‘Catherine the Great’ 1×02 Review: Empress of Relationships

Another week. Another episode of Catherine the Great miniseries. This week’s episode was just about utter disappointment for me.  Except for production. I will continually sing their praises. Anyway, let’s address said reason’s for my disappointment.


This miniseries is a historical drama. I have seen the drama part of that phrase, many times. However, where is the historical part?? We see brief glimpses here and there, but not enough.  I want to learn about history not just get a glimpse of it. If the miniseries continues this way, I will be angry.

Also, I understand that with a miniseries they can only focus on so much. However, if you were planning on doing a series about Catherine the Great wouldn’t you, I don’t know, want to have more than four episodes? There is too much to cover in little run time. It was a huge two year gap between this episode and the first.  Sentences at the beginning of the episode aren’t enough to address history gaps.

Lust Life

This goes in tandem with my history rant.  They are focusing way too much on Catherine’s romantic whims. Like, I get that it was an important aspect of who she was, but balance is needed. With so much history to cover in four episodes you can’t have the focus of almost one whole episode on her love life. The first had a good portion dedicated to it as well. It is leaving me unsatisfied.


Catherine. This is for you. I know you are a character, and as a person you died a long time ago, but this needs to be addressed. TALK WITH YOUR DAMN SON. He is harboring some major resentment towards you.  Maybe instead of focusing and pointing out, repeatedly, that he wants your throne and his failures you should actually help him.

Wouldn’t you rather have him as an ally then as a tool being used against you? Surely, you have enough sense to see the truth in that. Also, his wife is obviously being disrespectful towards you and your son. Say something. They won’t respect or fear you otherwise.  They just look at you like you’re beneath them or not worth their time.  Be smarter. Play the fucking game.

Overall, this episode was disappointing to say the least, and left a lot to be desired. Maybe the next episode I’ll actually learn something. I won’t hold my breath.

Catherine the Great airs Monday’s at 10/9c on HBO.

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