‘Titans’ 2×03 Review: ‘Ghosts’

The OG team of Titans are feeling haunted this week and it’s probably for good reason. We may not know what that reason is yet, but I’m betting we’ll find out by the end of the season. What we do know so far is that Deathstroke had something to do with it and his return terrifies Donna. I have some theories but we’ll have to see if any of them pan out.

In the mean time, this week’s episode continues to establish a new status quo at Titans Tower. And not everyone seems to be on board with Dick’s methods. A lot went down this week. Let’s discuss!

Welcome Home, Team

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After Doctor Light’s attacks in the last episode, it was decided that the original members would return to Titans Tower to take care of their blast from the past. Arriving in San Francisco seems to be hardest on Donna though. And Hank is battling addiction so the fact Donna is the one struggling most tells us that something really bad happened there. And I have a theory.

I know what you’re probably thinking. My track record for theories are never great so I’m probably going to be way off but hear me out!

In this episode, Rose reveals that Deathstroke killed her brother, Jericho. We know from the first episode that the code Slade used to get into his old lair spelled J-O-E-Y. What if Joey AKA Jericho was a member of the OG Titans? What if during a final fight with the Titans, Deathstroke accidentally killed his own son?

And what if Donna loved him? What if Joey sacrificed himself to save Dick? What if all of this is the reason the Titans disbanded in the first place?

I know that’s a lot of what if’s but you have to admit it makes a little sense.

We assumed that the falling out between Dick, Dawn and Hank had to do with the fact that Dawn and Dick used to date. What if it was that the team kind of blamed Dick for Joey’s death?

I’m not saying this is what happened but I do think it’d be cool if we only saw Jericho in flashbacks. It’d give new insight into the Titans history and that’s something we could always use more of.

Kory’s Kidnapping

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We knew that whoever kidnapped Kory in the last episode came from her home planet. What we didn’t know was that it was her ex. I honestly can’t think of anything more awkward than your ex traveling millions of lightyears just to bring you home. But Kory handles it in stride. She’s even ready to head back because she knows if he doesn’t bring her home, he’ll be executed.

Then Rachel calls and Kory suddenly gets tunnel vision for her new earth family all over again.

I don’t blame her. You don’t choose the family you’re born into but sometimes you can choose your family to go through life with. And Kory has chosen hers. She’s on her way to San Francisco because Rachel needs her. And maybe because she misses the others too. Who can blame her? They are a lovable bunch!

Even heroes fall

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Hank’s battle with addiction has been at the center of his arc since the start of the show. However, this season they’re going full throttle with it and I commend them for that portrayal. Here’s the thing, Hank’s a great guy. He loves his girlfriend and cares deeply for his friends. But he’s got these inner demons inside that won’t let him move ahead. Not fully.

I like that the show is trying to highlight how addiction can destroy anyone, not just the obvious demographic. Hank’s got some serious ghosts running around in his head and yet, he’s still just Hank. Dawn may think that him being back at Titans Tower is bad for him but I happen to think it’s actually good for him. Because at the Tower, he’s surrounded by people that actually understand him and what he’s going through.

I’m not saying he should suit up, obviously. But maybe there’s a new role for Hank to play in this world. He just hasn’t found his place in this new world yet. I hope he does though. He was such an asshole last season but season, I can’t help but root for him. I want to see him thrive and do good.

Don’t underestimate these villains

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That’s Dick’s first mistake in going after Doctor Light. To be fair, he couldn’t have known that Arthur Light and Slade Wilson had teamed up. In fact, no one really knows that until the very end of the episode. Doctor Light is a great villain for sure and the casting is so spot on. But the villain we should be watching this season is Deathstroke. He’s out for revenge and though Light is too, his motivations feel even more personal.

That’s why I think my Jericho theory might actually pan out this season.

If Slade did mistakenly kill his own son, I can totally see him blaming the Titans.

The end of this episode shows how serious he is about getting his revenge. Which leads us to…

Jason being Jason

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I love Jason Todd. Everyone knows that I do. But sometimes the kid really drives me up the freaking wall. Aside the fact that he doesn’t listen to anyone, he’s such a jackass that I can’t even with him sometimes.

Jason obviously wants in on the action to go after Doctor Light but Dick is very clear when he tells him he has to sit this one out. Does Jason listen though? Nope!

He recruits Gar to help him find Light and then convinces him to go with him. At first, they’re just going for recon but Gar soon realizes the mission is more than that when he sees Jason in full costume.

Either way, Jason does find Doctor Light. And using some of the training Dick’s already taught him, he’s able to beat the villain’s ass. That is until Deathstroke shows up and Jason realizes he’s actually outnumbered.

Right now, Jason is the only one in the know about Deathstroke and Light’s team up. However, Jason’s also been kidnapped by Deathstroke and Doctor Light so he can’t tell anyone what he found out. A lot of good this secret mission has done you, eh Jason?


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  • Dick’s sparring session with Rose gave us the biggest Nightwing tease in the series so far. He’s coming…
  • Those quick flashbacks we saw when the original team entered Titans Tower for the first time in years. They were quick flashes but I want them to elaborate more on them.
  • Jason and Gar teaming up was a lot of fun. Even though it ended badly for Jason, I’d still like to see those two causing some serious headaches for Dick later.
  • Rachel’s phone call to Kory was heartbreaking. She misses her mom.
  • Dick and Donna’s talk about ghosts in the Tower. I need to know what happened damn it!
  • Hank’s addiction storyline is so well done. Alan Ritchson is killing it!
  • I actually liked Dick and Jason’s fight. It was what led to Jason wanting to prove himself, which is what gets him kidnapped. This is likely what leads to Dick taking on a new leadership approach within the team later.
  • Don’t hate me but I like Kory’s ex. Unless he turns out to be a bad guy, I’m on board with a little love triangle.
  • Blackfire mention! Blackfire was mentioned! She’s coming too!
  • Deathstroke and Doctor Light are actually a pretty great team up as far as villains go. Light is kinda funny and Slade is serious AF. They compliment each other.
  • Another duo I see myself enjoying more of is Rachel and Rose. Platinum Members of the bad dads club for sure! That is until Rose totally betrays the team. You know that’s gonna happen at some point. Who else is expecting it???

A new episode for Titans will be available to stream every Friday on the DC Universe app.

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