‘Pearson’ 1×10 Review: I’m Done Being Your Errand Girl

Pearson ends season one in a supremely high SEE OMG WHAT IS JUST HAPPENING WAIT DID IT END THERE note, with an episode aptly titled “The Fixer,” and let me start this review by taking a moment to say: I told you so.

Because I’ve been telling you so for about seven weeks now, or even since Nick went and confessed to something he didn’t do.

We had more information than Jessica, and still, the fact that she figured it out when she did speaks to the kind of woman she is, and the kind of change she can cause now that she isn’t tied down by Bobby Novak’s secrets. You know, in the season two this show better get, because Gina Torres deserves a chance to keep playing Jessica Pearson till she gets tired of kicking ass.

This has always been about Bobby, after all, when it should have been about Jessica Pearson. And that was, in general, the problem with the first season. So, in our final review, let’s take a moment to not just discuss what happened, but talk about the good, the bad and the ugly of this episode, and of Pearson season 1.


Pearson started off slowly, trying to build on the fact that we already knew and loved Jessica as they established her on a different setting. I’m not so sure this strategy always worked, but the show picked it up in the back half of the season, and absolutely ended the final episode where they had to: with us wanting more.

Other than that, Yoli and Derrick absolutely worked, together and separately, even when we didn’t like them, even when they were being stubborn. There’s a certain light and joy to their every interaction, and to their interactions with Jessica, that the show hasn’t been able to capture with any other character.

Except maybe Nick – who, despite everything, also mostly worked. In fact, he worked so much better than Bobby that I sincerely wish he’d gotten more of a storyline. I hope we get a season 2, in part, because I’d like to figure out who Nick is, who he can be, if he isn’t guarding Bobby’s back. I feel like that person might get along with Jessica pretty damn well.


Angela and Keri go in this category, not because they were as awful as Bobby, but because they were meant to stand out, and they never did. Angela because she just came off as self-righteous and petty, and Keri because we expected better of her at every turn, and she just kept disappointing us.

Let’s start with Angela. Girl, I’d feel better about everything you achieved if I didn’t believe that you did it about 80% to spite Jessica. Spite isn’t a good reason to do things, and even if everything worked out for you, that doesn’t mean the path you took to get there was the best one.

As for Keri, well …you’re close, and I want to believe you’re gonna go ahead with it, because the truth is, every second you spent with Bobby was a second I wanted to shake you. It isn’t even about being better than him, which Keri certainly is, it’s about wanting more for herself than just waiting for a man who’s never truly gonna be there.


Bobby Novak times eternity. I know he’s the Mayor, and it was implied that a lot of the plot would revolve around him, but I’m hard pressed to find another character less suited for the pressure of carrying the whole plot. He was bland, boring, and when he wasn’t, he was plain unlikeable.

Plus, HE LET NICK TAKE THE FALL FOR HIM, let him drown in guilt all these years, so what …so he could do a piss poor job of playing Mayor? So he could cheat on his wife and still go home and pretend to be a role model to his kids?

Yeah, no thanks.

Things I think I think:

  • Jessica walking in there with Nick like she isn’t even scared is a big ass MOOD.
  • I mean, I think Nick is clearly losing it, and he’s got a lot of feelings, and yes, he’s potentially dangerous, but I remember him saying he wouldn’t hurt her, back in that elevator.
  • Still believe that.
  • But yeah, Jessica? BIG DICK ENERGY.
  • No doubt about it.
  • Aww, Yoli. Why you avoiding him?
  • “I’m not gonna hurt you, Jessica”/”It’s not my safety I’m worried about.”
  • That hurt me.
  • “You’re self destructing.”/”That’s what happens when you got nothing to lose.”
  • You want me to think there’s nothing here?
  • Don’t make Jeff show up NOW.
  • This is not tropey at all, no.
  • “I can’t put my needs over the big picture.”
  • But is that what you’d be doing?
  • Angela as an Alderman makes sense, I’ll give you that.
  • Not that she deserves Jessica still regarding her as family. But whatever, I guess that’s the point of family.
  • Honestly, and from the bottom of my heart, fuck you Jeff.
  • You really making all of this Jessica’s fault?
  • I’m glad the went back to the FBI thing, though, because that would have been a hell of a lose end.
  • “I’m trying to be loyal to you without falling off a moral cliff.”
  • The problem, of course, is when being loyal necessitates falling of that moral cliff.
  • I wanted this to work is what people who are giving up say, FYI.
  • The whole “life is this” I want “this” (higher)? I still want that for you, Jessica. Keep wanting it.
  • One good speech and we’re supposed to what, like Bobby?
  • It’s gonna take a lot more to convince me.
  • Oh, so this is how it all started.
  • DAMN IT.
  • I KNEW IT.
  • Fuck Bobby.
  • Honestly.
  • “I fix this mess for you; I’m done being your errand girl.”
  • Let’s be honest, Jessica, you never really were.

Agree? Disagree? What did you think about “The Fixer”? Share with us in the comments below!

Pearson aired Wednesdays at 10/9c on USA Network.

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