If you ask anyone who grew up with me, they will all agree that I was the biggest tomboy ever. I faced the struggles of being a tomboy girl every day and still do as an adult. One of my earliest memories as a kid is of me feeling annoyedRead More →


Minimalism means intentionally trying to live with only the things we really need. “Simplicity, clarity, singleness: These are the attributes that give our lives power, vividness and joy as they are also the marks of great art.” —Richard Holloway I’m not saying that you should get rid of all yourRead More →

Anime is, without a doubt, one of those things that people seem to be a bit apprehensive about watching. A lot of us didn’t have any issues watching Dragon Ball Z or Sailor Moon during our school years. In fact, you probably remember those shows and they bring back fondRead More →

Source YouTube Vegan Channels that bash other people for the way they eat is so 2016! This year we are all about positivity and inclusivity. You might not be vegan yourself but I’m willing to bet all of us are trying to incorporate healthier foods into our diets. Summer isRead More →

The inspiration for this article truly comes from a personal question I often ask myself. Why do I get things done when I’m mad, angry, frustrated or annoyed? First thing is first, when we get angry, the heart rate, arterial tension and testosterone production increases, cortisol (the stress hormone) decreases,Read More →