Let’s Talk About the New ‘Titans’ Trailer

Okay, now that I’ve calmed down a bit from seeing the new Titans trailer that dropped this past week, I’m ready to talk about it. The show is coming in September, and it looks like season 2 is going to be just as exciting as the first.

Did I squeal with excitement when super pup Krypto came on screen? Yes. Do I feel ashamed about it? Not at all! Besides that delightful dog, there were other things to be excited about in the trailer.


This trailer (which you can watch here), is edited a bit like the beginning of a Supernatural season finale, with the “this was then” and “this is now.” I half expected to jam out to some Kansas, but alas, it’s a different show.

Where we left our team, things were not looking good – Raven’s evil father came into the world and Robin was in a weird head space, with creepy black eyes. The first half of the trailer summarizes the end of last season a bit, including Dick’s mind trip of killing Batman and blowing up Wayne Manor. It seems like that situation is summed up pretty quickly because Dick is just chatting casually with Bruce Wayne (Game of Thrones’ Iain Glen) before we break into the “This is Now” portion of the trailer.


“The Titans are back, bitches!” Robin, AKA Jason Todd, screams on camera before we get a cut between new and old Titans teams fighting various foes.

Part of me thought for a second that all the Titans 2.0 stuff might be still a hallucination in Dick’s head, but after Game of Thrones Three-Eyed-Bran had no point, I have a hard time expecting that kind of stuff anymore.

Titans 2.0

So, the trailer reveals that there is a next generation of Titans, and that Dick was part of the first. I don’t know if that means that he will be in sort of a mentor role to the team or actually a part of it. It seems like the current Robin, Jason Todd, is excited about the team, so I think he is on it instead of Dick.

The Titans group shots that have Dick in them include Hawk and Dove, Wondergirl and I think Aqualad? Drew Von Acker, who has been cast to play Aqualad is only in two episodes, so maybe that is just to flashback to the original Titans.


You know who else is in only two episodes? Bruce Wayne. I don’t think we will see that big of a Batman arc this season.

We caught a glimpse of Superboy in the trailer (along with his doggo), and Beast Boy, of course. They will probably on the new Titans team. As for Starfire, she is in the same age group as Dick, so I don’t know if she will be a new Titan or just an advisor as well (although I still expect her to kick some ass.

Can we talk about Rachels’s new look? Her skin is paler and she has the gem on her forehead, just like the Raven we know and love in the comics. Her hair is a lighter shade of blue and curlier and to be honest, super cute.

A complicated family

Wild cards of the new season are newcomers Jericho and Ravager, who are the children of Deathstroke, but have had positive ties with the Teen Titans at times in the comics. Which side will they fall on? Ravager is seen fighting with police or a security officer, but it’s hard to interpret without context. We only get a brief glimpse of Jericho, and he seems to be mute, just like he is in the comments. Will these two be heroes, anti-heroes or villains? Will they be on opposing sides? I’m excited to find out!


And back to their dear father, Deathstroke – the trailer revealed that he would be the big bad of the season. The actor cast, Esai Morales (he’s the brother of Ritchie Vales in La Bamba), is slated to appear in eight episodes, so he will be a major player this season. Fans of the comics and other DC shows know that Deathstroke is a frequent nemesis, however, he is most often the archenemy of the Teen Titans and Dick Grayson. It will be fun to see how all of this plays out.

More Jason Todd

Another thing I hope to see after this trailer is for Jason Todd break a bit bad. We saw some of his questionable levels of violence last season, and in the trailer, we can see a fight between the two Robins. It could be that Jason helps Dick out of his mind funk and this is a flashback/hallucination fight, but who knows? Jason is fighting someone else later in the trailer, and I can’t tell who it is, other than they have a glowy thing on their chest. Is this a hero or a villain? It seems to be in the same place from the Deathstroke shot, so maybe it is one of his minions. Jason often an anti-hero in the comics, so I’d love to see more of that aspect explored this season since it seems like we will be seeing more of him.


Overall, the trailer got me super excited for the new season. I’m sad we didn’t get a glimpse of Dick in a Nightwing suit, because that is my number one wish for the new season. But maybe they are just saving that for a big surprise. A girl can dream.

The new season of Titans will premiere Sept. 6 on The DC Universe streaming app.

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