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77 Thoughts We had While Watching Bluff City Law’s “American Epidemic”

Bluff City Law is the kind of show that makes us think. It’s also the kind of show that, sometimes, has our mind going a million miles an hour. So, this time, I wanted to try something different for this review of “American Epidemic,” something I’ve done with other shows but never with this one before, and that’s give you all my unfiltered thoughts, without trying to put them into some semblance of order.

So here I go with my thoughts, all my thoughts, on this hour of Bluff City Law:

  1. “American Epidemic” is a fancy ass title.
  2. All episodes should start with Sydney and Elijah walking into places.
  3. Though probably not for these reasons.
  4. Okay?
  5. These reasons suck.
  6. And the whole imagery of what happens when you die? That sucks too.
  7. Hits a bit too close.
  8. They took him for food? NO ONE wants to eat in those circumstances.
  9. Finding the actual words is super hard.
  10. Well, I didn’t see the punch coming.
  11. I love the friendship between Sydney and Anthony so damn much. We don’t get friendships like this one, based on mutual respect and understanding. We usually get …well, flirting.
  12. “It can happen to anyone.”
  13. Like father, like daughter.
  15. They are so alike.
  16. George is a weird roommate, but I can’t imagine him being anywhere other than at Jake’s.
  17. “Am I interfering with your game?”
  18. I’ve been waiting for George’s ex-wife and son to come back. FINALLY.
  19. He’s doing more than his job, George. He’s being your friend.
  20. Jake’s face when Sydney talks is my aesthetic.
  21. He’s always like “wtf is she on?”
  22. Oh, ADA.
  23. They now represent the people of Tennessee.
  24. Clever.
  25. Brianna and Sydney finally going in an adventure together!
  26. Concerned friend Sydney is one of my favorite Sydneys.
  27. This feels like a BIG ass topic, and I’m really proud of this show for going for absolutely everything.
  28. No pulling any punches.
  29. “Just as evil as anyone in a drug cartel.”
  30. Jake and Robbie keep talking, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. Like, I know WHY Jake is talking to Robbie, but …I still don’t want to like Robbie.
  31. I’m gonna be really mad if we don’t get an answer re: George’s case because NBC decided to not order more episodes of this beautiful show.
  32. MAD.
  33. Elijah says everything in a way that makes me want to do exactly what he says.
  34. This feels like one they lose.
  35. And this feels like one that will hurt to lose.
  36. I really hope I’m wrong.
  37. Let’s talk about Sydney’s wardrobe: She always looks comfortable, yet professional, dressed in regular business clothes. In fact, she looks more like real lawyers dress like on the day-to-day than ANY other lawyer I’ve ever seen on TV.
  38. It’s so weird to be on the other side, isn’t it Sydney?
  39. Even if it’s for a good cause.
  40. And not just because you get to go first, though that too.
  41. Of course George’s ex-wife thinks he hates her. OF COURSE. This is why you have to communicate, George. People can’t read minds. They shouldn’t have to.
  42. “I respected his wishes once. Maybe if I hadn’t, I could have saved him.”
  43. Well, Brianna is projecting.
  44. A LOT.
  45. Can we get some background on her brother now, please?
  46. Elijah is like …wait, is this woman …flirting?
  47. Do I want to flirt back?
  48. How am I supposed to do that again?
  49. I love that Sydney and Elijah made up, but I kinda wanted this show to delve deeper into the anger Sydney was feeling in episode 1, and into the man Elijah was when she decided to take a step back.
  50. Am I supposed to be into Elijah/Hannah?
  51. Cause I’m gonna need more evidence.
  52. Also, listen to Brianna.
  53. Listen
  54. To
  55. Brianna.
  56. They didn’t listen to Brianna.
  57. Jake look so innocent.
  58. Do we believe in Jake’s innocence?
  59. What about George’s son?
  61. Jake, with a beer, spying on George.
  62. Almost every time this show has made me tear up, it’s been George.
  63. I feel as impotent as Jake does right now.
  64. What can he do?
  65. What can anyone do?
  67. I’m glad she’s getting more screentime.
  68. Can’t believe they won this one, to be honest.
  69. Brianna is breaking my heart.
  70. I love their friendship. We also don’t get enough good, healthy, supportive female friendships.
  71. Oh, so they are going to go a little bit into why Elijah did what he did.
  72. Interesting.
  73. And his friendship with Della is one of my favorite things.
  74. Gah, I love this show.
  75. Oh, Emerson’s mom is coming.
  76. JOY.
  77. JOOOOY.

Agree? Disagree? What did you think of “American Epidemic”? Share with us in the comments below!

Bluff City Law airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.

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