‘Titans’ 1×06 Review: ‘Jason Todd’

This week’s episode of Titans was a tale of two Robins. After appearing in last week’s stinger, Jason Todd comes crashing into Dick Grayson’s life with a case involving Dick’s former family from his days in Haly’s Circus. It turns out that someone has been murdering the misfits that helped raise Dick, using infamous crime boss Maroni’s methods. The two Robins are officially on the case even if they don’t see eye to eye.

Dick Grayson’s replacement is exactly what you imagined

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I’ve seen a lot of criticism about this show regarding Dick’s violent streak. Some have gone as far to say that he’s acting more like Jason Todd than Dick Grayson. That’s why I find it interesting that this series has delivered an episode with the sole purpose of highlighting the moral differences between both characters.

When his parents died, Dick was immediately fostered by Bruce Wayne and eventually adopted. He may hold a lot of resentment toward his adoptive dad, but there’s no denying that Bruce saved Dick. And it’s not until he hears Jason’s backstory that Dick realizes how true that is.

Jason grew up in the foster system and on the streets after his uncle died. His parents were both in prison. He didn’t have a billionaire swoop in and adopt him early in life. He ended up exactly where Dick could have if Bruce hadn’t taken him in.

While Dick is trying hard to run from his inner darkness and make amends for his sins of the past, Jason tends to lean into that darkness a little more. He enjoys beating up cops and bad guys because he can do it while hiding behind a mask. It’s been established that Dick has a small taste for violence, but he’s actually trying to get away from that. Jason embraces that violence because he’s been wronged by so many throughout his childhood, including cops.

His perspective on the justice system is also very skewed because of his backstory. According to Jason, there are only two kinds of cops: useless and dirty. Good thing Dick isn’t either of those things.

After this episode, it’s very clear this is Nightwing’s origin story. However, if the series continues to feature Jason Todd in some capacity, then it could also be an origins story for his Red Hood.

Both men have similar skill sets and they’re both orphans who were taken in by Bruce Wayne. Their differences come from the fact that Dick was saved much earlier in life than Jason. It looks like that made all the difference in one young boy’s life.

The Titans sat this one out

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This show does keep getting better with every episode. However, with that said, I’m not sure what it means that the best episodes of the season have been the ones that heavily feature Dick’s origin story.

It might be my bias, but I think they’re doing a phenomenal job showing Dick’s transition from orphan to Batman’s partner and eventually his own hero. Still, the Titans do make an appearance when Dick tells them to come to one of Bruce’s safe houses. While he’s off looking for the last surviving member of Haly’s Circus, Kory is left to babysit the kids and Dr. Adamson.


I love the moments where Dick and Kory easily step into their mom and dad roles. Dick doesn’t like seeing Jason getting friendly with Rachel or offering beer to Gar but it looks like Kory likes it even less.

Even though the team didn’t play a big part in this episode, its clear that they’re very important to Dick. This is his new family. Batman and Robin are his past but the Titans are his future.

Who is The Organization?

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We still don’t know very much about this group trying to get Rachel. However, now that Dick and Kory have Dr. Adamson in their custody, they’re going to be searching for those answers. There’s no more time for distractions. The season needs to get back to resolving this mystery. And it looks like that’s where the story is heading.

The Titans will come face to face with Dr. Adamson’s operation next week and I’m hoping this episode delivers answers to some of the burning questions we’ve had since the season started.


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  • Jason Todd’s initial appearance is classic. I love that he curses so much. They really brought this character to life in the most accurate way.
  • Dick holds a lot of private resentment for Bruce, but he still speaks highly of Bruce to others, except Jason.
  • Bruce changed all the locks and passwords so Dick would need Jason to get anywhere. That’s a level of petty that I aspire to.
  • Kory and Dick’s mom and dad mode is so natural.
  • I love that Dick and Kory aren’t being awkward after they slept together, but they’re definitely still flirting.
  • I wonder if Bruce sent Jason to help Dick in hopes that Dick could be a good influence on Jason.
  • Is anyone surprised that Bruce Wayne put a tracker on both of his sons? I’m not.
  • Gar fanboying over the two Robins is so relatable.
  • How many people wanted to see Jason stick around at the end of the episode? I can’t be the only one.
  • This episode felt like a filler and yet it was still one of the best episodes of the season. How is that even possible? This show is just that good!
  • Baby Dick owns my heart. I hope we see more of him.
  • Kory’s outfit upgrade. She looked incredible in this episode.
  • Dick made it seem like he was leaving Robin behind for good but I think he’s always going to carry around of a piece of Robin with him. And that’s okay.
  • I loved when Dick asked Jason why he wouldn’t choose another name like Sparrow or Blue Jay “for Jason.” That’s another level of petty I aspire to.
  • There were so many nods to Nightwing and Red Hood in this episode that it makes me wonder if we’ll get a chance to see both of them appear in this series.

An all new episode of Titans is available for streaming on the DC Universe app every Friday. Check out the trailer for next week’s episode here:

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