LifeStyle Lift: 5 Lessons I Learned from Living in a Boat for 5 Days

Previously, I wrote about my experience diving with Great White Sharks and all I learned from doing that. What I didn’t write about was the lessons I learned from living in a boat for 5 days to be able to dive with the sharks.

Today I’m sharing the craziness that is living inside a moving boat 24/7 so buckle up. Here’s the tea:

1. Staying dry is impossible

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Believe me, I tried.

Staying dry while living in a boat is like staying warm while out in the snow in a bikini; It’s just impossible.

I tried it all! I used so many towels, I dried my feet and put shoes on to avoid stepping in water, I blow-dried my hair, which I never do by the way, and I even changed clothes like 5 times a day. Yet, I still found myself wet and damp most of the time.

This is not terrible for most, but I personally hate being wet all day so I suffered a lot!

2. Ginger and Dramamine are your best friends

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Look, this comes from someone who doesn’t regularly get sea-sick at all. I thought I was going to be fine and that I could handle just 5 nice little days at sea without having any issues, but I was wrong.

Halfway through the second day I couldn’t eat anything without immediately wanting to puke it all out. I was nauseous and dizzy. I tried really hard to fight the need for Dramamine but in the end, I couldn’t take the discomfort anymore and I took one that day.

After taking the dramamine my whole experience changed! I was completely fine and could go back to eating! And eating was definitely on my priority list because the food was so delicious.

I also drank like 10 cups of ginger tea a day which I believe helped with the unsettled feeling in my stomach. All in all, Ginger and Dramamine turned into my best friends.

3. You will feel drunk even If you didn’t drink

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Because you are constantly swaying from side to side thanks to the lovely waves of the ocean, you will feel like you forgot how to walk.

It’s a very strange sensation but it really feels like you are drunk even if you didn’t drink. The worst part of it all is that you will get that sensation too when you go to bed. It’s like the bed is spinning sometimes which is not a nice feeling to have.

I sometimes woke up in the morning feeling like I was hungover and I think it’s also due to the never-ending movement.

4. Naps are your favorite activity

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If you want to avoid feeling nauseous, dizzy, drunk and wet the best thing you can do is to nap. Naps will become your favorite activity!

5. It’s Beautiful

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In the end, I would do all of it again. I know it sounds crazy because of all that I shared with you, but it’s all worth it the moment you look out your window or out the balcony and see that gorgeous ocean sunrise every morning.

It’s beautiful to be at sea in this way. It’s so beautiful that nothing compares to it and no inconvenience in the world would stop me from reliving something like that again.

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