‘Heels’ Releases New Trailer And Key Art For Season 1

STARZ released the official trailer and key art for Heels and announced the show will be part of Comic-Con@Home 2021. Take a look!

Stephen Amell Talks ‘Speech And Debate’, ‘Arrow’, Olicity & ‘Heels’

ATX TV Festival starts tomorrow! We interview Stephen Amell about his Speech And Debate: Legacy panel, Arrow, Heels, and of course, Olicity.

STARZ Announces ‘Outlander’ Season 6 Premiere Date And First Look

Outlander season 6 will be released in early 2022. Also, we have the first look at the new season and some details of season 7.

Starz Casts Its Leads For ‘Dangerous Liaisons’

A new take on Dangerous Liaisons? Well sign us up. We’re there. Read about the upcoming Starz show.

‘Men In Kilts’ And How Sam And Graham Invite Us To Visit Scotland

We are in love with Men In Kilts! It took us a few weeks to get over these two AKA friends Sam and Graham by taking us around Scotland.

‘American Gods’ 3×03 Review: “Ashes and Demons”

Laura Moon gets the shock of her life in American Gods “Ashes and Demons.” Read our review!

‘American Gods’ 3×02 Review: “Serious Moonlight”

#AmericanGods “Serious Moonlight” saw Shadow Moon resisting the war nipping at his heels!

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: ‘American Gods’ Yetide Badaki Talks Bilquis and Finding Herself

Fangirlish got a chance to speak with American Gods Yetide Badaki all about Bilquis, finding herself, and representation.

‘American Gods’ 3×01 Review: “A Winter’s Tale”

American Gods returns in “A Winter’s Tale” and we’ve got feelings about Shadow, Laura, and Bilquis.

‘Men in Kilts: A Roadtrip with Sam and Graham’ Has a Premiere Date!

Men in Kilts: A Roadtrip with Sam and Graham is coming this Valentine’s Day, and we think it’s the perfect V-Day present.

‘Becoming Elizabeth’ Casts Its Leading Lady

We love a good period drama and this one is one we can’t wait to see. After all, we do know that Starz does these type of dramas well.

‘Outlander’ End of Summer Series Premieres This Sunday

Droughtlander ahead is shaping up to be longer than ever (and they’re usually long as it is), so we’re very happy to hear Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is providing us with some new content – nothing beats new episodes, after…

Starz Renews ‘Hightown’ For A Second Season

Starz has a habit of developing great content. At least we think so. They aren’t afraid to push the envelope, which makes me love them even more. The channel has found a hit in Hightown – which follows one woman’s journey…

Starz ‘Vida’ Series Finale Stages of Grief Told in Emma Gifs

As an entertainment journalist, there’s things I should know about the show I write about. One of those things is the fact that tonight’s episode of Vida is the finale of the series. I didn’t know that until a couple…

‘Outlander’: Fanfics Therapy

Outlander said goodbye just two weeks ago and we’ve already re-watched each season again. Twice. And we need more. Here, we bring you the solution: fanfics. The wonderful world of fanfics that always helps us overcome the Droughtlander when the seasons are over.…

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Chelsea Rendon from Starz ‘Vida’ Talks Latinx Stories & More!

Staz Vida star Chelsea Rendon returned to Fangirlish to talk that tense moment when Mari faced ICE, being Latina on screen, and what’s next for her when the hit series is over. And let us tell you, Rendon isn’t going…

‘Outlander’ 5×12 Review: “Never My Love”

Outlander 5×12 “Never My Love” is, sadly, the episode we expected it to be. There’s nothing surprising about what happens, and there really shouldn’t be, all things considered. The books are there, and the show has never really deviated from…

‘Outlander’ 5×11 Advanced Review: “Journeycakes”

Outlander 5×11 “Journeycakes” is, in many ways, a transition episode. There’s a lot to set up for the finale, for next season, for what is, perhaps, another part of this journey for The Fraser family. But that doesn’t mean there…

‘Outlander’ 5×10 Review: “Mercy Shall Follow Me”

Outlander 5×10 “Mercy Shall Follow Me” is an uncomfortable episode, one that asks us to sympathize too much with a man like Stephen Bonnet, and one that’s more plot driven than character driven in most regards, and that’s why, despite…

Starz Invites us to #StayHome and Watch Their April Programming

We’re all doing our parts these days and staying inside. And so that means we’re watching a lot more TV, and taking advantage of services we might not have used before. Like, how many of you have that Starz suscription…

‘Outlander’ 5×07 Review: “The Ballad of Roger Mac”

Outlander 5×07 “The Ballad of Roger Mac” is an emotional gut-punch, from beginning to end. It builds up and builds up to what you think is the punch, the moment that leaves you gasping for breath, tears streaming down your…