Let’s Art!: How I Take Good Reference Pictures for my Drawings!

Art has been a part of my life since I was a toddler and it has shaped me in so many ways. But, just like everything else, art is a journey with ups and downs. It is a learning experience and a voyage of self discovery. I want to take you along in this art expedition of mine, and take a Lifestyle Lift break, and together we can discover what inspires, nurtures, and motivates our creative minds! 

Have you ever wanted to create a new drawing, painting or illustration but you needed to draw a certain pose or use a certain reference which you couldn’t find on the internet?

If you have been making art for a while, I’m sure you have encountered this issue many times! But fear no more, today we are learning how to take our very own reference pictures to use them for our creations.

I will go through some tips and show you exactly how silly I look while taking reference pictures.

If you’d like to go deeper into other tips to take good reference pictures, here’s a second part to this video. It will surely provide the additional information you are looking for!

You may feel like you look silly but believe me, you will never look as silly as I do in these ones. Also remember, you don’t have to publish them anywhere either.

Here are some examples of the reference pictures I took while making this video:

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Have you ever wanted to take your own reference pictures? Let us know in the comments!

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