Disney+: Lets Talk About ‘Encore!’

We are all honest with each other, right? That being said, who among us would ever want to return to high school?

If you raised your hand, then you are lying. You may not know that you are lying, but you are. High School is some of the best times of our lives, but also the worst. Seriously.

But if it’s a Disney show, then sure, we’re all willing to make a return. Kristen Bell, brought her upcoming show Encore! to Disney’s D23 Expo on Friday and as much as I hate high school, I will watch the shit out of this. Because did you read it’s coming from Kristen Bell?

The show follows a group of former high school classmates that are brought together to recreate the musicals they performed while they were in school. Lord help us all. I don’t even want to see all the people that were in the drama club in high school at a supermarket.

No offense to them.

Encore! premieres on Disney+ November 12th.

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