‘The Rook’ Season 1 Review: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

From the women of The Rook to the pace and the differences between the Checquy and the Lugat, we’ve got plenty to discuss when it comes to season one of the Starz series. Now that it’s over and we’re sitting here, not so patiently waiting for another season, we can sit down and break down what we liked, hated, and felt ehhh about when it came to this adaptation. And even though season one was a mixed bag of feelings, we’d love to see more and where Myfanwy and the Gang are going to face next!

The Good – The Women of The Rook

From Myfanwy to Linda and Monica, the women of The Rook were the stand out force that kept this show floating, going, and surviving when I was ready to give up or felt frustrated at the pace or lack of answers. Kudos to the writers who helped bring these characters from book to screen. And kudos to Emma Greenwell, Joely Richardson, and Olivia Munn.

Emma Greenwell made us feel like we were Myfanwy. By that I mean that we were just as confused and enthralled in the mystery that was Myfanwy’s lost memories. Joely Richardson made us feel like women in power is just a normal thing, with no side eyeing from anyone because she’s the King. Olivia Munn made us feel like even at our lowest, we have the strength and power to lift ourselves up and keep going.

That’s why I love the women of The Rook. They aren’t here to fill typical stereotypes or be women that you forget when the screen goes black at the end of season three. They are fighters for what they want, what they need, and what they think is right. They are survivors who keep lifting themselves back up when they’re lost, angry, or afraid. They are women who are paving the way for the generation that comes after on TV and in real life.

So, come on Starz. Give me season 2 of The Rook. Give me more of these women, give me more of their stories, just give me more. We need them.

The Bad – The Pace

We’re going to be honest with each other here, the pacing of the show almost killed The Rook. And honestly, if I wasn’t committed to the stories being told and the characters in it, I would’ve bounced around episode three. You know, that sweet spot where you know enough about the characters to get drawn in but plenty of things are left a mystery because you’re not super invested and you don’t mind knowing all. That sweet spot. 

At first I attributed it to Myfanwy not knowing who she was. And since we were on her journey with her, we were front row and center in figuring everything out with her. But even then…I expected more. I expected more intrigue, more drama, just more of everything that reels you in. There have been shows, books, or movies with an amnesia component that still kept you on the edge of your seat and like you’re going at a steady and wonderfully intriguing pace. That’s not The Rook.

I really truly hope that the show gets better, gets really going, when it returns for season 2. Because it will. Putting good vibes out there into the world for it. NOW I am invested and NOW I want to know more about Myfanwy, the Gestalt, Linda, Conrad, and the rest of the Checquy. And for that, I hope people give The Rook time as I did. It was worth it.

The Ugly – What the Checquy and the Lugat Do to EVA’s

Don’t mistake me calling out the Checquy in conjunction with the Lugat as me saying there are no bad guys or that these two organizations are the same. There are bad guys and they are most definitely the Lugat. Keeping that in mind, the Checquy isn’t perfect and they do some pretty fucked up stuff in general and to EVA’s and their families. Shady shit, basically. 

In many ways I feel like the Checquy and the Lugat are different sides of the same coin. They both want to use the EVA’s. The Lugat sells them to the highest bidder like the spineless vultures they are. And the Checquy steals EVA’s from their families and homes so they have no liability within the organization itself. They’re both users, enablers that have their own endgame as organizations and curators of EVA’s.

After all of this you’re probably wondering why they are under “The Ugly” of this season review. I know I’m long winded and maybe it took longer than expected to get here but…they’re under the section of “The Ugly” of this review because they fuck up EVA lives. For Myfanwy the Checquy took part in erasing her memories, hiding the truth from her, and keeping her separated from her family, even when her parents died. The Lugat promised her safe passage and then turned against her, as expected. See? They fuck shit up.

Here’s hoping that Myfanwy expands her horizons when season 2 of The Rook happens. Here’s hoping that she encounters new organizations and the rebels that are fighting against EVA detainment and separation. And here’s hoping that she gets to know her sister better, as she’s one of the most ardently honest people Myfanwy has in her life. Here’s hoping.

What did you think of season one of The Rook? Do you agree with our good, bad, and ugly of the show? Let us know in the comments below!


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