‘Bluff City Law’ 1×08 Review: “Need to Know”

From that Sydney/Robbie hug to Elijah Strait confronting his past, here are 5 moments we can’t stop thinking about from Bluff City Law‘s “Need to Know.” Beware, family feels make an appearance when it comes to Sydney & Emerson or Della and her son and we regret nothing!

1. Sydney and Robbie hugging it out.

Not going to lie, I am not Robbie’s biggest fan. I understand the past that he has with Sydney and how that still connects them, but what else is there? Because most of the time he’s just there to supply our team with information and now he’s here hugging Sydney and making sure she’s ok? I’m wary but ok with Sydney seeking comfort from someone she trusted because it’s just a hug and nothing else. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

2. Della standing up for her kid.

It really says a lot about the kind of woman that Della is that she would help out her child, no strings attached, against her stringent and overbearing father with a grudge that spans 20 years. Take into consideration that her son said the worst years of his life were with his mother when she was figuring out her life and being honest with herself and you’ve got a recipe too complicated. Nevertheless, Della persisted and won her battle with her father and the respect of her son.

3. Elijah confronting his past.

By no means is Elijah a model father. He’s fucked up a lot and this episode proves that he’s grown and become better than the mistakes of his past. This character development is the kind that writers dream about and I’m glad to see Elijah experiencing all this. From getting to reconnect with the mother of his child to spending more time with Sydney in a father/daughter capacity, I think things are looking up for Elijah Strait. One step at a time.

4. Sydney and Emerson having a heart to heart.

THIS is the relationship that I’ve been waiting for. Found families are my jam and I can see the beginning of something beautiful blossoming between these two. Ignore the fact that this show is probably heading towards cancellation town and you can focus on the what ifs and the maybe’s of this relationship. The bonds between siblings are sacred and worth so much. And I believe with all my heart that it’s the direction Sydney and Emerson are going down, especially after this conversation on the stair well in “Need to Know.”

5. Sydney’s panic attack.

It’s kind of grounding to see someone as well put together as Sydney, freak out and have a panic attack. I know I’ve had them plenty of times and you dear reader might have experienced the same thing sometime or another. The moment is small in the grand scheme of things but it means so much to me and viewers alike that all of us might need moments like this where we need a break from the crazy of it all.

Bluff City Law airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.

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