‘Titans’ 2×10 Review: ‘Fallen’

Dick Grayson is ready to do his penance for what happened to Jericho while the rest of the team is off getting into trouble on their own. This episode also gave us a new origin for Grayson’s iconic mantle. And I’m pretty sure fans won’t be happy about that but let’s discuss why that actually makes a lot of sense in this universe.

Alazul will save them all

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After assaulting a federal officer at the airport, Dick goes through a very speedy trial that lands him in a correctional facility for seven years. It’s there that he meets his new cell mates and an overzealous guard that wants to buddy up to him. But the guard isn’t important. He spews some nonsense about taking care of their own on the inside because he knows Dick was a cop. But as soon as Dick refuses to be a snitch for the guard, he’s dumped in the lion’s den with his identity blown.

While in prison, Dick tries to keep his head low. The thing is, he’s been trained by the world’s greatest detective. Not much is going to get past the former vigilante. It’s not long before Dick figures out his cellmates are trying to escape and that he’s got a target on his back.

He tries to convince the guys to not go through with their escape plan but then finds out that their reason for escaping is because they’re about to be deported back home. Dick learns that if they are deported, that alone is a death sentence.

It’s also from these cell mates that Dick learns about the legend of a bird that swoops down in the night to protect people. His cellmate prays to this bird every night because that’s what the people in his village believed.

Dick, obviously, doesn’t believe in such a bird. But the story packs enough inspiration that when the time comes, he does the right thing to help his cellmates escape. Just like Alazul, Dick Grayson swooped in and saved them all.

Kryptonian Origins wouldn’t have made sense

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No one loves the origin of the name Nightwing more than me. I’ve always been a fan of Dick’s friendship with Superman. When he was at his lowest point, he went to Clark for advice. The thing is, that kind of scenario wouldn’t work here. This does.

I like that Dick met these people in prison and eventually helped them escape because it was the right thing to. He was the answered prayer. It shows us the true Dick Grayson. This is a man who’s always wanted to help others however he could.

We know that Dick’s not feeling very much like a hero these days. Especially after having to come to terms with the truth about Jericho. But this episode just proved that hero is still down there. He’s just itching to get back into the fight. And now that the show has been renewed, we have an entire season of Dick being Nightwing to look forward to.

Trouble at Titans Tower

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If I ever get another dog, I’d want him to be just like Krypto. Honestly, that is the most loyal pup on television. We stan one awesome dog.

After arriving at Titans Tower, Krypto easily leads Gar to Conner where they realize that Mercy Graves and her soldiers have caught up to them. The three make it back to the Tower and truly think they’re safe until they’re attacked. At first, it seems like they’re holding their own but once Gar is tranquilized and Krypto is captured, it’s all downhill from there.

Conner agrees to go back with them as long as his friends aren’t hurt but I don’t think this was a smart move. Now Mercy doesn’t just have one super-powered being for Lex Luthor, she has three.

I really hope this show doesn’t hide Lex from us forever. He’s such a great villain and I can think of so many actors I’d love to see play him. Maybe Bryan Cranston is interested in finally returning to the small screen. Has anyone called his agent?

Smells like teen spirit

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I’m still having a hard time understanding why Rachel chose to leave with Donna in the first place if she was just going to ditch her. Maybe because it seemed like a better idea than leaving alone since everyone else was pairing off?

So after dumping Wonder Girl, Rachel ends up at a soup kitchen where she befriends another runaway teen that’s clearly being abused. They talk for a while until a random guy shows up threatening Rachel’s new friend. Obviously, the young girl doesn’t like this and it’s not long before her demon side comes out to scare the crap out of him. It works too because the dude runs away with his tail between his legs.

The interesting thing about this part though, is how Rachel’s demon side seemingly takes on a mind of it’s own. The spirit possesses a stone gargoyle and attacks the same man a couple blocks away. The gargoyle kills him and suddenly Donna is hot on Rachel’s trail. Donna thinks Rachel actually killed the guy but we know she wasn’t even there. Does this mean the demon side no longer needs Rachel to function????

She ends up staying with other runaway girls just like her new friend and I couldn’t help but wonder if any of them will end up having importance to Raven’s origin story.


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  • Everyone keeps calling Dick thinking he’s ignoring them but he’s in jail. Donna is so mad that he doesn’t answer the phone and I find that hilarious. She’s gonna be even angrier when she finds out where he’s been.
  • I’m very okay with Dick hitting rock bottom to become Nightwing but I can understand some people’s frustrations. Luckily for us, Nightwing is coming sooner than we all thought.
  • Donna is supposed to be mad at Dick but she keeps calling him even though he doesn’t answer. She hasn’t bothered trying to call anyone else.
  • Gar and Conner’s bromance continues to be adorable.
  • Mercy Graves has a family?????? I mean, it’s cute but seriously? She’s a murderous psychopath!
  • Please please please bring in Lex Luthor next season!
  • I love the Alazul origins that they added to the show. Representation matters even in fiction.
  • Why are prison guards always portrayed the same way? Is the whole bribery thing real? My cousin is a corrections officer in Denver. I’m going to ask him at the next family reunion.
  • Where was Kory in this episode? Why didn’t Donna call her? Did anyone else find it hilarious that Dick didn’t even bother using his one phone call. He could have at least checked his voicemail.
  • What are Hank and Dawn up to? Last we saw those two, they were breaking up.
  • And does anyone actually know where Jason and Rose went? Where are those two shacking up while the whole world is literally crumbling?

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