‘The Rook’ 1×07 Review: The Prologue That Explains It All

When first presented with the title “Prologue” for this penultimate episode of The Rook I was hesitant. There was no way that the show would give me all the answers in one big bang? Right? Who does that? The Rook, that’s who does that! I got all the answers and more and I am loving how all of it has fallen together. 

Now that we have clarity on everything happening or has happened, we can see that if The Rook were to give us all this information about how everything went down for Myfanwy that night, we wouldn’t have been on the same journey as Myfanwy. Throughout the first 6 episodes of this show we were in on her confusion, hesitation, and general what the fuck since she woke up on the ground surrounded by bodies. 

To me, this is master storytelling that draws you in, leaves you wanting more, and ultimately takes you on the kind of ride that is concise and unforgettable. I see that in Myfanwy’s journey and I see it in the seven episodes that we’ve been given so far. So before it’s all over I want to say thank you to the actors, writers, and behind the scenes gurus who brought this story to life. I love it to bits and can’t wait for more when The Rook gets renewed for season 2. Because…come on, there has to be a season 2. My Myfanwy/Gestalt loving heart demands it!

Talking about Myfanwy and the Gestalt…

First of all, I need to shake the hand of every single person that was responsible for that Myfanwy/Gestalt sex scene. It was absolutely stunning and the kind of cinematography that bisexual little ol’ me needs in her life everyday of the week and twice on Sundays. Every moment was beautifully captured and there was nothing of the hungry bisexual after prey, like most shows like to portray. This was love, through and through, and with no care if it were a girl or boy. 

Why? It’s simple. Myfanwy loves the Gestalt. They are the one. They’ve always been the one and the Prologue saw all that tension, love, and chemistry come to a head in an unforgettable scene. She sees them like no one else does, with a patience and understanding that they feel something amazing for her and that they are one person split across a couple bodies. That’s why that little touch of them all appearing in the mirror as Myfanwy made out with the Gestalt. 

There’s nothing wrong with their relationship; nothing wicked, twisted, or broken like some would think of polyamory. And if weren’t for that Under the Sea photo, Myfanwy’s fear wouldn’t have led her to regret what she did with the Gestalt and run away in fear. And honestly, who can blame her. Yes, what she feels for the Gestalt is burning hot, true, and out of this world. But right in front of her eyes she saw the end of who she was and it was because of one of her closest allies at the Checquy.

Hell, I might’ve acted like that. And who knows, maybe you would too!

The Rook airs Sundays at 8/7c on Starz.

What did you think of this week’s penultimate episode of The Rook? Let us know in teh comments below!


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