‘Titans’ 2×01 Review: “Trigon”

Titans is back, bitches!!!!

After months of hiatus, the DC Universe flagship has finally returned. Last season ended on a major cliff-hanger, with Dick Grayson being overtaken by the darkness. This episode picks up right where that left of. After watching this episode, I’m pretty sure this was meant to serve as the season one finale. I’m not sure if holding on to it until Season 2 helped or if it hurt the episode. I wouldn’t be surprised if that opinion is split among fans. Either way, the episode was still really good, so let’s dive in and discuss!

Trigon wins Worst Father of the Year award

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We always knew Rachel’s dad would be the big bad of season one. That much was a given. However, as evil as he was, he was still pretty easy to defeat. That’s not to say that he can’t return. All Rachel did was banish him back to where he came from so I guess it’s possible he could come back. It just won’t be with his daughter’s help.

Still, I kind of would have wanted the all out battle that they’d been building toward all of last season. I think the team had a much more difficulty time defeating the Nuclear Family. Not to mention all those crazy doctors and nurses at the Asylum where they were holding Rachel’s mom.

It’s just that while Trigon really was the worst father ever, he wasn’t the worst big bad of the show. I’m glad they have another big bad in season 2. I fully expect this one to be much more interesting. At least on the same level as the Nuclear Family was, if not better.

The heart and soul of the Titans

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Last season, we had so many beautiful moments of Dick saving Rachel. She always assumed he was meant to save her from whatever was coming. That’s why she thought she found him when she did. In this episode, Rachel finally realizes that it was her that was always meant to save him.

With Dick taken over by Trigon’s darkness, it’s up to Rachel to go into his dreams to bring him back. First she finds him in the moment that made him dark, killing Bruce. So she brings him back to the moment where his nightmare began: the night his parents died.

Rachel takes a literal leap of faith, jumping with the hope that Dick will catch her because if he just lets her fall, then she really will die. Right before you think she’s about to hit the ground though, Dick’s arms reach out just in time to catch her. It’s a wonderfully heroic moment for both of them, bringing everything full circle. Their bond is special, and not even Trigon can destroy something so powerful.

The strongest of them all

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For anyone who knows anything about the Titans, you probably know how powerful Raven is. All of last season, we watched Rachel struggle to control her power. It wasn’t until Trigon literally ripped her heart out of her chest, and broke it into a gemstone that Rachel is finally able to fully harness all the power inside of her.

The famous jewel on her forehead finally appears and little Rachel is now Raven. Only without the name.

This proves to be Trigon’s biggest mistake. He underestimates his daughter’s power and her love for her newfound family. Rachel is able to quickly dispatch him to the realm where he came from and for now, the world is safe. I say for now because I really hope Trigon returns someday so a real battle between him and the Titans can ensue.

This felt more like a finale than the premiere

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I’m not knocking last season’s finale. It was a great episode. And that cliff-hanger left me with my jaw dropped last December. However, this episode didn’t really feel like a premiere. It felt more like it was meant to be last season’s finale with the exception of a handful of scenes that we know where filmed after certain casting took place.

At the end of the episode, Dick decides that he is going to unofficially “adopt” the kids (Rachel, Gar and Jason),and the foursome are ready to hit the road in Donna’s car because apparently, she doesn’t really use it in the city.

Dick asks Kory to come with them but she says no.

So that leaves Dawn, Hank, Donna and Kory watching Dick, Rachel, Gar and Jason ride off into the literal sunset. Or in this case, sunrise because it’s a new day after the battle with Trigon.

Then the episode quickly cuts to a cabin in the woods. This is our first introduction to Slade Wilson AKA Deathstroke. This is also Deathstroke’s first time finding out that the Titans “are back” after watching a news report about what happened with Trigon.

This leads me to believe that the original Titans definitely had a run in with Deathstroke and it is a run in that he is still holding a grudge over.

That leads the super villain to go back to his own “cave,” where all his gear has been safely kept while he’s been in retirement. Looks like this big bad is officially back in business though.

That leads us to Dick showing up at Wayne Manor for the first time since he left, which gives us our first introduction to this show’s Bruce Wayne. After referencing him all of last season, he’s finally here. And the scene between Dick and Bruce is probably one that many fans of the Bat Family couldn’t wait to see.

And now Titans have officially established their new base headquarters in San Francisco.


Source: https://captainpoe.tumblr.com/
  • Hank and Jason’s bromance is going to be the thing to watch for this season. Trust me.
  • Donna and Kory’s unexpected friendship is one that I am going to be rooting for in Season 2. They’re hilarious together.
  • Dawn, Hank and Jason are the trio I never knew I needed. Where can I get the scenes of their car trip on the way to saving Rachel?
  • Watching Gar bring back Rachel from the darkness gave me so many shipper feels. If you didn’t ship them before, you probably will after this episode.
  • Rachel and Dick’s bond continues to be the best thing about this show.
  • Trigon was kind of underwhelming but that’s fine. I enjoy the human threats this team faces much more.
  • Am I supposed to care about Rachel’s mom dying cause I don’t.
  • All of the Superman references in this episode are hilarious because Superboy will join the show this season.
  • I guess we can expect that there will be a major time jump between the season premiere and episode 2 based on how it ends.
  • But seriously, this was supposed to be the real season 1 finale, right? They just pushed it to add the scenes with Deathstroke and Bruce, right?
  • Dick and Bruce gave me all the feels. I know we’ll see Bruce again eventually this season, but I can’t wait to see father and son reunite again. I’m so glad that their relationship is okay.
  • The casting on this show really is spectacular. They’ve nailed every single character they’ve brought on. I can’t wait to officially meet the new members of the team, especially Connor.

A new episode of Titans will be available to stream every Friday on DC Universe.

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