‘His Dark Materials’ 1×01 Review: “Lyra’s Jordan”

His Dark Materials started it’s much anticipated journey in “Lyra’s Jordan” with an episode that set up the world, delivered on some iconic characters, and made us fall in love with Lyra Belacqua, the lead of it all that will change the world as they know it. So sit back, relax, and let’s break down His Dark Materials “Lyra’s Jordan”! From Lyra, to daemons, to Mrs. Coulter, we’re here for it all!

From One Lyra to Another


Lyra Belacqua. I’m so glad to finally meet you on the big screen. Yes, I’ve read of you in my books. My best friend and companion in this reviewing journey for season one of His Dark Materials got me my first copy of The Golden Compass. And I loved you for sharing a name with me but also because of how much life, fire, and guts you have at every turn of your adventure.

You are at the beginning of it all, but I can see the strength and resilience in you that will guide you to the North and after those who stole Roger. I see it in you due in part to Dafne Keen, the young and talented actress playing you, Lyra. Her acting has brought you to life in ways I never expected and many I did. She looks to understand that life, fire, and guts that you have Lyra and she is killing it at every turn.

So, from one Lyra to another, welcome to His Dark Materials. We are excited, afraid, and on board for the journey set in front of you. It will hard, it will be painful, but it’ll be worth it. For the worlds you’ll discover and the lives you’ll change, welcome Lyra. 

Those Daemons Tho


I’m down with the daemons. I love their look. I love their connection with humans. And I love how the story we’re being told is one of companionship. They might have a name similar to demons but they are nothing like those dark creatures that torture in the night. These daemons are friends and protectors who walk or fly this life by your side. And honestly, I want one.

Pan is utterly adorable and I think his voice casting is perfect. Ten out of ten, totally my Pan now. Even Lord Asriel’s snow leopard Stelmaria is spot on, from her voice to her look. She’s my Stelmaria now as well. The only ones that I’m side eyeing are Mrs. Coulter’s monkey and that Gobbler fox. For daemons are our companions, they are also a reflection of our souls.

So take a second and think about the things that make you tick. The things that count. The things that changed you. And imagine what kind of daemon you would have. Would it be as fierce and proud as Lord Asriel’s snow leopard? Would it be as calculating as Mrs. Coulters monkey? Or will it wild, free, yet gentle like our favorite Pan? I hope for the latter.

Ruth Wilson IS Mrs. Coulter


From the very moment that I read The Golden Compass, I knew who I wanted as my Mrs. Coulter: Ruth Wilson. Those who have followed her career know that she is a master actress with an ability to bring the most troubled and twisted characters to life. I’m looking at you Alice from Luther. So when she was cast as Mrs. Coulter it felt like a dream come true. 

Because, to be Mrs. Coulter you need charm. You need that bright personality that draws the eye away from what you think you saw and what Mrs. Coulter wants you to see. To be Mrs. Coulter you need to know how to mesh cunning and delightful with a side of cutthroat. And there’s no better person that can bring such a character to life, warts and all, than Ruth Wilson.

I’m not saying that Ruth Wilson is demented or off her rocker either. Ruth Wilson is just so damn talented that as soon as I saw her on Luther, I knew that she could bring every twisted facet of Mrs. Coulter to life. And I see it when I look at her on screen. I see the quiet smiles that hide sharp edges. I see the way she holds herself, delicate looking, but ready to spring at a moments notice.

I see it all when it comes to Ruth Wilson’s version of Mrs. Coulter and I can’t wait to see more!

Favorite Moment from “Lyra’s Jordan”:


His Dark Materials airs Mondays at 9/8c on HBO.

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