‘Roswell, New Mexico’ NYCC Interviews: Carina MacKenzie and Chris Hollier

They say don’t meet your idols.

I’d like to say that whomever “they” are – is wrong. I think meeting your idols is a positive thing. Especially when they head up your favorite show on television.

Roswell, New Mexico is what some would call a reboot of the original Roswell, but it is definitely a show that stands on its own. The show has been brought back to life by the mind of Carina MacKenzie.

If you’ve heard that name before, it may be because she was a journalist turned TV writer, on the show, The Originals. As that series ended, one wondered what she would do next. That what came next came in the form of Roswell, New Mexico.

We sat down at New York Comic Con and spoke with Carina, as well as fellow Executive Producer Chris Hollier.

These two create a television show that we can be passionate about and for that I will be forever thankful.

Ya, they say never meet your idols, but if one of your idols does amazing things, I say go with it. They may just tell you that they like your Taylor Swift sweatshirt.

Roswell, New Mexico returns midseason on The CW.

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