‘Bluff City Law’ 1×06 Review: “The All-American”

Bluff City Law took on a case that divided me, friends, and the characters themselves in “The All-American.” Like they do every week, they pushed on and ended up in territory where they changed everyone’s life for the better. Also Della, my badass mama, deserved better than a son making her coming out about him during her special night. And don’t even get me started (please, get me started) on Sydney and Jake. I want it. I need it.

Sports, What?

I’m gonna start off this review by making in clear I barely know anything about sports. My reviewing companion Lizzie is a whiz at it all and can probably give you a more comprehensive break down of what happened in this episode. But never fear! I will try my hardest to explain to you what I loved about this story line and what the hell kind of bullshit these student athletes have to go through.

So, we’ll start off with the good. Well, the sort of good because this situation is fucked up as well. Marcus Wright broke my damn heart. He just wanted to choose his own ending and not the sickness debilitating his body every single day of the rest of his life. His ending was born out of love for the people around him and those that have memories of him. And it takes a kind and generous heart to do what Marcus did and keep at when others got in his way.

Because…and here’s the ugly part…Marcus got screwed over. Hell, all student athletes, particularly college ones, are screwed over. You mean to tell me if a student athlete prioritizes school above sports, they could get kicked off the team? You’re telling me if they get injured and need time to heal up, they could be kicked off the team? And if they put anything above sports, they could get kicked off like nothing after the NCAA makes a bucket load of money off of them?

That’s a load of bullshit and one that is going to require more research on my part. Because you don’t profit off of someone and then throw them to the side like hot garbage because they are no longer useful to you. Not on my watch. And not on the watch of Elijah and Sydney Strait.

Della & Her Son

Della looked like an absolute vision in her silver dress and red jacket combo. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dress like this, want it in my life, and want to let the world know how queer I am all at the same time. Because I’m not afraid of who I am, who I choose to love, and I won’t let anyone, even family, make me feel bad for being myself and standing up for what I believe in.

This is where Della’s son comes into things. I call bullshit on his bad attitude and his refusal to see his mom during an important night in her life. That’s the first thing I’d like to point out. Her night was about her and she just wanted you to come out and support her. You couldn’t even do that, son? Was it too hard for you, son? Or are you still living in the past where Della had just come out to you and all you could think about was me, me, me.

Now, I understand that you were a teenager back then, but you’re a man now. Act like it. Go out there and support your mother for the stunning, kind, and amazing person she is. And if you don’t come, don’t worry, Della still has family who doesn’t see her coming out as soon great burden or the worst years of their lives. The people at the office love Della to the moon and back so don’t you worry your pretty little head, son. She’s got family and during this night it wasn’t you.

I said, what I said.

The Sydney and Jake Writing on The Wall, People

Sydney and Jake, I’m here for it. Yes, make it OTP material. But it isn’t because I’m some vapid fangirl that wants a romance to cheer for. I do want that romance and I am a fangirl. But they make sense. And yes, Sydney is coming off a divorce. But she’s been living separately from her ex husband for two years. It’s time to dive back into the dating scene and I see the possibility of something good happening with Jake.

Just look at the kind of man Jake is and everything that has happened with George. Jake is a kind man, an honest man, a gentle man who wants to help those around him. He’s even willing to give his home to protect a client who has become a friend. That shows his compassion and how he wants to change lives for the better just like Sydney does.

On the flip side of things, I think Sydney could be a good companion for Jake. She is smart AF, looks at things in ways others don’t, and has a heart of gold that we’re just starting to get to know. Hell, she spent the episode finding a side case that she could put together for her client because she thought that her client and his family deserved better than what they got.

So give them to me. I’m ready for it and I want them now!

Bluff City Law airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.

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