They say all good things must come to an end, but I would rather they go on forever. We lost a lot of good shows in 2019. While there are a plethora of new shows on the horizon, they will not replace the holes in our hearts from losing ourRead More →


With the winter finale creeping up next Sunday, this week’s episode of The Walking Dead revealed a lot of secrets setting up for a fall out of epic proportions. “Open Your Eyes” had characters doing just that, sometimes with deadly consequences. Oh, and Michael Cudlitz (Abraham) directed this episode, again!Read More →

If you haven’t watched Atypical yet and are wondering if you should, I can answer as Sam would throughout Season 3 – it’s not a quandary at all. Though the Netflix show is about a young adult on the autism spectrum, the characters, family dynamics and life challenges all haveRead More →

Everyone was throwing up on The Walking Dead this week – and for once it wasn’t because of the Whisperer’s outfit of choice. Dante said it best about the superflu going through Alexandria – “Simple shit can suddenly become a big deal.” I need this quote on a pillow orRead More →

Alexandria may seem like the idyllic post-apocalyptic community in The Walking Dead, but we saw this week that there are assholes everywhere. This week’s episode, titled “Silence the Whisperers” was directed by none other than our dearly Abraham himself – Michael Cudlitz. Let’s not forget that Negan killed Abraham –Read More →

Everyone in this episode of The Walking Dead seriously needed a nap. Lack of sleep was a theme this week, bringing up the stress levels and paranoia for the entire group. The episodes starts out with Carol popping some pills and getting started with her day – which never seemsRead More →

Normally, I would write about several of my favorite things about an episode of Titans, but this week there is only one moment I can’t stop thinking about. Sure, there were other great things that happened during the episode, like Donna full out swinging a motorcycle at someone and KoryRead More →

Superstore is coming back this week, and after last season’s supercharged finale, things are going to be very interesting. The showrunners have said in interviews that the season will start right where last season left off – with Mateo being carted away by ICE and the Cloud 9 employees onRead More →

The second episode of Titans season 2 was filled with more setup for the season to come. We saw the introduction of villain Dr. Light, who seems to be coming for the Titans now, and Rose Wilson, who was training with Dick before the team found out that her fatherRead More →

When sitting down to write this intro to my thoughts on last week’s Titans premiere, I feel the obligatory need to use the line that almost every other article and review has used. But I won’t, because I don’t succumb to peer pressure. Okay fine: “Titans are back, bitches!” Well,Read More →

The new season of Titans is coming Sept. 6, and it will have plenty of new faces added to the cast. We caught a glimpse of some of them in the trailer last week. Since there are often many versions/stories of every character in comic books, I thought I wouldRead More →

Okay, now that I’ve calmed down a bit from seeing the new Titans trailer that dropped this past week, I’m ready to talk about it. The show is coming in September, and it looks like season 2 is going to be just as exciting as the first. Did I squealRead More →

When I first heard that DC was starting its own streaming service, my reaction was “not another one!” My husband’s, however, was yelling “take all my money!” He watches all the DC animated films and shows, so the idea of them all being in one place excited him, along withRead More →