‘Titans’ 2×05 Review: ‘Deathstroke’

Picking up right where we left off in episode three, this week picks up twenty two minutes into Jason’s abduction. The team is scrambling to find their young member as a friendly face returns to get everyone back on track. To echo Rachel’s thoughts, thank God for Kory, because this episode just proved how badly this team needs her.

Mamma’s Home

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After Rachel’s call, we saw how quick Kory decided to go back to the team. She knew Rachel needed her but she didn’t realize how badly the rest of the team needed her too. I’m glad she’s in San Francisco because she was definitely the voice of reason in this episode, which makes sense. She doesn’t have history with Deathstroke and she doesn’t know what happened five years ago. To be fair, we only know bits and pieces ourselves so that is likely why we were on Kory’s side along with Gar and Rachel.

I get that we’re supposed to understand that original Titans are operating from a place of trauma but somehow Dawn still has her head on straight compared to the others so I can’t really excuse their behavior. It’s clear now that something went horribly wrong with Joey and the Titans are to blame. This would explain why Deathstroke is so hellbent on getting revenge. But we’re already almost halfway through the season and I still have more questions than answers. I’m starting to think this is a show that could benefit from dropping all the episodes at once like Netflix, instead of once a week. But that’s just me.

He is Night…. Not yet

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The teases for Nightwing are getting more and more obvious this season. And I freaking love that! I’ve been waiting for Dick Grayson to become Nightwing since the Pilot. In this episode, stuck between a rock and a hard place, Dick decides that the best way to solve their Deathstroke problem is to be a martyr. He goes to save Jason and face off with Deathstroke on his own. This clearly comes from a place of guilt, which makes me want to scream at my TV. What happened to Joey??? Seriously Dick, what the fuck did you do five years ago??

I’m sure we’ll find out the whole truth by the end of the season so I’m not really worried. In the meantime, I’m just enjoying watching Dick go to battle in street clothes because I know that’s going to lead to someone telling him he needs a new costume. Plus, he’s getting really good with that stick isn’t he??? I know y’all noticed that! [*insert winky face emoji here*]


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Rachel’s powers are getting stronger and more dangerous each episode. We’ve seen the dark cloud over her while she’s sleeping and we saw her almost choke Jason earlier in training. This episode, the cloud actually cuts Gar’s wrist and she then “kills” Rose by throwing her clear across the room. Luckily for Rose, her superpower is that she’s invincible. She’s basically the cheerleader from Heroes.

The guilt is still eating Rachel alive and until she figures out how to control these powers, she’s going to continue hurting her friends. I’m hoping this is just the steps they’re taking to have her fully embrace who she is because I’m not really down with watching her go dark before becoming a true hero. But that’s just me.

Red is Jason’s color

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Ha! There’s a little bit of dark humor for you!

Is it me or was this episode just a giant Easter egg to tease the fan favorite alter egos these characters are destined to become? Let’s bring a little bit of context into this. In the comics, Jason Todd was kidnapped by The Joker and beaten to death. Eventually, he ends up in Nanda Parbat and goes straight into the Lazarus Pit where he is resurrected. The character comes back to Gotham with the alter ego Red Hood to get revenge on Batman for letting him die.

In this series, Jason was kidnapped by Deathstroke. He was obviously tortured by the villain. And in the final moments of the episode, Deathstroke sets off a bomb that is meant to plunge Jason to his death. The young protege tries to hold on but eventually, Dick is unable to save him and the cliff hanger is Jason falling.

Is this the show’s version of the death of Jason Todd? I secretly hope so. Hear me out, this show isn’t wasting time to bring in characters from the comics and they’re not going to wait five seasons to turn Dick into Nightwing. We know for a fact, that’s happening this season. It’s entirely possible that they’re not waiting to kill Jason in order to make him Red Hood.

Here’s my only issue with that though. Are they going to reveal that Jason is alive at the end of this season? Or do they wait until next season? We know the actor is a series regular and while he’s great as Jason now because he plays him very annoyingly, I don’t know how I’d feel about his version of Jason as Red Hood. Time will tell though and I trust this show, so I’m not too worried about where they take the character right now.


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  • Dick’s face when he saw Kory at the tower…. oh em gee!! He missed her so much you guys!
  • The way he complimented her hair! *swoon*
  • Kory knew exactly what Dick was up to and she ran to him to be his backup. Watching them fight Deathstroke together was AWESOME! I love a good power couple!
  • He stopped Deathstroke from from killing her and his face of pure fury was just priceless.
  • Enough about Dick and Kory’s reunion though, can we talk about Gar’s face when Rose said Rachel was his girlfriend. He’s such a kid. I can’t even with him right now.
  • I loved Dawn in this episode but what was up with that hardened look she had when she was comforting Hank. Am I the only one who caught that?
  • Jason can be annoying but I still don’t wanna see bad things happen to him.
  • Who was in that helicopter flying above Jason when he was falling? Was that Bruce? Did Dick call his dad for help?
  • Did you guys catch how Dick said “that wasn’t how he was raised” when he was talking to Kory about asking for help?
  • Seriously, is this the beginnings of Red Hood and Nightwing? Because, real talk, I’d be down with Red Hood being the “villain” in season three like the animated film, Under the Red Hood.

A new episode of Titans is available to stream every Friday on the DC Universe app. Make sure you don’t miss next week’s episode where they’re officially bringing in Superboy and Krypto! [*insert scream emoji*]

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