‘The Rook’ 1×05: 5 Things That We Can’t Stop Thinking About

The Rook episode 5 ramped up the revelations and made us fall deeper into the mystery that is Myfanwy Thomas and the Checquy. From the reveal that hippie looking lady is Myfanwy’s sister to Linda being the bamfest bamf to ever bamd, lets talk about 5 things we can’t stop thinking about from The Rook!

1. That Myfanwy reveal.

Never did I ever think that this rebellious looking hippie would be Myfanwy’s sister. I knew that she was involved in grand things; Linda was talking to her after all and that woman doesn’t waste her time with people that don’t matter. Also, they focused on her a little too much in the first episode as Myfanwy was entering the Checquy. She was definitely going to pop up again according to TV rules. And the way that she did is still blowing my mind. Family goes to unthinkable lengths for family. This young woman has already taken the first step and even after the Gestalt appeared she was still willing to do all of this for her sister. If that’s not love then I don’t know what is.

2. That Linda walk through.

The power flowing through Linda was a thing of beauty and strength. From her stance to the way that she smoothly came up to everyone, she was giving off goddess vibes left and right. And I’m here for it! I knew she had a power, someone like her is always bound to be full of surprises, and then BAM. SHE WOWS US ALL AND WE’RE LEFT IN SHOCK AND AWE! I don’t even know what comes next for Linda now that she has used her powers in such an open manner. Definitely some reprimanding but maybe some jail time too? She is the King but even they aren’t immune to the questioning of the Gestalt, right?

3. That moment between Monica and Myfanwy.

Women bonding is my bread and butter. It’s even more so when not everything is about the men in their lives. I know, shocking, women talk about other things than guys? Scandalous! Also, the way these women carry themselves gives me the shivers. There’s strength in them, a power that reminds me of Linda walking across that field. Monica and Myfanwy feel like ticking time bombs or just badass women you don’t fuck because of who they are, the vibe they give of, and the sure certainty they give off that they will be ok, no matter what comes at them.

4. That Linda at home scene.

Every time we’ve seen Linda she’s been so put together and poised. And before you go and think that I’m about to rant about her letting her hair down at home, then you’re wrong on that one. Even at home Linda is the most poised woman on the block. Even taking a bath and doing yoga she looks ready to drop everything and head into work. Who even does that? She must be some sort of supernatural being with all that beauty and confidence. It’s the only explanation.

5. That Conrad let down scene with Jennifer.

Conrad was ready to declare to everyone at the Checquy that he was with Jennifer. Then his love decided to throw a curveball his way and put her career above any possible love between them. And even though he was let down, even though I can still picture his shocked face, I think it was the right decision for both of them. Sneaking around wasn’t getting them anywhere and Jennifer has dreams. She can’t let them be pulled away from her because of Conrad. Sad? Yes. Would I do the same if it meant that my career could take off after all the considerable work I’ve put into my future? Yes, I would.

The Rook airs Sundays at 8/7c on Starz.

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