What I hope to see in Season 2 of ‘Titans’

The premiere of Titans Season 2 is a week away, and the new trailer released this week has me more excited than ever. I have a few things on my wish list for the season, and it seems like some of those might have been teased in the new trailer that dropped this week.

You can check out the full-length trailer here.

Team Titans

One of my wishes for this season is a fully formed team for the Titans. Season 1 had a lot of origin stories, and it seems from the trailer that we are moving toward the traditional Titans team that we are familiar with.We are going to get a glimpse of the original Titans team and get a glimpse as to why they broke up (hint: it’s probably Slade Wilson). Now, we see that there is a new team, but that may not be the best idea when the Titans‘ old nemesis, Deathstroke, finds out. And he looks hella grumpy about it.


I’m thrilled that we will see the group finally work together against a villain.

Starfire’s backstory

We got backstory on a lot of the Titans last season, but Starfire’s mysterious past was not fully revealed. The trailer shows that we will learn more about Kori. In the trailer, we see that someone shows up from her home planet, zaps her unconscious, and calls her “Your Highness.”

She was also seen fighting alongside Donna, AKA Wonder Girl, so it will be fun to see her as part of the team as well.



My No. 1 wish for the season is to see Dick Grayson suit up as Nightwing. I know a lot of people are wishing for this too, so hopefully, our collective hopes and dreams can will it to happen. The trailer shows that he is training others and leading the team, and questioning who he is now that Dick has left Robin behind. At one point, they are asking him to be the Batman for the team.


Could this mean what I hope it means? Will we see Nightwing suit up this season? Nightwing is one of my favorite DC heroes. In story arc in the comics, Dick Grayson as Nightwing joins former Titans to help Raven and the New Titans fight against Deathstroke, who is trying to get to his children. This matches a lot of what we’ve seen so far from previews of the upcoming season, so hopefully, we will get to see Nightwing. In the new trailer, Dick is seen training one of Deathstroke’s kids (Ravager – and how sassy is she? I love her already).

Per his conversation with Bruce Wayne, we are going to see Dick grapple with his role as a leader this year. Jason Todd (Robin) and Dick butt heads, and he goes to his former mentor for advice. I’m really looking forward to Dick’s evolution this year as both a hero and a leader.


Okay, while I don’t just watch Titans for the shipping, it doesn’t hurt. I’m interested to see what happens with Gar and Rachel after the whole evil-dad storyline cliffhanger last year. And will he like her new look?

And what about Kori and Dick? They slept together last season – will we see them continue a relationship? The only interaction we saw in the trailer was her saying “are you ready for this, Grayson?” And with Hawk and Dove in the mix (and Dick’s past with Dove) – things could get crazy.


The trailer teased some romantic angst between Wonder Girl and Aqualad, so I’m prepared for them to rip my heart out.

But what about the new members? We are getting so many new faces this season – could we also see some hookups? With Deathstroke coming at them, there probably won’t be a lot of time for dating. But I wouldn’t be opposed to some nice flirting here and there.

More seasons

It’s no secret that I love Titans, so my biggest hope for the season is that it does well enough to earn it another season, or two, or more. This is such a unique opportunity to highlight DC characters that go beyond just the main heroes of The Justice League. I hope that once the team is established this season, we will get to see them in action for many years to come.

Titans season 2 will premiere on the DC Universe on September 6th.

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