

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