Let’s Just Assume Everything’s Getting Delayed

We all want to watch the new things. And there are some particular properties, like Wonder Woman 1984, we’ve been anxiously awaiting for a while. So the uncertainty of, you know, the time of coronavirus, is a bit distressing. We want to watch these films.

But would we? If they came out today? Would we?

The question is – not all of us would. And honestly, though it’s 100% a business decision, it’s kinda good that studios are not even giving us a chance to. Movies shouldn’t be anyone’s priority right now. People should.

And one of the ways we take care of each other is by, you know, staying away from theaters right now.

Wonder Woman 1984 is the first big movie to confirm, once again, a change in release date, but don’t believe for a second it’ll be the only one. Tenet was the test, and it didn’t go as well as studios wanted – and there was also Christopher Nolan’s insistence, you know – so no more tests. Just delays.

Which means don’t count on seeing Dune this year. Just don’t.

Candyman… that’s moving to next year too. This, if anything, is the year for TV. Or Netflix.

And that’s probably for the best. Remember, your health is much more important than a movie.

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