Charles Michael Davis and Bryan Greenberg Book A Christmas Movie

I am trash for a Christmas movie. Seriously, it’s the only thing that I look forward to all year. (Don’t judge). I can’t wait for Christmas movies.

For the entire month of December, the only thing that you will find on my television is Christmas movies. I tweet about them. I talk about them. My friends think that I want to be in one. And hey, they wouldn’t be wrong.

Now, being blunt, I am not the biggest fan of Lea Michele, but I am about to watch the shit out of her Christmas movie. Why? Because Charles Michael Davis and Bryan Greenberg are in it. I am all about everything that has to do with The Originals and/or One Tree Hill – and being as these two starred in those shows, consider this Christmas movie to have all of my attention.

The movie, Same Time, Next Christmas, comes from Freeform Studios.

The movie is set in Hawaii. Michele stars as Olivia, a girl who met her childhood sweetheart (played by Davis) on the families annual Christmas trip to Hawaii. She’s back in Hawaii and the two reunite. But you know, as with any good love story, circumstances keep them apart. I mean, it could be that she’s got this hot triathlete, real estate guru boyfriend (played by Greenberg) who is there with her? Her boyfriend envisions them as the next big real estate couple, and though I am all about chasing dreams, I can see where she would need to find a new man – cause that’s just not romance.

The movie is slated to premiere this December. It’s definitely on my Christmas docket. How about you?

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