Let’s Art: I made a Painting Using Coffee!

Art has been a part of my life since I was a toddler and it has shaped me in so many ways. But, just like everything else, art is a journey with ups and downs. It is a learning experience and a voyage of self discovery. 

I want to take you along in this art expedition of mine, and take a Lifestyle Lift break, and together we can discover what inspires, nurtures, and motivates our creative minds!

Coffee used to be like a magic potion for me. I used to drink coffee so often that I ended up having to give it up entirely for a couple of years due to a few gastritis issues. But my love for coffee is endless regardless of the harm it caused in the past.

Now I don’t drink as much coffee as I used to but I do like to enjoy a couple of cups a week.

One day, I came across a video on YouTube in which an artist used coffee to create a beautiful watercolor-type art piece. I was fascinated, and discovered that there’s an art challenge going around that challenges artists to do that very thing.

So I hopped on the bandwagon and away I went! Here’s the video of my experience:

Have you heard off or tried this coffee challenge before? Let us know in the comments.

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