‘Holiday in the Wild’ Review: Is This Even a Holiday Movie?

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  1. Linda Mcdonald says:

    This movie is a total bust except for the scenes with the elephants. Who wrote the script?? Some of the scenes are truly unbearable. The break up scene, where Kristen Davis, responds to her husband’s announcement as though he just told her he misplaced her old tennis raquet? Who breaks up like that… ??! No one, even if you own a muli-million dollar apartment on 5th avenue in New York. Kristen Davis seems stuck in her Sex in the City role. She looks pretty but barely portrays any emotion?! Rob Lowe was marginally better and he’s nice to look at, so he pulls through. The actors portraying the staff at the Elephant orphage did a good job with their roles. They were believeable. I can’t believe I had the stamina to watch the whole thing! It was the elephants. I’m not a big Kristen Davis fan. She’s too flat as in boring!

    1. Lissete Lanuza Sáenz says:

      The elephants were, indeed, the highlight for me too. Which says a lot.

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