‘Titans’ 1×10 Review: ‘Koriand’r’

In the penultimate episode of Titans’ first season, fans finally got some answers to their questions about Kory Anders. We now know her mission on earth was not to protect Rachel like she believed. This new information complicates things for Kory, because it’s clear she is very fond of Rachel. Things are about to get darker as we head toward the end of the season. In the meantime, let’s unwrap everything that happened this week leading up to the grand finale.

Rachel’s parents are batshit crazy

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I had my reservations about trusting Rachel’s mom from the moment we met her, and I’m so glad I was right. There was always something off about her. I thought everything that took place in ‘Asylum’ happened a little too conveniently for the bad guys. What I did not expect was the lengths Rachel’s mom would go to in order to manipulate her daughter.

After she poisoned Gar, Angela convinced Rachel that the only person who could save her friend was her father. Rachel, desperate to save Gar, summoned her father and she probably just unknowingly kick started the end of the world.

I feel bad for Rachel. I honestly do, because she’s still just a kid and she’s being manipulated by the two people who should be mindful of protecting her.

The thing is, Manic Mom and Demon Dad may be Rachel’s biological parents, but her real mom and dad are actually on their way to save her. These psychopaths have no idea what family they’re messing with. I can’t wait to see Dick and Kory kick both their asses.

Koriand’r AKA Starfire

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This episode was marketed as a backstory for Kory, but we only got a tease of what’s to come. We know there has to be more than meets the eye with this character. It’s very possible her original mission was to kill Rachel, to destroy her father’s doorway. But Kory has grown very fond of the young girl and it’s going to be difficult for her to carry out such a mission.

I can’t really see Kory hurting Rachel intentionally. That just doesn’t seem like the woman we’ve come to know these last ten episodes. But I can see Kory’s alien side taking over again like it did in this episode. And now that Rachel’s father is out and about, I wouldn’t put it past him to somehow mind-control Kory into hurting her friends.

I do wish this episode had shown us more about Kory’s origins, though. At least we know that we’ll have an entire series to continue exploring where she comes from. She’s easily one of the most mysterious characters on the show. It makes sense that they’d want to keep her backstory under wraps for as long as possible.

Protect Gar at all costs

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Ever since we first saw him back in episode three, I feel like Gar has been put through way more than he deserves. He’s such a good hearted boy and the bad guys keep hurting him in ways that make my blood boil. Angela took it even further when she almost murdered him just to manipulate Rachel into freeing her father.

Gar was getting the brunt of all the weird stuff happening at Angela’s house after he ate the mystery soup. Before he was even on death’s door, Gar was already hallucinating. First, he saw his face covered in blood in the mirror. Then he saw the doctor he killed in the asylum to save Rachel.

To say he was put through a lot this episode is an understatement. I can definitely relate to Rachel when she feels so overprotective of Gar. She was right when she said he shouldn’t be around her. Especially now that we know Rachel’s parents are willing to sacrifice him to get their daughter to do their bidding.

Can someone just protect Gar? Please? He needs serious protection from these psychos.

Donna Troy, you’re still the love of my life

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Everything Donna Troy did in this episode was magical. She used her lasso on Kory and knocked her out with a single punch. She busted out her own set of gadgets to track Kory when she left the farm. Donna even called out Dick for always taking a liking to dangerous women. (Like father, like son.) I didn’t think I could love her more after watching the episode that introduced her, but it turns out I was wrong.

I really hope the showrunners realize what a fan favorite she’s become, because I want them to make her a series regular next season. We need more of her, just like we need more of Jason Todd. Let’s make that happen, Geoff Johns!


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  • I love how quickly Dick just goes into protective dad mode when it comes to keeping Rachel safe. It’s been this way since the Pilot.
  • Did you see Dick Grayson’s face when he realized he’d slept with an alien? He was so proud. It was adorable.
  • Gar and Rachel are definitely going to be romantic some day and I’m already bracing myself for the people who will hate this because of the actor’s age difference.
  • Donna and Kory didn’t really seem to like each other at the start of the episode but by the end of it, Kory was already wearing Donna’s clothes so I guess that means that they’re besties now.
  • Rachel’s dad is going to be a great big bad. I just hope they don’t make him too strong for the Titans to defeat. He’s not the only big bad these heroes have faced. They have plenty of source material they can tap into so I hope this villain doesn’t over stay his welcome next season.
  • Angela totally killed that cop in her house and we don’t even know if she bothered to hide the body. Talk about savage.
  • Donna’s got toys too and Dick is so shook.
  • That “dangerous women” comment has me shook. Does Barbara Gordon qualify as one of those “dangerous women?” Asking for a friend.
  •  I can’t get over how crazy Rachel’s parents are. They’re actually scary.
  • What was that shimmer at the end of the episode? And how is that going to alter Dick’s reality in the season finale?

The season finale of Titans will drop Friday morning, December 21. You can catch up with the entire season now on the DC Universe app. In the meantime, here is the two minute trailer for the season finale titled “Dick Grayson.”


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