‘Pearson’ Cancelled at USA And We’re Angry

 The hits just keep on coming. This time, with Pearson.

We’ll be the first to say the first season of Pearson was uneven – too much Bobby Novak at times, too much setup in general – but the show, like so many others, deserved much better than this. Not just because Gina Torres deserves the world, and to be recognized as the powerhouse she is, but because despite it’s flaws, this was a diverse, engaging show that had an idea of what it wanted to do.

*sighs* I’m starting to lose hope here, people. I really am.

Jessica Pearson deserved so much better than this.

The show, followed disbarred Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) as she became involved in the often dirty world of Chicago politics.

Sure, there was some uncertainty because the show was getting about half of the viewers of Suits – which ended it’s run this year. But how are shows supposed to build on anything if they don’t get a chance to get better? Can you imagine what we would have missed out if brilliant shows like Parks & Recreation or Brooklyn 99 had been cancelled after their first seasons? Those shows only got better and better.

And I’m not even going into the diverse shows always get cancelled first rant. Nope. Not even gonna go into that spiral again.

How do I feel right now? Well, I feel a little like this gif. And I don’t think that’s going away:

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