‘Bluff City Law’ 1×04 Review: “Fire in a Crowded Theater”

Bluff City Law’s “Fire in a Crowded Theater” made us angry beyond belief, pulled at our heartstrings, and saw the first signs of a romance between Sydney and Jake. The latter we’re especially excited for because a fangirl’s life never ends! But until then let’s talk Nazis, free speech, and Jake helping out George in an unfamiliar and scary world.

Nazis Are Bad, No Ifs, Ands, or Butts About It

Freedom of speech is a complicated business. We as people want to express ourselves, share our ideas, and connect with those around us. But there’s got to be a line in the sand, a limit to what can be said. And yes, go on about how this is a slippery slide, policing speech. But it’s already been a slippery slide letting hate speech breathe, grow, and infect minds with their horrible rhetoric.

Like Law & Order: SVU, this story was ripped from the headlines. But instead of a young woman and those around her being mowed down by a car with no care, we got a young idiot shooting down an inspiring and kind young woman. To say I was disturbed watching all of this is an understatement. Nazis are the actual worse and I’m so glad that they won cuz fuck Nazis.

As for the dad, I’m so proud of him for taking on such a hard case. There were moments when I thought he’d break and there was that shouting match in the courtroom that I thought he’d totally broken. But he survived, thrived, and showed those Nazis how it’s done and how they are no heroes like the ones on that beautiful mural. Real heroes support, lift up, and love. That’s not something Nazis know how to do.

Jake Helping George

Too often we see men like Jake find themselves in a woman. By that I mean that change occurs in the lives of men like Jake because they fall in love or are in a romantic relationship with someone they know. That person is the catalyst and the romance is the thing sustaining it. And I’m kind of sick and tired of it. 

Bluff City Law took the time and writing to tell the story of a man helping another man and having change come into his life because of it. George didn’t just disappear from Jake’s life because the case was over. If anything, Jake’s more involved in George’s life than I’ve ever seen between a lawyer and a client.

George has changed Jake. 

He has opened his eyes to the realities of being falsely accused and the struggle of rebuilding yourself from the ground up. Personally, I think there’s another backstory, a reason why Jake became so invested in the first place. But for now we’ll explain it as George giving Jake perspective about his life and the privileges he has in it. With that perspective comes personal growth, change, and a story like no other.

Talking About Jake

At first, I wasn’t sure if I was seeing something between Sydney and Jake. I believe that men and women can be friends and I was hoping for that as well. The chemistry is there and the friendship is real. Now Bluff City Law is taking it a step further by introducing a romantic element to it all. And why the hell not?

Sydney’s ex would be flour if he were a spice and I’m not interested in knowing more about him because he’s boring. Seriously, he’s only around and only useful when he can help with a case. When he can’t provide any help, boom, disappeared. So maybe it’s time to explore something new with someone like Jake.

Also, during the trailer for next week’s episode they showed Sydney kissing someone. Here’s hoping it’s Jake, even though I can’t find the trailer anywhere and I’m not sure if it’s Jake. Maybe a new fling is what Sydney needs to move forward and past her boring ex. And maybe Sydney and Jake could be the next best OTP on the block.

We’re down for it.

Bluff City Law airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.

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