EXCLUSIVE: Fiona Dawson Talks ‘NOW With Fiona’, Queer Representation And Diversity

Fiona Dawson (she/her) and her show Now With Fiona are the best! We had the pleasure to interview her about representation and diversity.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Katherine McNamara Talks About ‘Untitled Horror Movie’ & Filming Spooky Content

Untitled Horror Movie star Katherine McNamara talked to Fangirlish about filming this horror movie during quarantine.

Stephen Amell Talks ‘Speech And Debate’, ‘Arrow’, Olicity & ‘Heels’

ATX TV Festival starts tomorrow! We interview Stephen Amell about his Speech And Debate: Legacy panel, Arrow, Heels, and of course, Olicity.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Naomi Bennett from Lesflicks Talks Being a VOD Service That the Queer Community Needs

Queerly Not Straight got the chance to talk with Naomi Bennett about Lesflicks, their journey, and how they support the queer community.

EXCLUSIVE: Outfest’s Executive Director Damien S. Navarro Talks OutFronts Fan Event and LGBTQ+ Media

Queerly Not Straight got a chance to speak with Damien S. Navarro about the Outfronts, one of the first fan experiences for all things LGBTQ+ on TV, and so much more!

Queerly Not Straight: Interview with Alyson Richards, Writer of The LGBTQ Slasher ‘The Retreat’

We got a chance to interview writer Alyson Richards about The Retreat, what inspired this movie, the dreaded bury your gays trope, and more!

INTERVIEW: ‘America’s Got Talent’ Poet Brandon Leake Talks Inspirations and The Future

We got the chance to interview Brandon Leake about his experience on America’s Got Talent, family, and more.

EXCLUSIVE: Miguel Ángel García Talks ‘Blue Miracle’

Blue Miracle is a movie that touch your heart. We had the opportunity to speak with one of its stars, Miguel Ángel García. Take a look!

The Big Screen Is Back Event Presents ‘Werewolves Within’ Starring Sam Richardson

Werewolves Within was previewed at The Big Screen is Back. Sam Richardson attended the event to and we have a lot of cool stuff about it.

EXCLUSIVE: 15 Things We Learned from the ‘Army of the Dead’ Cast & Crew

Here are 15 things we learned from the Army of the Dead cast and crew, from Dave taking on the role to Matthias Schweighöfer talking Dieter.

INTERVIEW: 5 Things We Learned from ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’ Star Leslie Bibb

We got a chance to speak with Leslie Bibb, the star of Netflix’s new show Jupiter’s Legacy, and our Lady Liberty!

INTERVIEW: 5 Things We Learned from ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’ Star Andrew Horton

We got a chance to speak with Andrew Horton about Jupiter’s Legacy and what it takes to be a superheroes kid in the form of Brandon Sampson.

INTERVIEW: 5 Things We Learned from ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’ Star Elena Kampouris

We got a chance to speak with the insanely talented Elena Kampouris about her role as Chloe Sampson in Netflix’s Jupiter’s Legacy.

INTERVIEW: 5 Things We Learned from ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’ Star Ian Quinlan

We got a chance to speak with Jupiter’s Legacy star Ian Quinlan about what it takes to play Hutch, the kid of a super-villain.

INTERVIEW: ‘The Resort’ Star Brock O’Hurn Talks Horror, Fun Times Filming, and Finding Himself in 2021

Fangirlish got a chance to speak with Brock O’Hurn about horror film The Resort.

EXCLUSIVE: Filmmakers Robert Pulcini and Shari Springer Berman Talks ‘Things Heard And Seen’

Things Heard And Seen premieres tomorrow on Netflix! We interview its filmmakers Robert Pulcini and Shari Springer Berman.

Queerly Not Straight Interview with Tik Tok Cosplayers TT Bret and Sirussly

Queerly Not Straight got a chance to speak with creators TT Bret and Sirussly about LGBTQ representation, cosplay, and so much more!

EXCLUSIVE: Georgina Campbell Talks ‘Wildcat’

A few days ago, we put the focus on Wildcat. We had the pleasure of chatting with its star Georgina Campbell about her experience.

Leigh Bardugo and Eric Heisserer Talk Bringing ‘Shadow and Bone’ to Life

The Grishaverse is Leigh Bardugo’s baby. Eric Heisserer is the architect that helped shape the project into the show you will all be able to enjoy next week. We had a chance to talk to both of them about this…

‘Vanquish’ Interview: Juju Journey Brener

We sat down and spoke with child actress, Juju Journey Brener about her role in vanquish, her many talents, and advice she would give others.

EXCLUSIVE: Hayley Beveridge Talks ‘Rage’ And Her New Projects

Rage is one of those movies that stays with you. We chat with its star Hayley Beveridge about her experience and her upcoming projects.