My ‘Titans’ Spin-off ideas from 2×02

The second episode of Titans season 2 was filled with more setup for the season to come. We saw the introduction of villain Dr. Light, who seems to be coming for the Titans now, and Rose Wilson, who was training with Dick before the team found out that her father is perpetual bad guy Deathstroke.

But my favorite part about the episode was all the fun little side stories that were going on. I know the teams will come together in the end to defeat their enemies, but it’s interesting to see life while they are apart.


And it got me thinking – what would happen if they all just continued as they were? I started brainstorming some spin-off shows for these characters based on this episode, in case the whole Titans thing doesn’t work out.

Starfire and Wonder Girl – A Buddy Comedy

A buddy cop show with Starfire and Wonder Girl was something I never knew that I needed. Kory and Donna fighting crime and taking names, what’s not to love? Their stakeout banter was great, and they had donuts! This all reminded me just how often we see such scenes with men, but not as much with women. And this was delightful to watch. I want more!


Let’s send these two out to fight metas whenever they act out. And add some Roy Harper as their sidekick! I loved the mentions of him in this episode.

Dirk and Rochelle

I find messed up names on coffee shop cups much more amusing than I probably should. When we saw Dirk and Rochelle get their drinks, which led to the inevitable Dick joke, I laughed out loud.

How about a spinoff show of the two of them on the run, using fake names and being vigilantes where needed?


But of course, I’m also enjoying Dick Grayson playing Dad to all these teen heroes, so they would have to come along too. Gar of course would be Garth, and Jason could be Jaiden. Instead of the Teen Titans, they would be the Keen Fightens. This show could really write itself.

Dear Bruce

Okay, hear me out. But how about a show like Loveline except it is hosted by Bruce Wayne and people call in for vigilante advice? He’s so suave and chill giving out advice to Dick, he should share the love with others.

Suggested show topics: what to do when my nemesis becomes an anti-hero? Am I brooding properly? How do you prevent chafing while in your hero suit? The possibilities are endless. He would have to sit behind a screen of course, for secret identity purposes.


Hawk and Dove – Life on the Ranch

I don’t know how Dawn and Hank managed to set up shop on that rehab ranch so quickly, but I was sad to see it all blown up there at there end.

Imagine – two retired vigilantes running an equestrian therapy ranch for wayward teens. They host support groups! They try to counsel their clients through all their teenage struggles! They murder any drug dealers or evildoers that come their way! So much angst and drama that it could be a Freeform or CW show.


But, since none of these shows are in the works, we will just have to enjoy the next episode of Titans. It will go live on DC Universe this Friday.


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