‘The Rook’ 1×06 Review: Tearing a Young Woman Apart

The Rook‘s sixth episode set Myfanwy free to feel her past, the loss of it, and the joy that her memories might not be as gone as everyone assumes. She’s a powerhouse who has barely scratched the surface of who she is. And with two remaining episodes left in season one, we’re about to see a Myfanwy like no other.

On the Gestalt front, we’re a little disappointed and turned off by the interaction between them and Monica. We understand that the Gestalt are mourning the love they had with Myfanwy, but after making their intentions clear AF about Myfanwy clear for the entire season, it feels a little ughhh to see them hooking up with Monica. Which, Monica, my girl…she’s going through stuff. And who wouldn’t be after finding out your loved one was your handler all along…

Beautiful and Horrifying to See Myfanwy Getting to Know Herself

I’m angry. Not angry at Myfanwy, of course. I’m mad at was was lost, what was taken without permission. I’m mad that she was stolen the joys of childhood with her sister, her mom, and her dad because of a “higher purpose” that Linda and the rest of the Checquy believed her to have. I’m angry that this was done to Myfanwy and I’m angry that the Checquy suffered no legal recourse when THEY STOLE A CHILD!

It was beautiful watching Myfanwy connect with her family, her home, and her past. Despite my anger at the general situation she has been pushed into, I can see how beneficial this is to Myfanwy. A couple days ago she was lost with no direction and now she has a sister, a home, and a way to jog her memories in an effort to TRULY AND SURELY find out what the hell is going on.

Also that scene with her dancing around to The Killers “Smile Like You Mean It” gave me chills because Myfanwy has been so reserved this entire time and all of a sudden her past smacks her in the face and she feels that life spring awake inside of her as a character and as an actress. Myfanwy now knows what she was missing and her enthusiasm when she goes to see the Gestalt speaks multitudes about how much she wants to hold on and seek the light.

With Linda locked up & ready to give answers, I think Myfanwy is finally stepping in the direction that could have her walking more into the light, until no stones are left unturned.

Why is Monica So Damn Angry?

Not going to lie, I spent way too much time on this question. I didn’t get it the first time I watched the episode and it wasn’t until round two that I finally understood the complex feelings via Monica Reed. You see, that moment in the bar, it began as a dream. It was all the wishes for what that moment could have been and what her mind painted that moment as being because she was in love with Marcus.

When that love for Marcus dissipated we were left with the truth. Marcus cared for Monica, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. But it came from a place she never really knew about until it was too late and he was dead. He was trying to save her from herself. And if given more time he would’ve argued his case until the cows come home about how she should be free from everyone and everything that might hold her EVA ass kicking self down. But time was up when he was slipped that note. Monica wasn’t changing, was stuck in her ways, and he couldn’t spend more time with her when there were so many others to help.

Monica is mad because Marcus because of everything explained above but also because Marcus never planned on coming back. He knew the feelings she had, even when she was cursing her little heart out because that’s what Monica does when confused, taken by surprise, or angry. But he was there for a job. And when he couldn’t finish the job he chose the job over whatever possible love story was brewing between him and Monica. He could’ve told her the truth, chanced it, but the job was more important to him than her. And that’s gotta sting like a motherfucker!

Now I’m angry too!

Feeling a Little Betrayed By the Gestalt

Look, I get it. The Gestalt feels conflicted. The person they loved is no more. Yes, she might be walking around with the same face, the same voice, and the same body, but she is no longer the Myfanwy they fell in love with. And with all this comes anger and mourning that anyone would probably have to grapple with. Keeping all of that in mind, I can’t help but feel a little betrayed by the Gestalt during that charged moment with Monica that definitely led to sex.

I know it’s not fair. Myfanwy just slept with a guy a bit ago because he was a lifeline to a life she didn’t understand but wanted a taste of. And she was doing this while pretending everything was going away with the Gestalt. I don’t think she did it as a way of manipulating them. Myfanwy has lost her entire world and knows barely anything about herself. So I give her leeway to find her way back and make due.

The Gestalt are not receiving that same treatment in my mind. They claim to care for Myfanwy. They claim this connection, this bond, but when shit goes tits up they hit the sack with Monica? Again, unfair, I know I’m being. But it feels like they lied. If their bond was “so strong” then what the heck are they doing with Monica? A reprieve? Revenge? Whatever it is it’ll backfire on all of them because the Gestalt loves Myfanwy, memories or not, they just don’t know it yet.

Luckily for us, Myfanwy reaching out to them for help is going to change the game when it comes to this dynamic and enthralling relationship between Myfanwy and the Gestalt. And we can’t wait!

The Rook airs Sundays at 8/7c on Starz.


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